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Put Your Courage to the test by Visiting Haunted villages Which Are Tourist Destinations in India

Put Your Courage to the test by Visiting Haunted villages Which Are Tourist Destinations in India

Most Haunted Places In India And Their Real Ghost Stories

Scary and Haunted Places In India - Read at your own RISK !


The moment someone utters the word ‘haunted,’ people feel excitement building up inside their minds and hearts. Some people don’t believe in ghosts, demons, and spirits, but others do. Regardless of that fact, everyone hopes to see a haunted place with their own eyes. Among all the haunted villages in India, the most famous ones are at Rajasthan, West Bengal, Pune, and Assam. Two haunted villages of Rajasthan are at Bhangarh and Kuldhara. The Dow Hill is in West Bengal. Shaniwarwada is in Pune and Jatinga is in Assam.

Highlights of Haunted villages

  • Test the strength of your spirit against the spine-chilling atmosphere of these places.
  • Reorganize your beliefs and concepts concerning malevolent spirits, dangerous demons, and scary ghosts.
  • Realize what a ghost town looks and feels like.
  • Don’t forget that some places are off-limits to tourists after sunset. So don’t be overconfident to search for ghosts at night.

Do you want to experience thrills and chills by getting spooked? Get a natural high by paying a visit to Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India. For decades visitors from all across the globe have been enthralled by the mystical power of this alluring country. Travelers from various parts of the world have often come to this part of the nation to explore the culture and traditions. People who have a keen interest in the world of supernatural are intrigued and are often fascinated by the list of haunted places in India.

Brief introduction

You consider yourself to be a courageous person, and you are ready to visit the haunted places in India. It seems the troubled spirits are not in the mood to pass onto afterlife and all they are interested is in scaring you through their haunted activities. In India, there are quite a few places which have an intriguing past, and you need a lot of courage to venture out into any of these dreaded sites. Go through the Intro of Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India to note their strange occurrences. Some of the scariest sites are Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, Kuldhara in Rajasthan, Dow Hill in West Bengal, Shaniwarwada in Pune and Jatinga in Assam.

Reaching Haunted villages

A short vacation is adequate for reaching Haunted villageswhich are tourist destinations in India. You can take day trips to some of the haunted places. Restrictions may be present at some of the locations for visitors deciding to plan a trip in those towns after sunset.

  • Bhangarh Fort

This is not only a scary site, but it is also an abandoned place. Still, this place has managed to attract the attention of curious visitors. Be ready for goosebumps by taking a day trip in a private car from Delhi. The entire trip will take around four to five hours. You can opt for flights from Delhi to Jaipur and then take a hire a can for the rest of the journey. Alternatively, you can board trains from New Delhi and reach Bandikul Junction. You can take a cab for Bhangarh from this place.

  • Kuldhara in Rajasthan

The village of Kuldhara has grasped the attention of many travelers because of the legends associated with this place. This place remains deserted even after the original inhabitants left this village several years back. Tales filled with mystery and romance has lured the visitors in this part of the region from time and again. You can reserve your flight from New Delhi to reach nearby Jodhpur airport.

  • Dow Hill in West Bengal

As per the local legend, ghosts reside in this hill town. Numerous accidents and murders have taken place in the nearby forest. Chilling tales of a headless boy disappearing in the woods is often heard. If you are searching for a paranormal experience, then you should make a trip to this hill station by booking a flight from Kolkata to reach Bagdogra Airport.

Accommodation arrangement

You should search on the web for suitable hotels and guesthouses. Bhangarh is a national heritage site, and owing to its popularity as one of the haunted places finding hotels is not easy. You can stay at government maintained or privately owned hotels near Bhangarh. You can select to stay at any of the hotels in Jaisalmer or Jaipur by picking hotels as per your budget. stay at Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India and get a feel of the spooky air.

Best time to visit

Check out the weather to determine the best time to go at Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India. If you are planning to visit Bhangarh Fort and Kuldhara, then avoid the monsoon season. The best time is to pay a visit during the winter months. The best time to visit Kurseong is between March to May and between August to September.

Getting involved in activities

Over several years haunted places have mesmerized people. Get a thrilling experience by getting involved in things to do at Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India. You may go in for an exploration of the ruins of Bhangarh and take a look at the intact temples.

Try out the mouth watering cuisine

It is a wise idea to get a taste of the local food at Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India while out on a spooky adventure. While looking at the historical monuments and ruins, you should take some time out to taste the vast array of Rajasthani dishes including dal batichoorma and gattekisabzi.

Consideration of some tips

You should go to these haunted places with likeminded people. Going with people who are making sneering remarks can spoil your adventure. You should also research and find out about the site because some of the places may be outdoors whereas some of them may be in palaces. You should wear appropriate clothes depending upon where you intend to go. Have a killer time by taking into account some tips for viewing Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India.

Other places of interest

Make the best out of your vacation by visiting nearby places too. You can go in for camel safari in the desert. Get a feel of the Thardesert by taking jeep tours. While on your Kurseong trip you can explore flora and fauna of the mountain slopes in local taxis. Face the unknown by researching intensively about the other famous places near Haunted villages which are tourist destinations in India on the net.

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