Lonavala, a picturesque destination embraced by the majestic Sahyadri Mountains, offers a delightful retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Amidst its verdant landscapes and serene lakes, Lonavala holds a hidden gem that adds an extra touch of enchantment to its beauty: captivating waterfalls. These cascades of crystal-clear water create a mesmerising symphony, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in their soothing ambiance.

During the monsoon season, the waterfalls near Lonavala come alive, showcasing nature's raw power and breathtaking spectacle. Trekkers and nature enthusiasts flock to witness the grandeur of these falls, ranging from towering cascades to gentle streams. Each waterfall possesses its own unique charm, providing a serene escape and a chance to reconnect with nature.

Join us on an extraordinary journey as we explore these hidden treasures near Lonavala. Uncover the secrets held within their cascades, embrace their untamed beauty, and find solace in their embrace. Get ready to experience the magic of Lonavala's waterfalls as we embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


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Waterfalls near Lonavala

Kune Waterfall Lonavala Khandala
Waterfall Height: 656 Feet
Location: Khandala, Lonavala
Best Season: Rainy and Winter Kune Waterfall is always buzzing with people and activities because of its proximity to Pune and its appeal as a weekend getaway destination. The tranquilly and seclusion offered by the surrounding natural environment draw tourists to the waterfall. Three different drops make up this waterfall, with the highest reaching a height of around one hundred metres. The height of the waterfall covers a total of 200 metres. The Kune Waterfall is not only one of the highest waterfalls in Lonavala, but it is also recognised as the fourteenth-highest waterfall in all of India. The cascade forms a rather shallow pool that, as a rule, can be used for swimming because it does not present any significant risks. The sight of the waterfall, enveloped in lush foliage on all sides, is quite pleasing to the viewer's sense of sight. Take the Mumbai-Pune Highway to Kune Church, and then walk for a few minutes to reach the waterfall. The church is located on the route there. It is also an ideal spot for a picnic because one can spend a couple of hours there unwinding with one's family, making it an excellent location. Because of their proximity, the Kune Church and the Kune Waterfall are two sights that can easily be combined into a single-day excursion.

Kataldhar Waterfall

Waterfall Height: 450 feet above sea level.
Location: Rajmachi Fort
Lonavala's Kataldhar Waterfalls are an impressive sight to behold, and they make for an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Picnickers will be able to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones in addition to being wowed by the place's breathtaking natural scenery.
which is sure to wow everyone who cherishes the natural world. Most importantly, Kataldhar Waterfall is a popular destination for hikers, as it features an intriguing hiking track that allows visitors to see nature in its purest form. Because getting here requires significant work, there aren't usually many people here at any given time. A big cave in the shape of an eye is a notable feature in the surrounding area. How to reach Kataldhar Waterfall: Travel through the New Mumbai-Pune Motorway. Move towards Kune Village or Della Resorts. Continue on the Rajmachi Fort Trek route. Stop at Fanasrai Village; from here, you can hire a guide for the trek. The trailhead begins in Fanasrai village for the Kataldhar waterfall trek. There are small food stalls available in the village, offering Maggi and tea.

Bhivpuri Waterfall near Karjat

The Bhivpuri Waterfall in Lonavala is a fantastic nature retreat that is well worth seeing if you ever need to get away from the concrete jungles for a little while. The waterfall is said to have a mystical appearance while falling from a height of about 20 feet during the wet season.
Nevertheless, besides its natural splendour, the waterfall is recognised for the abundance of experiences one may partake in when visiting this location. Visit this waterfall and let the daredevil in you have some fun if you've always wanted to try your hand at waterfall rappelling but have never had the opportunity. The area surrounding the waterfall is home to several thrilling jungle paths, which allow visitors to have a good time throughout their visit. How to reach Bhivpuri Waterfalls near Karjat Get down at Bhivpuri Road Railway Station. From here, hire local transport to the trailhead. You can see many hikers and villagers who will guide you to the waterfall.

Bhagirath Waterfalls

Bhagirath, a waterfall at the foot of the Chanderi Hills that is said to have some fascinating mythology related to it, is an ideal choice for a weekend getaway destination. The waterfall is also well-known by the name Vangani Waterfall, and it transforms into a breathtaking scene during the monsoon season when the stream surges with a powerful force. The Bhagirath Waterfall is a feast for one's senses, whether it is the lulling roar that the water generates when it hits the rocks or the sight of the cascade that inspires the artist in you. The lush, hilly surroundings surrounding the cascade will add to its allure as a destination. You can also do rock climbing here, and it's considered to be one of the best waterfalls in the Lonavala area. Waterfall Height: 558 feet above sea level Bedisgaon, Vangani, near Karjat How to Reach the Bhagirath Waterfall Get down at Vangani Railway Station. Hire an autorickshaw to the trailhead. Hire a local guide and start the waterfall hike.

