10 Best Places for Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

10 Best Places for Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

It's likely that if you and your friends have ever planned trips together, camping in Rishikesh has been mentioned more than once. Rishikesh has a lot to offer as the area that has been universally selected as the nation's adventure capital.


Rishikesh is the ideal location, no matter what you're searching for, whether it's just the need to unwind and breathe in clean, fresh air while relaxing on the banks of the Ganges or the need to experience an adrenaline rush when you choose to go for river rafting. You won't be disappointed if you come here for restorative purposes, an adrenaline rush, or even to satisfy your spiritual side.


Check out our list of the top places to camp in Rishikesh before you plan your schedule. The possibilities might take you by surprise.


1.) The Aspen Adventures:


While you are on Neel Kanth Road, you can locate the Aspen Adventures Camp about 12 kilometers from the Rishikesh bus station. This award-winning campground is run by a highly qualified hospitality expert.


The campsite also offers a beautiful view of the River Hueal, known to have birthed out of River Ganga. To add more to your perfect vacation, the Rajaji National Park's thick forest covers its backside. There are 20 luxurious Swiss tents with attached bathrooms and 6 luxurious cottages at the campsite, which are spread across 6 acres.


River rafting and bungee jumping are the main activities that you can schedule through camp. With complete safety, Aspen Camp's skilled staff can offer many other varieties of adventure sports. The activities include rappelling, kayaking, spiderweb weaving, stream tricking, and rope-based games.



2.) The Wildex Camp:


Riverside jungle camping is a fantastic activity that is very well-liked by the younger generation. The Neelkanth camps are traversed by the perennial river. They look like Fantastic villas in the middle of the jungle in Rishikesh. Moreover, they are known to provide top-notch service and all camping necessities.


The toilets at Wildex Camp are clean and hygienic. They have electricity with ample power backup to sail through power-cut hours. During your stay, enjoy the delectable North Indian cuisine served by Wildex Camp. The cuisine is provided in a buffet format and there is a sizable eating space.


3.) The Camp Crossfire:


Camp Crossfire, which is tucked away among lush hills, boasts a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Ganga river. This campground truly embodies luxury, thrills, and the best hospitality in Rishikesh. Only 200 meters away, across the road, is the Ganga River. You are refreshed by the mesmerizing view of the river Ganga and the sound of the rippling water just soothes your soul.


Twenty luxurious campgrounds with all the contemporary conveniences, including comfy double sleeping beds, a cooler, a coffee table, a water bottle, and mattresses. This camping site is a fantastic and comfortable spot for families and friends. The power backup and attached clean bathrooms are their USPS to attract clients.


The swimming pool is made of natural water and the lush lawn for outdoor games and activities makes it the ideal setting. The camp offers a buffet system with wholesome, delectable meals prepared by a skilled chef. In Rishikesh, evening treats, a bonfire, soft music, and dancing are perfect vacation ingredients.


Booking different adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, etc. is also made easy by Camp Crossfire. It is advised that you reserve the adventurous activity in advance so that you can get your slots on time.


4.)     The Camp Feel Factor:

A luxurious jungle camping area called Camp Feel Factor may be found at Kaudiyala on the Rishikesh-Devprayag road. The luxurious inside of the camp, complete with frame paneling, exudes luxury. It is a popular camping destination because of its outstanding hospitality and amenities. A must destination for White Water Rafting, Camp Feel Factor has had the luxury of being on top of the list of adventure seekers.


The main advantage of staying at this camp is the expansive woodland that is located behind the campsite and the proximity of the swiftly flowing Ganga River to the campsite.


A nature walk in the nearby forest, music, a campfire, 16 luxury tents with attached bathrooms, 8 tents with shared bathrooms, a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor game area, and lip-smacking food in the dining area are all available at Camp Feel Factor.


