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Top Ten Treks in Pakistan

Top Ten Treks in Pakistan

About Trekking in Pakistan

There are many places in Pakistan for trekking. In this article, we will be showing you the top ten treks in Pakistan, which you can explore, enjoy, and make everything memorable in it whether you talk about towering mountains, lush valleys, dramatic rivers, and lakes. Pakistan is more about hospitality, beautiful landscapes, and super, passionate people. So without further ado, let us introduce the top ten treks in Pakistan which you are surely going to enjoy if you get a chance to visit there.

Margalla Hills

If you've ever visited Islamabad, then this place will get all your attention because these hills are right at the doorstep of Islamabad. If you've landed from abroad directly to the Islamabad, then your journey would start right from the Airport, and if you're not tired, then you can go straight for the trekking by booking a taxi and asking them to drop you near the Margalla hills.

Best Time to Travel: You can travel to Margalla Hills at any time, but we recommend you for trekking in summer, autumn, and Spring because winters aren't the best time for trekking at Margalla Hills. Morning time is suitable for you to start the trekking so that you can reach the desired location at the time.

The number of days for Margalla Hills trekking: Though the trekking area isn't significant, and you can cover the whole trekking area within 4-5 hours, but there are a lot of things to explore. You can spend several days living in hotels and explore the beautiful scenery.

Dunga Gali-Ayubia Trek

Now, this trek is one of the best trekking places for the beginners, but most of the locals call this place as "Pipeline Trek" because it follows the water pipeline that was used to assist at the historic hill station of Murree. If you're a fan of Pine forests and stunning scenery, then you won't be finding better places than Dunga Gal-Ayubia Track. If you're starting your journey from Islamabad, then it will take you around 2 hours by road to reach that place.

Best Time to Travel: This track is known for the Pine Forest, and the weather here is always below 10 degrees. So, we recommend you to enjoy the trekking in summer times and begin your journey in the morning time.

Number of Days for Trekking: It requires almost 5-6 hours of trekking to complete the journey, but this time is estimated if you're not taking rest/stay in between the journey. Probably one day is required to complete this trekking.

Miranjani Top

There's another trekking place near pipelines which is known as Miranjani top, Nathiagali which is at the east of Abbottabad. Again, that's not a challenging hike but honestly saying, this hike can make you experience the best Pine Trees forest and different scenery which you're never going to forget. There are some excellent hotels as well if you want to give this trekking more than one chance.

Best time to Travel: If you're trekking with your family then morning time is the best time for the trekking. You can hike in any of the four seasons and winters probably be more fun to trek at Miranjani Top because it will be challenging.

Number of Days for Trekking: So, if you're free for a couple of days and want to give exploration of natural beautification a chance then we recommend you to stay at least two days here to know more about the place. But you can visit one night here as well, depending on your time limit. It takes 10-12 hours to reach the destination.

Deosai National Park

Alright, Deosai National Park is one of the most beautiful places which we have camped and went for the trekking. Thousands of different wildflowers make the vast area of Deosai the second most extensive alpine plateau in the world. This place has an average height of over 4,000 meters, and it spans around 3000 square kilometers. If you want to see never-ending greenery, then Deosai National Park is the place for you, and it's in Gilgit Baltistan, Northwest Pakistan, which isn't far from India.

Best time to Travel: Deosai planes covered with snow in the winters and you won't be able to enjoy the thousands of beautiful flowers, so it's always better to show your interest for trekking Deosai National Park in summer.

Number of Days required: You can't cover the whole area of Deosai, but we would recommend you to have a seven days trip for this trekking to explore more.

Passu to Lake Borit

Passu will surely become your first choice when we talk about trekking in Pakistan, although you've many options for going Deosai Planes, The Fairy Meadows, Karimabad and a string of other truly places. Passu is a village known for the Passu Cones Mountain and Indiana Jones-esque crossing the bridge. Now then, you'll get this beautiful place for trekking in Naran Valley which is nowadays is the famous place among foreigners.

Best time to Travel: Never visit Passu areas in winter because you won't be able to trek because of the substantial amount of snowfall. We would recommend you to visit this place in summers so that you can enjoy at your fullest.

Number of Days Required: Probably this trek would take more than 15-20 hours because you've to travel on the most challenging treks of your life. 3-4 days are enough for this place to explore everything.

Chitta Katha Lake

So, if you're a fan of adorable lakes within the greenery and in the middle of the mountains then get yourself ready for the Chitta Katha Lake trekking because you're going to fall in love with this place. It's in the Shounter Valley, near Muzafarabad, the region of Pakistan which isn't far from Angar Khel. You can trek or hike there so around 2 hours if you want it.

Best time to Travel: You can visit this place in any season and at day timings because the trek is full of hilly areas and you'll have to travel in the day timing to avoid any mishap.

Number of Days: It will take to 3-4 Hours of trekking to reach to your desired location, and you can live there for a day or can return to the village if you want.

Kel to Teobat

Ever heard of Neelum River? If yes then this place is near to that river and between Kel and nearing town known as Teobat. This trek is adjacent to LOC and into India, while this trekking is quite long, challenging but worth it.

Best time to Travel: Now this track requires almost 5 hours of trekking reaching to the Teobat to enjoy the scenery. You can go to this place in any season because Teobat is neither too hot in summers nor too cold in winters.

The number of days Required: There are two days required for the completion of trekking to explore the beautiful places.

Minapin to Rakaposhi Basecamp

Talking about long and hard trekking then this valley in Hunza can surely challenge your trekking skills because it has many slopes, hard ways, unpaved roads, and a lot of other obstacles. But it's true that if the trekking isn't difficult, then it's not worth it.

Best time to Travel: If you love snow and challenging tracks then enjoy trekking this place at winters, but if you're that expert of trekking then hike only in summer because this isn't an easy trek.

Days required for trekking: Possibly it takes a day or two to complete the trekking with taking rest. And if you're free for a week or ten days then go for this place.

Naltar Valley

As we all know that Pakistan is the best place for trekking and exploring the natural beauty and Naltar Valley is one of those beautiful places which we would love to go. Talks about the mountains, lakes and breathtaking views, you'll get everything when going for trekking to Naltar Valley.

Best time to travel: Winters aren't the weather to visit this place because this place is dangerous for trekking in winters. So, go for the trekking in summers or Spring probably.

The time required for trekking: The area of Naltar Valley is quite big, and ten days are enough to explore the beauty of this place and complete the trekking.

Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base camp

We have been lucky to visit this place, and we can't express how beautiful these places are. You can feel it after visiting the place trek on it and make memories. So, Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat base camp is the last place for Top ten treks in Pakistan, and we hope that you've liked this article.

Best time to travel: Summers are the best time to visit this place because winter means that you're not going to reach the desired location because of heavy snowfall.

Days Required for trekking: A week would be great to explore Fairy meadow and Nanga Parbat surroundings. But you can enjoy a month trekking this beautiful and fantastic art of nature.

Things to carry on your trek

Trekking Backpack Essentials

  • Every person should have their backpack containing all the necessary things
  • A lot of food and water bottles are mandatory things to carry
  • Few clothes and jackets
  • Trekking Pole
  • Snowboard, if you want to board down the mountain.
  • Joggers, clothes and camp tent
  • Trekking shoes or boots
  • Navigation tools such as map and compass
  • First-aid kit
  • A knife or multi-tools

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