Kalsubai Peak Trek Blog

Kalsubai Peak Trek Blog

Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra 1646 meters

Kalsubai Peak Summit

Kalsubai temple is located at the topmost summit. At the summit there is a plain ground with a small temple of Kalsubai, a local deity. A traditional prayer service is held every Tuesday and Thursday by a local priest. Local villagers sell the pooja materials almost all year long, while sending their cows for grazing. On Navratri occasions many stalls are set up atop the summit for the pooja materials. During the Navratri period, for all nine days, special poojas are carried out and idol is fully decorated. Special Mela fair is organized for Navratri.

Kalsubai Trek Landscape

How to reach Kalsubai Peak

  • Reach Kasara Railway Station
  • Take local Taxi till base village Bari
  • By Road Mumbai – Kasara – Igatpuri – Ghoti – Bari Village
  • Kalsubai Trek from Pune By Road Pune – Sangamner – Rajur – Bhandardara – Bari
  • Kalsubai Trek route is well marked
  • Local guides often accompany climbers to the summit
  • Local Villagers offer homestay and food option
  • Many restaurants are available till Bari Village


Kalsubai Shikhar Information

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai Peak – June to August for Monsoon Trek, September to October for flowers trek, November to May night treks are recommended.

Kalsubai Peak Trek - Group

Kalsubai Trek Climb Difficulty – Medium Grade

Shikhar Kalsubai trek is long can take upto 4 hours, Hiking trail is 6.6 km from Bari village. First timers with good fitness or regular trekkers can complete the trek in 3 hours.

Kalsubai Trek Group Monsoon 2

Kalsubai Trek Time – 3 hours one way

It will take 3 to 4 hours to complete the trek one way you should avoid afternoon climb as the Kalsubai Shikhar trek route has very little tree cover.

Kalsubai Peak Ladder Climb

Kalsubai Height: 1646 meters – 5400 feet

Kalsubai Shikhar is highest in Maharashtra. It offers commanding views of Bhandardara. You can easily spot milky way on new moon day from here.

Kalsubai Peak Ladder Climbing


Kalsubai Peak Trek – Blog

Kalsubai Peak River Crossing

It takes 3 hours to reach Kalsubai Shikhar summit from Bari Village. Food can be arranged at base village by local villagers. Kalsubai Trekking Route is always full of people visiting it for various reason some to conquer the highest peak in Maharashtra, some trek to Kalsubai to visit Mandir and offer prayers to local deity Kalsubai.


Kalsubai Monsoon Trek

Kalsubai Trek Group Monsoon Gopro

During Monsoon place is covered with fog and wind is very strong at Mount Kalsubai. Kalsubai Trekking experience there are three ladders which have been installed by locals to make the trekking route till Mount Kalsubai Shikhar easy. When you reach the carved steps and later ladder from Bari Village you would have covered 1/3rd of the trek. After all the ladders are over 2/3rd of the Trek is over.  After a decent walk on plateau you will reach the final ladder till Kalsubai summit.

Kalsubai Trek Group Monsoon 1

Trekking Kalsubai Peak can be very tiring carry food and water for energy. A small well is there before reaching Kalsubai peak a villager has set camp there and offers Pakoda and Tea. Peak Kalsubai is a small plateau and offers a commanding view of nearby forts and Bhandardara Dam. During monsoon wind is very strong at Peak Kalsubai. You can also do a night trek in winter and enjoy the beautiful Sunrise at Kalsubai. It gets very cold atop Kalsubai before sunrise with strong wind.



  • By sahil rane Reply

    can we do night stay on the peak ?

    • By sarfaraz Reply

      Night Camping is possible below the peak

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