5.) The Camp Bagheera River Retreat:


At Rishikesh, there is a luxurious camping area called Bagheera River Retreat. It's 26 kilometers from Rishikesh on "Marine Drive." One of the finest options for camping in Rishikesh is this camp because of its friendly personnel, opulent tents, and beautiful surroundings.


Bagheera River Retreat offers 24 luxurious tents with private space outside of the tent and space for extra beds. During your stay, enjoy the delectable North Indian cuisine served by Bagheera Camp. The site has a buffest system and makes sure that the people have ample space to enjoy their every meal.


The location of this campsite is ideal for both small and large groups. It provides enough room for both indoor and outdoor activities.



6.) The Wondrous Camp


The Wondrous camp is a 30-tent luxury camping area 4 kilometers from Shivpuri and 18 kilometers from Rishikesh. The magnificent camp features a luxury tent with attached bathrooms, energy backup, plenty of parking, a dining area with a view of the "Hueal River," a swimming pool, and an outdoor playing area.


Daily guided nature walks, river rafting, bonfires, light music, volleyball, and other adventurous activities and sports are routinely planned by the wonderful camp. It's one of the best spots in Rishikesh for weekend vacations.


7.) The Camp Aqua Forest:


The Swiss tents of Camp Aquaforest, one of the most attractive camps of all, will make you feel as though you've left India. To ensure that you don't have to sacrifice hot water or air conditioning while living in the middle of the wilderness, great care has been taken in every aspect. For those who don't want to swim in the river, there is also a small pool within the property.


This is one of the more reasonably priced camps in the region, especially given the amenities they provide. They frequently include trekking, cliff jumping, and river rafting in their packages. They can make arrangements for bungee jumping if that's something you're interested in.


8.) The Camp Majestic:


Near the Shivpuri river rafting site lies the Katiya village where Camp Majestic is situated. Twenty opulent and roomy tents with connected bathrooms, coolers, and comfortable mattresses are what Camp Majestic offers.


Amazingly, Camp Majestic enjoys a panoramic view of the "Hueal river." Nearly 400 meters away from the campsite. It almost gives a feel of a cool sea that is perfect for surfing and swimming.


The Camp Majestic tents are carefully constructed to maintain the comfort of families and children. Every tent has a separate sitting space. The camp's vast green grass offers space for outdoor games and activities. You can feel pampered when lounging by the crystal-clear swimming pool with a river view.


This place is ideal for watching birds because of its riverside setting and lush surroundings. You can hear the chirping of birds in the morning from your tent. In the neighboring forest, Camp Majestic also organizes guided bird-watching walks.


9.) The Camp by VNA :

A luxurious riverside camp called VNA Camp is situated 26 kilometers from Rishikesh on Marine Drive. The expansive oceanfront next to the campground provides a wonderful opportunity to take part in a variety of beach games and activities. Beach volleyball, kayaking, and other adventure sports are available here.

Across the Ganga river is the VNA camp. Like Ram Jhoola in Rishikesh, you must walk across the "hanging bridge" to get to the other side of the river. There are 12 luxury campgrounds and 7 luxury cottages in VNA Camp.

Delicious cuisine is served by skilled cooks at the camp. All meals are served in the dining area as a buffet.

10.)  The Camp Roller Coaster:

At Brahmpuri, Camp Roller Coaster provides a great beach camping area. The Ganga River and its campground are both located 9 kilometers away from Rishikesh. This camping area boasts of a fairly large river area, therefore it provides a fantastic choice for water sports. To get to Camp Roller Coaster, you must take a boat across the Ganga.

October to May End each year is the ideal time to visit Camp Roller Coaster. Beach volleyball, yoga, meditation, river rafting, and kayaking are among the other activities available at the camp.

One of India's most beautiful camping locations tucked away in the Himalayas, Rishikesh offers experiences that linger in the memory for a lifetime. Camping in Rishikesh will allow you to experience sitting next to a flowing river, a forest in the distance, and the chirping of birds. So why miss a trip to India's capital of adventure? Pack your bags and experience this one-of-a-kind adventure with friends and family!