Kodachadri Trek | Jasmine of Hills

Kodachadri Trek | Jasmine of Hills

Kodachadri hills

Kodachadri Trek, located on the edges of Karnataka, sanctified with some of the most enchanting landscapes. Abode to abundant peaks and waterfalls. Kodachadri, the tenth highest peak of Karnataka, gets its name from Kodacha and Adri, signifying 'home of the hill jasmine flowers' in the local dialect. Otherwise called the Jasmine of Hills, the peak of Kodachadri is an ideal canvas to the setting of the renowned Mookambika Temple and the Mookambika National Park. Residing at the focal point of this National Park, Kodachadri bestows various opportunities to wildlife and trekking buffs. Kodachadri Trek is taking off high at a rise of 4406 feet; the Kodachadri summit is a dramatic peak with dense forest swathe surrounding it. Likewise, it is a characteristic territory to a dazzling scope of biodiversity, for example, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Malabar Langoor, and Indian Rock Python, alongside mountain vegetation and indigenous fauna.

Kodachadri trekking information

Kodachadri trekking information   

  1. Starting point: Karekatte/Marakuttaka, Kodachadri Shimoga district
  2. Kodachadri Trek gradient: Moderate to strenuous. Kodachadri is a continuously uphill trail with some rising and falling segments. The path surpasses through tropical forests, cascades, meadows, and cliffs
  3. Kodachadri Trekking distance 14 km to and fro
  4. Approximate time: Four hours to ascend and three to four hours to descend
  5. Water sources: Numerous streams and Hidlumane waterfalls but carry adequate water 
  6. Best months to visit: Kodachadri is beautiful throughout the year. The best months are September to February as during heavy monsoons, the trail becomes mucky and slippery, which makes the descent difficult. 

How to reach Kodachadri Trek

By Road:

Kodachadri lies around 20 km from Kollur. One needs to make a trip using Kollur to reach Kodachadri. Kollur is linked with urban cities in South India by bus. A lot of coaches run to Kollur from Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. You can likewise get down at Shimoga that is 115 km or Kundapur 50 km, and afterward, take an ST bus to Kollur. 

By Train: On the chance that you are travelling via train, you can get down at Kundapur and take a bus or taxi towards Kollur. Particular trains Kodachadri to Bangalore and Mumbai stop at Mookambika Road, Byndoor. If you alight here, you can reach Kollur within 60 minutes. 

There are various routes to Kodachadri peak. Trails like Karekatte, which are comfortable, take you through tenderly rising forests and fields. Others from Sampekatte or Marakuttaka through Hidlumane falls, are steep and rugged; you may need to gorilla your way up clutching grassroots and finding your course to the top.

To reach Karekatte, Kodachadri from Bangalore, you can take a bus to Kollur directly and alight at Karekatte gate, the starting point of the trek. 

To reach Marakuttaka: You will have to alight at Kollur and then catch a local bus/auto to Marakuttaka. From Bangalore, there is a direct bus towards Sigandur Cross. You can also board an ST bus from Shimoga towards Sigandur.

Kodachadri Trek route

From Marakuttaka, four checkpoints are markers on this path. The path from the base village is not well marked, and that is why it is smarter to be with your group to abstain from losing the course. This stretch is around two kilometers in length and goes through the thick wilderness. You'll be crossing numerous little streams in transit. Cross the stream. You will go past the town of Yemmeonda, a school, and afterwards to Hidlumane town. Twenty minutes of scrambling and faltering up the way after which you show up at the first milestone. A lot of paddy fields later, the course, at last, concludes at a house. The path here opens up into an open meadow that springs up suddenly amid thick forest trails. You will discover a few huts and agricultural land, which are the last signs of civilization until the top.

Kodachadri Falls

Not long after the clearing, we climb towards the falls, which is about another 20 mins climb. The trek gets harder as you'll be hopping on sharp and tricky shakes in transit. The subsequent achievement is the much-anticipated Hidlumane Falls, which is a mix of seven cascades. Nonetheless, your endeavours appropriately remunerated with stupendous perspectives on the main waterfall falling on you from 60 feet. You can top off your water bottles here as you're going to require it for the trek ahead. Not long after resting and having some good times at the falls, we proceed on the wilderness trail to the right. After 30 mins of trekking in a similar wilderness landscape, the way opens up to the prairies of Kodchadri. The high breeze up here makes it difficult for vegetation growth. Be that as it may, be careful this part is exceptionally steep, with the grade being near 60 degrees at specific focuses. A practically vertical hop on the first substance of the path over tree roots and tricky rocks from the Kodachadri Falls prompts more extreme meadows that, in the long run, end up on the head of the first peak of this trail. Here on, the path overlooks panoramic views and winds up and over a few slopes. This is the third achievement.

