Bungee Jumping in Uttarakhand

If you think free-falling from the height of around 83m is your perfect idea for experiencing an adrenaline rush, then you should head towards Rishikesh. Here, the bungee jumping spot is the fixed highest platform for this adventure sport in India.    

Rishikesh is also known as the small town which has incredible importance for spiritual enlightenment coupled with adventure activities such as river rafting, bungee jumping, giant swing, and flying fox.  

Enjoy a free-falling from a great height at this bungee jumping spot.

It is located at Mohanchatti near Rishikesh. The location is situated in the Shivalik further ahead of Rishikesh and you can enjoy a day trip packed with a ride in a private vehicle or luxury A/C coach enjoying the scenic beauty of mountains and lush greenery.

The spot is a cantilever platform built over an iron cliff above the rocky river HYUL (a tributary of River Ganga). On reaching the spot you will meet the instructor team which will make you understand the gears, safety tips, jumping techniques, etc. The height ends to a drop zone with 2ft of water.

Doubting about why you should sign up for Bungee Jumping?

The entire below-listed reason’s list make up for signing up for bungee jumping in Uttrakhand:-

  • Bungee jumping helps to beat the fear of free-falling from heights
  • Experience unique fun and adrenaline rush
  • Renders adventure over luxuries
  • Dare to jump certificate
  • A most thrilling and exhilarating experience
  • It's a leap of Faith
  • The biggest thrill for experiencing the life-in the-moment spree
  • Jump off your fears

Best Season for Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

If you are from the adventure-seekers genre, come to this city and try this activity under the expert guidance of experienced professionals. You can enjoy bungee jumping in Rishikesh any time around the year. However, the monsoon season is not good to try the sport because heavy rains or strong winds can spoil the fun.

Other Adventure Activities to Do After Bungee Jumping

If you are a real adventure soul, then you would have numerous options in Rishikesh to satisfy your thrill craving. Couple bungee jumping with a giant swing, rafting, zip-lining (flying fox), cliff jumping, camping, trekking, body surfing, kayaking, Rock climbing, parasailing, mountain biking or skiing experiences.

River rafting, cliff jumping, parasailing, bungee jumping, river rafting, etc. are a few sports that you can't enjoy in the monsoon season due to adverse weather conditions. 

Bungee jumping is safe in Rishikesh as the staff is experienced. The minimum age limit is above 18 years. The maximum weight limit is 265 lb as the person falls from the height of 83m at an average speed of around 140 – 160 kilometre per hour.

For your convenience and hassle-free adventurous trip, you can book packages that offer combo or single adventure activity at the affordable prices.

Proper guidance, support and friendly maneuver of the staff will help you have a pleasant experience.

You can also have the video recording of your fantastic experience done through the organizer who has proper arrangements for the same.

Rishikesh is a fantastic destination with stunning landscapes and picturesque mountain ranges. This perfect backdrop makes an ideal destination for adventure centred sports. 


2 Nights 3 Days Available on request