Sandhan Valley Trek near Mumbai Blog

Sandhan Valley Trek near Mumbai Blog

Sandhan Valley - 16

Valentines Day ! Best of my life ! Celebrated by Trek to the place most dreamt of by trekkers Sandhan Valley the valley of Suspense, the valley of Shadows and one of greatest canyons and best part is my five year old lil princess too did the trek

Sandhan Valley - 17

The Treks and Trails Group funda is do the ordinary in an extraordinary way it truly proved and we experienced it. Sandhan Valley is truly valley of suspense as we were completely surprised with the route including below the rocks way, chilling water to be crossed and rock descending normally rappelling is only way done to descend here we did thrice.  Sleeping on the top of mountain Star Gazing Night and the Cool Morning Breeze Wow was simply best and beautiful.

Sandhan Valley - 5

Though tiring it was more of dazzling experience. We had group from age 5 to age 52 Kudos to Treks and Trails India team specially too Trek Leaders who made the trek for us with 100% safety. The time management was outstanding. Trek, Adventure Enjoy, and ready of next day routine work!

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