Sandhan Valley Reverse Waterfall

Trekking and visiting the Reverse Waterfalls bring visitors to Sandhan Valley, also known as Maharashtra's Grand Canyon. If you go to this location on a day when it's raining, the reverse waterfalls will seem almost unreal because of the different shades of green hidden by a cloud of
white mist. If you are seeking a weekend trip that is both exciting and serene, you might consider going to this popular location, which is located close to Lonavala. It is a true paradise for people who enjoy being in nature. The name Reverse Waterfall was given to this waterfall because, when the wind pressure is high, the water might appear to flow in the opposite direction, which creates an ethereal and beautiful effect.
The waterfall and the beautiful surrounding environment draw landscape photographers from all over the state to the area. It is widely considered to be among the most beautiful waterfalls in Lonavala. Sandhan Valley is located near Samrad Village, Ghatghar, and Bhandardara.
How to reach Sandhan Valley, Reverse Waterfall:The trailhead starts from Samrad Village. You need to cross the Bhandardara dam and Ghatghar dam by car to reach Samrad Village. Hire local guides to explore the Sandhan Valley Reverse Waterfall.

Pandavkada WaterFalls
WaterFalls Height: 352 feet above sea level
Nearest railway station: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai .
Pandavkada is a plunge waterfall in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, that has a mystical aura and will transport you to a realm of calm and delight with its presence. This waterfall is majestic. This Navi Mumbai waterfall is breathtaking since it plunges into a deep chasm after falling from a level, forested rock. This is one of the highest waterfalls you would have seen in the area due to the waterfall's height of over 110 metres; it is also one of the tallest waterfalls in the region. Trekking enthusiasts will enjoy the surrounding rocky terrain because it has a few intriguing pathways to explore. This waterfall is the kind of delight you need on the weekend; whether you want to indulge in photography, have a refreshing swim in the pool below, or enjoy a fun picnic with your family, this waterfall has it all. The easiest way to get there is to take an autorickshaw from Kharghar Station. Please note that this waterfall can be closed to the general public due to regular bans placed by the Forest Department and Police Department.

Dabhosa Waterfall Jawhar
Jawhar Waterfall: Height: 300 feet above sea level
Location: Jawhar City of Waterfalls
The impressive drop creates a scene that is so captivating that it is difficult to tear your gaze away from it, even if you try. It winds through thick flora and uneven ground before plunging into the Lendi River. The Dabhosa Waterfall, considered one of the highest waterfalls in the Lonavala area, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and features several picnic areas in the immediate area. It is for people addicted to adventure because there are so many different activities you can participate in, such as climbing, kayaking, rappelling, and so much more. You may easily locate some wonderful vacation resorts in the area. Therefore, you should put Dabhosa Waterfall on your list of possible weekend activities.
The area around Jawhar, where the waterfall may be seen, has excellent road connections to most of the major cities in the state of Maharashtra.

Jummapatti Waterfall Matheran 
Waterfall Height: 125 Feet
Location: Jummapatti, between Neral and Matheran
A small station in Maharashtra, Jummapatti, is well-known among those who appreciate nature for being the location of one of Matheran's most beautiful waterfalls. The station can be found on the Neral to Matheran toy railway track and is surrounded by verdant vegetation in every
direction you turn. You can partake in certain nature walk experiences that are highly gratifying and spend some peaceful time by the waterfall, taking in its majesty. These nature walks can be had. You would like to get a closer look at the scene formed by the white stream tumbling over the grey rocks in the forest's heart since it is something you would like to observe. The easiest way to get there is to get off the Matheran taxi at the Jummapatti stop and walk up to the waterfall.

Lonavala Waterfall near Bushi Dam 
Location: Bushi Dam
Lonavala waterfall, arguably one of the most underappreciated ones in the area, is the kind of natural getaway you can surely bank on to provide you with the much-needed respite you require from your hectic routine. Because it is not connected to a road, you will have to walk a little way up and down before you get to where you need to be to get a glimpse of this gorgeous location and take in the sounds of nature. This will be necessary for you to reach your destination. It is close to the parking lot of Bushi Dam, a well-liked location for outings with the family. This waterfall, tucked away in the midst of rugged terrain filled with green nature, is the perfect delight for individuals who love to speak "nature" and "adventure" in the same sentence. To get there, hike down the rocks from the parking lot close to Bushi Dam, which you can reach by walking up.

Madap Waterfall, Khalapur 
Height: 126 metres
Location: Khalapur, Madap village
The trails that lead to this waterfall are muddy rice fields since they have not been investigated. You will need to travel across these fields to go to this waterfall, which is 125 feet high and topped by clouds. The water from this waterfall, located close to Lonavala, eventually collects in a sizable, all-natural pool that guests can use for swimming. In addition, this location offers some of the best waterfall rappelling in the world. People in India
engage in canyoneering, a relatively new form of extreme adventure sport in which participants untie themselves and swim downstream in shallow rivers and streams.

Yeoor Waterfall Thane
Location: Thane
Yeoor, located close to Thane, is home to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area. Along the path that leads to the waterfall, there are several smaller waterfalls and peacefully flowing crystal streams that you will pass. You can go for a full-on swim or just a quick dip in
those streams to feel the brisk water work its way up your back. When you have finished climbing all the waterfalls, you will emerge into a large pool where you can swim and play. In addition, if you want to have the most memorable experience possible, you should schedule your vacation during the monsoon season.
How to reach Yeoor Waterfall Take the road to Yeoor Forest. Then follow the trail to the waterfall.

