Maharashtra, with its distinct topography and copious mountain chains distributed over the vast state, grants a myriad of treks in India. Best treks in Maharashtra change from beautiful caves, forts, peaks, pinnacles. April treks in Maharashtra good time to visit the slopes of your favorite choice. Maharashtra is not limited to only monsoon or winter treks more guided treks are options are available for April Treks. Maharashtra is known for the excellent winning ambiance and history. Plan your adventurous travel holiday in Maharashtra with Treks and Trails. April guided trek options are listed below. Treks and Trails India operates self-operated treks in Maharashtra. 

Best trekking places in Maharashtra

Although Maharashtra cant competes in the weather department with Northern regions, Maharashtra has challenging trekking trails, rock climbing excursions, stunning forts to ascend. Best trekking places in Maharashtra, there are more than 350 forts, summits, Caves for avid trekkers, rock climbers, enthusiasts getting into the fantastic world of trekking. Stunning trekking paths are the greatest in India. Maharashtra offers a unique amalgam of history and nature. Trekking opportunities are decently priced and easy on your pocket.  Relaxed over the Western Sahyadri ranges, and Deccan Plateau Maharashtra encompasses a significant area of India. 

We have listed some of the best treks during India summer. You will get many options for night trek as weather during summer in Maharashtra will be hot during the day. Best trekking places in India will change as per seasons. Summer Maharashtra, you will find an incredible night sky with some of the darkest spots in India. You can indulge in astrophotography take photographs of star constellation, nebulas, Milkyway galaxy. Sunrise is worth the trekking efforts as you can see a carpet of clouds below the peak. You will feel like you are floating on the clouds. It would help if you definitely summited Kalsubai Trek once in your life during summer in Maharashtra.