Maharashtra being the native to the Western Ghats has several smaller Ghats cocooned with it. One of them is the Tamhini Ghat which is a mountain channel flanked by Mulshi and Tamhini. It is the stretch between Kolad and Mulshi Dam backwaters. In view of the fact that it is established at the peak of the Western Ghat, Tamhini Ghat is well-known for its surroundings that comprises of attractive waterfalls, balmy lakes, and thick jungles. The whole sweep turns into a kickass destination during the monsoons especially in the months of August and September. During the rainy season, Tamhini transforms itself into a green carpet laddered with numerous waterfalls and petite rivulets. 

The road from Tamhini Ghat leads to the Mulshi Dam backwater which further trails to Palse waterfall. Further ahead is Kolad which is immensely popular for white river rafting on Kundalika River. Owing to the heavy rains, it is the perfect time to discover the Tamhini Ghat region, encircled by Mulshi Lake, cascading waterfalls and dense forest cover. One can even visit the enthralling Devkund Waterfalls, hike through the Andharban forest, visit Raigad and Kolad in the Konkan region. You can spend an entire day trekking through the dense forest while gasping at the rich flora and fauna.