Tamhini Waterfalls 
Waterfall altitude: 854 feet
Location: Tamhini Ghat
The waterfall on Tamhini Ghat, consisting of a substantial quantity of water gushing out of the rocks, is undoubtedly the most appealing location on the mountain. As you approach this location, you will pass a series of smaller waterfalls before arriving at the larger cascades. It looks like a single water stream is breaking up into several smaller streams as it approaches the pool from upstream. Even if you can get into the stream, you should know that the water velocity could be quite fast. However, the experience of getting to this waterfall makes it special, so take your time and make several stops at local cafes and restaurants for refreshments like snacks and coffee. To get there, get on Tamhini Ghat Road and drive till you reach the waterfall.

Baneshwar Waterfall 
Location: AMBAVANE
The Baneshwar waterfall is a massive volume of water that cascades down the rock cliff, and it is located in an area that is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. It is a magnificent gift from nature, and in addition to taking pleasure in its splendour, you can also take pleasure in seeing a diverse collection of birds dunk their beaks into its water. You can sit on the benches in the shady area created by the trees and enjoy observing the birds. You can bring a picnic basket and eat it beside the waterfall. Still, it is strongly advised that you do not go within the waterfall itself because it is one of several really large waterfalls in the Lonavala area.
How to reach Baneshwar Waterfall Drive to the Baneshwar Jungle. Then hike to the temple, and then visit the waterfall.

Kemburli Waterfall 
Location: Kemburli, Maharashtra.
This waterfall, found in the Kemburli Village woodlands, has not yet been affected by tourism. As a result of the location's consistently pleasant climate throughout the year, it is ideally suited for use as a weekend retreat from Pune and the rest of Maharashtra. It is a single, wide stream that
is falling from the cliff, and it allows you to enter under itself in addition to allowing you to take a dip in the small pool that it has produced.
Because most of those enjoying the waterfall are locals, you won't have much luck finding anyone from outside the community. During the monsoon season, it is best to see the waterfall at its most stunning time of year, so plan your trip accordingly.
How to reach:
The easiest way to get there is to drive to Kemburli Village and walk to the waterfall.

Where can I find the most beautiful waterfalls in the area of Lonavala? 
Bedsegaon Waterfall: Swimming and cliff jumping are adventure activities that can be enjoyed at the beautiful Bedsegaon Waterfall, which is situated in the Raigad region of the state of Maharashtra and is surrounded by verdant rice paddy fields.

Tamhini Waterfall: This quiet waterfall is a sight to behold, located in the serene Tamhini Ghats. It cascades down from the towering hills and rocks to a pure pool below.

Milkyway Waterfall: This one-of-a-kind waterfall is located close to Tamhini Ghat and is considered one of the most unusual and hidden beauties in the area. Several smaller waterfalls and pure streams encircle it, and it eventually falls into a large pool where visitors may unwind and enjoy a refreshing swim.

Devkund Waterfall: Yet another unspoiled waterfall tucked away in nature's bosom cascades down a cliff into a little pool where visitors can unwind and recharge their batteries.

How do I find a reverse waterfall in Lonavala? 
The Reverse Waterfall, often called Kune Falls, is one of the most distinctive waterfalls in the country. It can be seen in Naneghat, located close to Junnar in the Western Ghats. The waterfall is approximately two kilometres from Lonavala, and it is not difficult to get there. You can get there by trekking to the waterfalls or taking advantage of one of the many state or private bus services and taxis that go to the waterfalls. Lonavala is often serviced by state buses that travel to Junnar; once there, Naneghat may be reached on foot in minutes. If you prefer to take a more scenic route than the one that leads from Lonavala to the Reverse Waterfall, you can take the Mumbai-Pune Express highway, which will take you there in about 40 minutes.

When would you recommend travelling to Lonavala the most? 
Lonavala is at its most beautiful and exciting during the monsoon months, when the region's waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna are at their peak. If, on the other hand, you find rain unappealing, you should postpone your trip until after the monsoon season has ended. The 
The monsoon is comparable to the spark of life infused into an object. These rains result in the trees being denser, the grass becoming greener, the waterfall becoming more forceful, the sky becoming clearer, the winds becoming chillier, and the atmosphere becoming something that can
never be forgotten. You might also schedule the vacation throughout the summer, as the temperature in the hill station will be very comfortable during that time of year. Lonavala is a wonderful destination to get away from the heat of the surrounding areas and have a vacation you will never forget. The winters in Lonavala are not particularly cold, with temperatures ranging from 11 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the season. It is also possible that throughout the winter months, this could allow for an enjoyable holiday with warm sunshine despite the chilly air.

What is the distance between Bhivpuri station and the waterfall in Bhivpuri? 
The Bhivpuri Waterfall is approximately one kilometre from the Bhivpuri Station and can be reached on foot in approximately ten to twenty minutes.