Offbeat Konkan Tour 

We will visit harbour forts, pristine beaches, and ancient Mandir for blessings and savour local delicacy—Ratnagiri Mango Festival tour. We will be staying on a mango farm in the highly-rated Konkan. 

Huge organic Alphonso mangoes farm near the shores of the Konkan coast. Mangoes are known to be the king of fruits in India. In contrast, mangoes from Ratnagiri are known for their unique taste derived from the unique soil and salty fresh sea breeze.

We will be spending a whole day on the mango farm with a visit to the nearest beach, participating in some fun activities.

We will also visit Vijaydurg fort & Ganapatipule beach, Ganpatipule Mandir, and Ambolgad Beach. 


Ratnagiri Mango Festival Highlights

If a trip to Ratnagiri is what you're looking for, this is the perfect tour! Visit Alphonso Mango tasting, Ambolgad beach, Vijaydurg fort, and Ganapatipule mandir. Enjoy Stay, campfire and fun activities before ending your tour at a beautiful Alphonso mango farm.

  • Alphonso Mango tasting
  • Yashwantgad Fort  
  • Ambolgad beach
  • Vijaydurg Fort
  • Ganapatipule Mandir and Beach.
  • Campfire & Fun activities
  • Two-night Stay in a beautiful, very large organic Alphonso mangoes farm


Ratnagiri Mango Festival Itinerary 

Day Zero: Meeting our trip leader at Dadar Pritam Da Dhaba near Kotak atm pickup for the Bus. Overnight AC Bus journey to the Organic mango farm at Nate Village. The total distance to be covered is 425 kilometres; it will take 10 to 12 hours. 

  • 21:45 - Dadar meeting point 
  • 21:00 - Dadar Bus Leaving time 
  • 21:30 - Chembur
  • 22:00 - Vashi 
  • 22:15 - Nerul LP
  • 22:30 - Kalamboli
  • 22:45 - Panvel 


Day One: 

  • Freshen up and Breakfast 
  • Explore the organic mango farm 
  • Visit Yashwantgad Fort and Musakazi Jetty
  • Lunch at the Farm with Mango tasting 
  • Visit Ambolgad Beach
  • Watch the Sunset 
  • Dinner 
  • Bonfire and Share stories 
  • Lights out


Day Two 

  • Good morning and enjoy your Breakfast
  • Today we will leave for Vijaydurg Fort 
  • Reach Vijaydurg Fort and explore the Fort
  • Lunch on your own is not included in the package
  • Devgad Beach 
  • If time permits, we will visit Devgad Fort 
  • Evening tea and snacks along the way 
  • Arrive at the Farm and Relax
  • Post dinner, share stories or lights out


Day Three 

  • Leave for Ganpatipule Beach and Mandir visit 
  • Leave for Mumbai post-visit. 
  • Lunch along the way 



2 Nights 3 Days Available on request Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travel cost from Mumbai to Ratnagiri  Devgad and back by Private Bus and Sightseeing
  • 2 Dinners, 2 Lunches, 2 Breakfasts, 2 Evening Tea 

What is NOT included in the tour

Anything not mentioned in cost includes 

Things to Carry
Things to Carry

1. Haversack and Wind Cheater to keep hands free. Please carry a personal photo ID.
2. Water Bottle 3 Liters. Please carry a personal sweater, extra bed sheets, sleeping bag.
3. A good torch and extra batteries.
4. Camera (Optional), Personal medicines.
5. Please avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry (at own risk).
6. Electoral or Enerzyl Powder or Glucon D powder some snacks & biscuits
7. Good trekking shoes, Extra Pair of Clothes, Plastic bag to keep clothes dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Ratnagiri Mango Festival?

This is the place for your Summer vacation. If you're looking for a beautiful, untouched beach to explore or a weekend getaway that gets you away from the daily grind, Ratnagiri's got you covered.

The perfect place to escape. Ratnagiri is an unexplored place perfect for those looking to escape their busy lives and head somewhere they can find peace. It's also an excellent destination for those who want to go on a spiritual journey or take their first short summer tour.

Take the best of both worlds with our tours. There are so many places in Ratnagiri that we offer our guests, all of them awaiting exploration. We specialize in tours that show you the variety of attractions in Ratnagiri and make sure you have plenty of time to explore at your own pace.

The best experience possible with our expert guides. Experienced guides will take you on travel and show you sights not usually seen by tourists and give helpful advice about what it's like living in Ratnagiri. You'll get to hear stories from people who live here!


Places to visit around Ratnagiri

Upcoming Mango Festival Ratnagiri. We provide you with dates and schedules of the Mango Festival Ratnagiri so that you are in the know. We also offer tips on what you need to pack for the trip, how much money you should bring, and any other essential information that will help make your trip as enjoyable as possible. We also offer information on some of the best things to do in Ratnagiri!


1. Ratnagiri Fort or Ratnadurg Fort or Bhagawati Fort: Near the Ratnagiri docks lies the Ratnagiri Fort or Ratnadurga Killa or Bhagawati Fort erected in the 12th century. This massive fort spans 120 acres and is over 1211 metres in length and 917 metres in width. 

