Best Gifts For Camping and Hiking Enthusiasts

Best Gifts For Camping and Hiking Enthusiasts

Gifting Ideas

Getting away into the woods and camping is suitable for your physical and mental health. It removes negativity and improves sleep quality. Mostly, outdoor enthusiasts prefer biking, hiking, trekking, and camping. Gift your camping enthusiast friend a present that they can use again and again. Here are the top gifting ideas of 2019 for your camping and hiking enthusiasts.


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Roof Rack System

It is a must-have for every camping lover. It allows users to carry objects on the roof of their vehicle without reducing the space inside the car. It is useful to take bulk items like bicycles, skis, luggage, kayaks, containers, and other carriers.

Tire Repair Kit

A flat tire can ruin a road trip. Anyone can patch it up, but to repair it, instead of patching, you will need a tire repair kit. You can gift your explorer friend, a complete set of tire repair kit, so when they face a flat tire, they don't have to worry. A tire repair kit will also help your explorer friend if they own a DR650, a bike well-known for off-roading capabilities.

Motorcycle Accessories

Gift your biking lover friend or a family member motorcycle accessories for dirt biking. A simple rain suit, windshield, commuter-friendly boots, chain guard, oil cooler guard, etc., are some of the gifts that they will cherish forever. Remember to take them with you while buying these stuff to get the right size.

Solar Shower Bag

When you are out in nature, taking a shower is not a luxury. Having a bath in cold water might give you chills. But you can have the convenience of warm water for a shower even while camping with the help of a solar shower bag. You have to be a little wise while gifting this item. You can make a spa goodie including body scrubs and body shampoo with the solar camping shower bag. Your backpacker friend will thank you later once they enjoy it and see how convenient it is to carry.

Solar Lantern

Power Bank

A power bank is a handy charger that you can use to charge any equipment powered by a battery. While on the road and during camping, a portable charger can effectively charge your electronic devices. It can quickly charge powered headphones, MP3 players, portable speakers, tablets, and phones. They must carry 2-3 power banks depending on the number of electronic devices they own. A USB port and a USB charger are mandatory to charge the devices. 


Every backpacker loves having a hammock, which is foldable, compact, and easy to set up. Buy a hammock that is durable to hold at least two people. There are foldable hammocks available that don't even weigh a kilogram and folds into the size of a grape. You friend can relax in their hammock while enjoying a good cup of coffee.



A headlamp is an essential tool while camping. It is the ideal gift for serious campers that is comfortable, rechargeable, stylish, and waterproof. They offer brightness of up to 6000 lumens from the best headlamp available in the market. You can adjust the different light setting, and some can also rotate by 90-degrees.

Portable Stove

Cooking outdoors while camping requires a portable stove. A handy stove fits a 10-12 inch pan at the same time. You can also buy them a solar-powered stove. A solar-powered stove uses the sun's energy to cook the food at 290 degrees temperature. The reflectors of this solar stove convert 80% of the sunlight into usable heat to cook food. It does all the functions on cloudy days too.

Multi Toolset

Every dirt bike enthusiast must have a stainless steel multi toolset. It is a once in a lifetime purchase and mostly left overlooked. You can gift them a toolkit that has more than 20 tools, which can save them in most situations. Find the right toolset that is compact, easy to use, and lightweight, so your friends can easily pack the tools in a small space.

Foldable Camp Chair

The very basic necessity while camping is a comfortable folding camp chair. It folds into a length of 33 centimetres and 10 centimetres in height into its carrying bag. Weightwise, it is just 1 kilogram, which means it won't be bulky for your friend to carry. It is a great gift idea for your camper friend as well as one-day trek friends too. 


The above are the perfect gift ideas for the adventurous friends of yours. No matter which way they prefer to travel by car, dirt bike or on foot to reach their destination, the above gift items are essential for every explorer. If you are just a weekend explorer, then you can travel with the hammock and foldable camp chair to enjoy the beautiful nature.