Kodachadri jeep ride

Around 45 minutes after, the path wanders to blend again until it joins the jeep trail that paves the way to the Kodachadri Temple. This is your fourth marker and is additionally the point from where you'll be boarding the jeep on your way down. From here, a rough path through a precipice's edge, at last, leads you to the Kodachadri top itself. You will discover the Sarvajna Peetha, a little sanctuary like structure made of stone where Adi Sankaracharya, an eighth-century Indian scholar, and scholar is said to have meditated. There is an Iron Pillar of around 40 feet erects before a temple close to the top of Kodachadri. Disciples believe that it is a Trishul used by Goddess Mookambika to kill an evil presence named Mookasura. This Iron pillar is made of pure iron and has no rust, even though it is standing under cruel Kodachadri weather conditions, like dampness and frequent rains.

Nagara Fort trekking information

Being simpler on the knees and simple to explore when we start losing light at night, the Jeep trail is perfect for returning to the base. A 3-hour climb along the path, and we are back to the base camp. The following day we spruce up, eat and leave our base-camp by 8 AM and continue to the Nagara Fort. It is located in the Shimoga area of the territory of Karnataka. Manifested in the sixteenth century, the remains of this fortification despite everything behold its old-world charm and substance of legacy. The stunning sight of the fortification that you'll get when we drive towards it will make you stop to visit the fortress. We will chill here for an hour and afterwards continue towards Bangalore.

Highlights of Kodachadri Trek

The Kodachadri Trek presents a perfect end of the week escape opportunity from Bangalore. People are searching for experience, away from the hustle-clamour from their day by day lives - the Kodachadri Trek takes into consideration their requirements like no other. The trek is diverse in its surface. It begins with the best of nature, taking you through thick foliage and indigenous vegetation, thundering cascades, on-mountain pinnacles, and finishing back at civilization and ancient forts!  The magnificence of Kodachadri trek situated in Mookambika National Park has existed since days of yore.

Kodachadri Trekking offers the adventurists the chance to investigate the lavish green slope sees and commend the miracles of nature. On the Kodachadri Trekking experience, you can encounter the best of what this place that is known for the differed marvels of nature brings to the table and experience the quiet condition with outdoors directly in the centre of the forested areas. One among them is Shivmogga, otherwise called Shimoga. Well known for its various cascades and mountain tops, it is one of the best nature excursions near Bangalore that one can leave on.  Kodachadri lays calmly on the Tunga River banks, compensating for its mitigating and salubrious atmosphere. Bangalore to Kodachadri distance is 420 kilometres it takes nine hours to complete the journey.  It is the most famous destination for Trekking in Karnataka.

Declared as a Natural Heritage site by the Karnataka government, Kodachadri Betta brags of forests, lovely cascades in transit dazzling wilderness trails, and beautiful scenes. During this energizing experience, you will encounter fun amid thick foliage and lavish green wilderness!  The sentiment of flawless water spouting over your drained bodies will be therapy, most definitely. Apart from this, grand vistas all around and the perspective on the nightfall over the Arabian Sea dispersing a heap of shades the whole way across the vast night sky put forth the entirety of your attempts beneficial and fill you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you recommend Kodachadri Homestay stay?

Kodachadri Homestay are well known for their hospitality. The Homestay near Kodachadri are fully furnished with modern amenities, Kitchen, excellent landscape views. Farms Homestays you can take part in daily activities and enjoy the farm life. Some homestays have been in the family for generations. You can marvel at the ancient architecture and culture. Comfortable properties near Kollur are available on google maps. We have listed a few below. 