It is about two kilometres west of Ratnagiri. The stunning fort has nine bastions, whereas the fort has 29 bastions. Peth, the little fort, and the lighthouse are the three sections of Ratnadurga fort. The view is incredibly gorgeous because the sea borders the fort on three sides and the lighthouse on the fourth. The Ratnadurga fort is only about 105 metres high from its base and is relatively easy to climb.


2. Ratnagiri Caving at Ratnadurga Fort: The best outdoor adventure that will take you to the unexplored world of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Experience the unknown and wondrous world of Ratnagiri's Basalt stone caves

Caving is an adventure activity full of physical challenges and an outlet for a real explorer’s spirit, not to mention a great way to keep fit and become one with the great ecosystem.


3. Ganpatipule Beach: On the way to "Malgund," Ganapatipule lies 25 kilometres from Ratnagiri via Arrey Warrey Road. There is a well-known Ganesha temple there. There's also a lovely beach there. The MTDC resorts are located directly on the beach. Maharshi Brahmendra constructed the Ganpatipule temple in 1685. Travellers prefer stopping at Ganpatipule after visiting the Parashurm temple near Chiplun. 


4. Thiba Palace - Thibaw Palace: Thiba Palace was erected in 1910–1911 for the king and queen of Burma. Who was exiled from 1911 to 1916 from Burma or Myanmar? The royal couple's graves may be found here.

The 'Thiba Palace,' which served as the residence of Bramhadesha's King Thiba, is a popular tourist destination in Ratnagiri. A palace features a marble-floored dancing hall and an archaeological museum erected for a Burmese monarch in 1910.


5. Lokmanya Tilak Janmasthan: The Lokmanya Tilak Janmasthan has been transformed into a museum in his honour. Here, Lokmanya Tilak lived during the first ten years of his life. The home has been kept in its original state. Walking barefoot on the cow dung covered natural flooring is a delight. The museum also has his topi and a couple of his outfits on display.


6. Purnagad Fort: The small square fort of Purnagad Fort, which covers an area of twenty-two acres and has no outworks, sits atop the hill. Fields within the fort were not taxed by the Peshwa administration since fort men, known as Gadkaris, cultivated them. The Purnagad Fort offers beautiful views of the sea and Gaonkhadi village. 


7.Devgad Beach and Devgad Fort: The Devgad city and tehsil names Devgad or Devgarh are derived from this mediaeval fort located at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Devgad Creek. In 1705, Kanoji Angre, the chief of the Martha admiralty, was crucial in constructing this elegant-looking fort. Devgad is a well-protected port town with a natural harbour. Previously, large ships would dock at the port jetty.

Because the fort was surrounded by water on all sides when it was erected, it was given the name "Janjire Devgad" Janzira means an island in Arabic. It has a total area of 120 acres. In the fort, there is a Ganesh temple. The fort houses the port office. This is where the lighthouse is located.


8. Devgad beach: located on the Arabian Sea coast in Maharashtra's Konkan area, 30 kilometres south of Vijaydurg beach and 7 kilometres north of Kunkeshwar beach. Devgad Beach is a peaceful beach in Sindhudurg district's Devgad town. It's a popular picnic place, only two kilometres from Devgad Bus Station.


9.Vijaydurg Fort: The earliest constructed fort on the Sindhudurg coast, Vijaydurg, also known as Viziadrug, was built during Raja Bhoja II's reign Shilahar dynasty construction period 1193-1205. The fort was once called "Gheria," due to its proximity to the settlement of "Girye."

According to folklore, this is one of only two Maratha forts where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj personally flew the saffron flag. "Torana" is the other fort. Because it was virtually impenetrable, Vijaydurg Fort was dubbed the "Eastern Gibraltar." The Waghotan or Kharepatan stream, which is 40 kilometres long, is one of its locational assets. The creek's shallow water prevents large vessels from entering. Maratha vessels may also be moored in this stream while remaining unseen from the sea. It is a protected historical site.

It is also the place where helium gas was discovered. On August 18, 1868, British astronomer Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer found helium gas from the Vijaydurg fort during a total solar eclipse. August 18 is designated as World Helium Day. At Vijaydurg Fort, Devgad Panchayat Samiti and Vijaydurg Gram Panchayat commemorated the 153rd World Helium Day.


9. Ambolgad Beach: Ambolgad was a fort built during the Maratha Empire's reign. It has now been completely eradicated. Only a damaged cannon and a well remain in the fort, but Ambolgad's greatest draw is its natural gift of a pristine and safe beach.


10. Yashwant Gad - Naate Village 

It's close to the Musa Kazi port. Earlier, passenger boats from the Mumbai Ferry wharf would dock at the Port. On the Fort, there are 17 bastions or Buruj that are in excellent shape. The ideal way to see the Fort is via boat ride. 

The Yashwantgad Fort is located in the village of Nate. Musa Kazi port, about a Four kilometres from Nate village, with a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and the creek. It's also a good spot to see the sunset.

The Yashwantgad Fort was built in the early 1700s as an island stronghold at the Arabian Sea's Rajapur Creek on one side. It was once safeguarded on three sides by a trench that functioned as a type of moat, but that trench has since vanished.

The fourth sea-facing side contains a long continuous wall with 16 bastions, with the main entrance on the eastern side, albeit much of it is now in ruins owing to decades of neglect. On January 1, 1817, a British ship, HMS Outram, sunk near the Fort, prompting the then-government to build a lighthouse at adjacent Jaitapur.

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