Sarasgad Fort


Difficulty Level: Medium difficult

Height of Fort - 1608 ft

Base Village - Thakurwadi

District - Pali Village, Raigad

Distance from Pune - 130 km Approximately

Route from Pune: Pune- Lonavala – Khopoli – Pali - Thakurwadi


The village contains Sagargad fort; the twin of Sudhagad fort. It can be identified by its four pinnacles and thus was mainly used as a watch place to check the surrounding region. The construction of the fort is not in good condition but the huge rock steps are something to watch for. There are two routes which lead to the top of this fort from Pali. On the top is the Shiva temple providing an excellent panoramic view of all the mountain ranges surrounding this area? Sudhagad and Tailbeila can be easily viewed from the top of Sarasgad. This fort height from sea level is 490 meters. There are many caves which were used for soldiers and other purposes because the fort has very little area available on its top. There are around ten tanks carved in rocks. They provide cool water supply throughout the year, which is very important for any fort. Shivaji Maharaj gave 2000 hones (golden coin used as currency during Shivaji Maharaj's time) for repairing the fortifications of this fort. On the way from the south there are 111 steps carved in stone. The door from this side is known as 'Dindi darvaja'. *** source Wikipedia

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How to reach there:

By Air: Mumbai is a nearest airport.

By Rail: Diva railway station at 6 am from Diva we catch Diva Passenger (Konkan Railway) at 6.20 am. It almost takes 2.5 hours to reach Nagothane.

By Road: From Nagothane take 6 seater auto to Pali which takes Rs 20. per person.

Places to see nearby:

Ballaleshwar Pali, Sudhagad fort, Ghangad Fort, Hot water springs in Pali, one of the Astavinayak Ganpati temple.

What to see:

Views of Tin Kavdi

View tail baila

Kedareshwar temple

Small lake behind Kedareshwar temple

View Pali village and river Amba

Once you reach first stage after the steps, you can see water cisters and Shiv linga in the cave

Fascinating spots:

Near the main entrance we see a triple curtain wall. Going rightwards and ascending 15 steps we see the ramparts. To the left there is a big water tank. Next to it was a gallery. Further there is another way to the fort. Near this is a water tank named; Moti Haud; if we go at right, we have to ascend 15 steps and then we reach the base of citadel.

Base of citadel:

Here we see a very big water reservoir. To its left is the tomb of Shahapeer. Near to it few small lakes are seen. In a cavern nearby we see; Shivlinga; Here a few can stay. At the right side of the tank we see silos, armory, jail and residences. Here also 10 to 12 people can be accommodated. Next to it is the way towards citadel.

Top of citadel:

On the fort we see Kedareshwar temple and a lake nearby. Two bastions are there to keep watch on surrounding areas. From citadel we can see the mountain of Tin Kavdi, we can locate Dhangad and Sudhagad, Tailbaila Korigad. We also see Paligaon, river Amba, hot water reservoirs of Unheri, Konkan and Jambhulpada. On Vaishakh Poornima (full moon day), the villagers celebrate the festival of Shahapeer. Many people go to Kedareshwar temple on Maha Shivratri Sarasgad is one of the favorite places of the trekkers.

Ballaleshwar Pali 

Ballareshwar temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temple situated near Pail in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Ballareshwar temple is situated between Sarasgad fort and Amba River. The temple was originally of wood which was reconstructed in 1760 to make the way for a new temple designed by Shri Fadnis. The temple was built by mixing lead and cement and it was built in the shape of Shri. Facing to the east side the temple was built so that when the sun raises the rays will fall directly on the Murti during the worship.

Sudhagad Fort 

Sudhagad is one of the hill fort situated in Maharashtra. Sudhagad is around 53 kilometers from Pune, 26 kilometers from Lonavala and 11 kilometers from Pali. The height of the fort is around 2,030 feet above sea level. The fort of Sudhagad is said to be of 2nd Century BC. The fort was also called as Bhorapgad. In the year 1436 the fort was captured by Bahamani Sultan. After that in the year 1657 the Marathas captured the fort and renamed it as "Sudhagad". The fort was too large and Shivaji Maharaj had considered it as the capital of the Kingdom. The 'Pantsachivas' of Bhor became the protector of the fort in the rule of Peshwas.

Ghangad Fort 

Ghangad fort is located in Lonavala region, on the western side of the Mulshi River which is in Pune District.  This region is also called the Korbarase Maval. Actually this fort is very small. The fort is surrounded by other forts like Korigad, Telbaila and Sudhagad and yet it is quite lonely and separate from the others. There are two huge rocks caves at the entrance of the fort. The fort has been renovated and still work is going on. Due to renovation the fort now look good. The known information and history about this fort is very less. There is not much of documentation regarding this fort. Ekole village which is at the base of the fort. The height of this fort is 2500 feet. The history says this fort is actually used as prison by Peshwa. It was originally occupied by Koli Samant and then was later annexed by Adil Shah and then later on with the Marathas.

Place to stay/take food & water

Water – by the time we reached the top of fort we consumed all water (each and every member) so while coming back obviously we were keen to get water source, on the top you do not get clean water but once we stepped down from the fort we could get clean water in one of the cistern.

Best time to visit the fort

Any time you can visit Sarasgad, but care should be taken in rainy season.

Water Availability

Yes, water is available on Sarasgad fort; there are many water cisterns on the fort.

Accommodation Availability

Yes, accommodation is available on Sarasgad fort in soils which can accommodate 7-8 peoples, but very few prefer this.




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