  • Antarvanam Homestay and Farms Resort
  • Amruthavana Nature Resort 
  • Kodachadri Pathalagere Homestay 
  • Aanejhary Butterfly camp
  • Silver Hill Farm Kodachadri
  • Simha Farms
  • Jadkal Homestay
  • Girimane Homestay
  • Alakananda Home Stay
  • Anejeri Nature Camp
  • Kodachadri stays

2. About Kudajadri temple?

All pilgrims visiting the Mookambika Temple Kollur Karnataka, their pilgrimage, isn't complete without visiting Kudajadri hill located inside the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. Pilgrims visit the Sankara Peedom established in the natural scene among fog, mist, clouds, and refreshing winds, always welcoming the travelers. The climb is through strong cold winds, and you will feel the cold air, and you will walk among the cloud and fog at High altitude. Kudajadri trekking is easy paced and enjoyable with the magnificent views all around.  Sri Mookambika Temple to Kudajadri distance is 35 km direct cabs are available in Kollur.

Places to visit nearby Kudajadri hills are the Chief priest house, Temple, Ganapathy cave. Chitramoola cave, where the Sage Kola and Sankaracharya meditated and achieved enlightenment. According to locals, you can hear the bells of the Mookambika temple inside the caves. Locals believe it is the authentic abode of Goddess Mookambika. Kudajadri temperature and weather is pleasant during the monsoon and winter months.

3. How to reach from Shimoga to Kollur?

Shimoga to Kollur distance is 130 km. It takes three hours by road. Local buses are available from KSRTC. It takes three hours by Bus; also, you can book online on the KSRTC website. Bangalore to Kundapur bus, which goes via Kollur, can be booked online to reach Shimoga.

4. How to reach from Shimoga to Kodachadri Hills and Kodachadri trek guide?

Kodachadri hills located in the Mookambika Wildlife sanctuary is 130 km away from Shimoga. You can drive to Kollur town; it will take you three hours by local Bus or private vehicle from Shimoga. From Kollur to Kodachadri Hill distance is 38 km. Many homestays are available at the foothills of the Kodchadri in the village of Nagodi and Nittur. Homestays in Kodachadri are also available near Kodachadri jeep stand.  

From Kollur to Kodachadri Jeep Stand distance is 21 km by road. From here, you can hire local jeeps to take you up the hill. The last 15 km are through the beautiful forest. It is a thrilling off-roading experience. Many travelers visit the mountain to watch Sunrise and Sunset from the viewpoints. The jeeps take you two-thirds of the way until the peak from the drop point you will have to trek till the summit. In case you plan to trek the mountain, it is advisable to hire local guides. There are two treks available the full 15-kilometer trek and the half five-kilometer trek using the Local jeeps. In either case, we recommended using guides as they will help explore the hill in detail and provide up-to-date information. 

The complete 15 kms trek is adventurous you will be walking among some of the most pristine forests in Karnataka, You will cross many streams, and Hidlumane falls. Once you reach the temple, you have the completed first half of the trek. Local jeeps who ply pilgrims to the temple will be parked nearby you beyond this point driving is not possible. Jeep prices are reasonable. You can hire on per seat basis or complete private Jeep for your group. 

Kodachadri Camping is possible here near the Kodachadri Information Bureau, and please seek prior permission. You can also camp near the temple priest house his number 9632847302 on request with simple food and amenities.  The second half of Kodachadri Trekking begins from here to the Shankara Peetham, where Adi Shankaracharya meditated and attained enlightenment. The final trek is five kilometers the best time to visit Kodachadri is during Monsoon and Winter months from June to January. Kodachadri distance from Bangalore is 420 km it will take nine hours till the base of the hill. Karnataka trekking one of the favorite destinations among the hikers.

5. Places to see at Kodachadri Hill - Kodachadri places to visit

  1. Sunrise Point
  2. Sunset Point
  3. Hidlumane Waterfalls only possible if you trek from the base. 
  4. Shankara Peetham
  5. Ganapati Caves
  6. Chitramoola Caves Trek 

6. Kollur places to visit

Kollur is a beautiful temple town in Karnataka, Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. It is visited by pilgrims who seek blessing from The Sri Mookambika temple.

  • Arasinagundi Falls
  • Sri Mookambika Temple
  • Hidlumane waterfalls
  • Kodachadri Sunset viewpoint
  • Kodachadri Hill Treks in Karnataka
  • Kodachadri trip