Trekking near Pune is an adventure worth exercising, and it becomes more exciting with the arrival of winters. Trekking the tough yet scenic backdrops in Pune’s winters is an adventure daydreamed by a significant majority of experiences from across the world. Let’s have a quick look at the following tips to help you plan a winter trek in Pune.




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Tips for Winter Trekking in Pune

Tips to ensure your safety all through the trek:

  • Top trekking experts suggest packing all the necessary items and avoid the unnecessary ones. Keep in mind that the more massive your backpack, the tougher it is to trek. Also, don’t miss taking first-aid kit & essential medicines with you.  
  • You must pursue the leader’s directives. This way, you’ll be able to evade all sorts of dangers as well as risks all through trekking. 
  • Wrap yourself with clothes in different layers. Usually, the external layer is intended to keep the frosty wind out in the night, the middle layer will protect you from the cold, and the innermost layer will soak up the sweat from your skin
  • The severity of weather during winter treks will make it essential for you to cover up your skin entirely. Don’t expose any body part to bitter winds to steer clear of cold. Besides, the cruel sunbeams can also bring about sunburns.
  • During the trek, always make sure you put on the cotton socks. It is advised to change the socks right away whenever they get wet. 
  • It is very much essential to drink water often than no matter you are thirsty or not. Drinking water will help you’ll not dry out your body because of a lack of thirst in the cold season.

Indeed, winter treks near Pune are an adventure for the lifetime, and so all trekking fans must try the ecstasy of it. But it is also a fact that winters add to the intricacy level of the treks with insufferably chilly temperatures and vertical climbs. Thus, confirm that you are well-prepared before going on the trek. 

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