Bhaskargad Fort Trek

In Maharashtra's Nashik district, 48 kilometers from Igatpuri, sits the fort known as Basgad Fort or Bhaskargad Fort. One of the forts in the Trimbak hill range is this one, and the Harihar fort is next to this fort.

Things to see in the Fort: There is just one primary gate on the fort's main entry route, and the same rock was used to create the main entry gate and the steps. On the fort, there is a water cistern carved out of stone. On the fort, there is a crude idol of Veer Maruti. It takes roughly 30 minutes to explore the entire fort. It is an offbeat trekking places in Nashik.   

History: This fort was constructed during the reign of Yadava of Deogiri. From 1279 to 1308, Yadavas had command of it. Later, it came under the rule of the Bahamani Sultanate and then of Ahmednagar's Nizamshahi. Shahaji Raje overthrew Mohammed Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1629 and took control of the fort. 

Following Shahaji's capitulation at Mahuli Fort, Adil Shah once more took control of this fort. In 1633, the regiment was ruled by the Mughals. The defense was taken from the Moghuls in 1670 by Moropant Pingale, a leader of King Shivaji. The Moghuls once more took the fort in 1688. In 1730, the Koli tribal group rose and took control of the fort. When Captain Briggs of East India Company captured it and took command of the regiment in 1818, the Peshwas were in charge. ( citation Wikipedia )


Day zero: Bhaskargad Fort Trek Itinerary 

Day Zero

10:45 pm - Meet at Borivali National Park main gate.

11:00 pm - Leave for the trek.

11:30 pm - Pick up at Andheri WEH.

11:45 pm - Pick up at Kalanagar bus stop (on the highway), Bandra.

Midnight: Pick up at Sion station circle.

12:10 am - Amar Mahal, Ghatkopar.

12:45 am - Pick up at Teen Hath Naka, Thane.

01:10 am - Pick up at Kalyan Bypass.


Day One Bhaskargad Trek Itinerary: 

04:00 am: Reach the Base Village and relax for sometime

06.00 am: Enjoy Breakfast and invigorating Tea at the local villagers' house

07.00 am: We start our trek towards the Nashik Killa.

10.30 am: Arrive at the summit of Bhaskargad Fort; enjoy the Panorama.

11:00 am: Small break for photography and relaxing 

11.30 am: Begin Descending towards the trailhead

02.30 pm: Arrive at the villagers' house and have lunch.

03.30 pm: Initiate our Bus Journey to Mumbai 

09.30 pm: Arrive in Mumbai 


Please note: There is always traffic between Bhiwandi and Thane, causing a delay of upto two to three hours; please consider this before booking or making alternate plans.

This is an offbeat trek; kindly come with the required things to carry as there are zero Dhabas available on the trekking route for refreshment. 

1 Night 1 Day Available on request Shirson, Maharashtra
Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Bhaskargad Fort? 

There are two ways to go to Dahalepada's base village. Both routes depart from Igatpuri and Khodala, respectively. Igatpuri, 48 kilometers from Nashik and 121 kilometers from Mumbai, is the closest town. Dahalepada, the fort's base hamlet, is 48 kilometers from Igatpuri. Igatpuri and Ghoti both have excellent hotels. The mound south of the Dahlepada is where the hiking trail begins. The road is broad and relatively safe. The walking route winds through scrub woodland until it reaches an exposed ridge connected to the fort.

Reaching the scarp of the hill where the fort is located takes roughly an hour. The path then makes a lengthy detour around the hilltop. The scarp has a lot of overhangs. Until it reaches the rock-cut stairs, the walk is relatively safe and travels among Karvi bushes. The stairs are pretty simple to ascend. The stairs are carved out of the source rock, which has been shaped helical. The walkway is now partially blocked by pebbles and stones. The fort's summit may be reached in about 15 minutes.

There is no way to spend the night on the fort because there is no water or place to stay. Since there is no water on the trek path or in the defense, you should bring extra water with you.

The Nashik fort trek is one of the hidden offbeat forts in Maharashtra for hikers. The views from the top are unique, and it is a wonderful place. The fort has a rich history, and some beautiful Sahyadri Killa places near the fort.

Pickup point
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