Pondicherry Tour Experience The City with Dual Personality

Pondicherry Tour Experience The City with Dual Personality

Pondicherry Tourism: Explore Pondicherry with Treks and Trails India

Pondicherry Tourism: Explore Pondicherry with Treks and Trails India


There are seven Union Territories in India and Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry, is one of them. It was a French colony once, and so, it is a perfect amalgamation of Indian culture with French architecture. Naturally, it offers a dreamy escape to those who seek the best of both worlds. The French Quarter of Pondicherry, called the White Town, features charming colonial structures. The walls are of mustard-yellow and bougainvilleas grow along with them. Between these buildings exists chic boutique cafés that offer French cuisine and beverages too.

Highlights of Pondicherry

  • Enjoy the ambiance of France in an Indian state.
  • Spend laid-back moments at the beach while taking in the warmth of the sun.
  • Witness the sun taking a dip in the ocean as the evenings creep in.
  • Go for a long walk down the promenade.
  • Try surfing on the waves or go scuba-diving.

Do you want to experience a city that will take you back in time? Then the answer for you is Pondicherry. Get a respite from a modern, hectic lifestyle by going in for a Pondicherry tour. The moment you step your foot in this region, you will come across bakeries and houses reflecting the Mediterranean style. In fact, this city will make you wonder whether you are loitering on the streets of France or India.

Pondicherry intro

The official name of Pondicherry is Puducherry. The local people often refer to this place as Pondy. This erstwhile French colony is a Union Territory and is a perfect blending of French legacy with Indian taste. Delve into the Intro of Pondicherry tour to escape into the French Riviera of the east. Plan a vacation to this part of the nation, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the place can offer you the ideal attributes of both worlds.

How to reach Pondicherry

Reaching a Pondicherry tour is easy because the city is well connected by road, rail as well as flights. The airport at Pondicherry is connected to Bangalore and Hyderabad. If you are planning a trip from Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata then you can get off at the Chennai airport. For the remaining journey, you can hire a private cab. Buses that are state-owned as well as privately operated regularly ply from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Madurai. The fare varies with the distance covered. You may also take the train route, and the nearest rail station is Villupuram which is about 35 kilometers from Pondicherry. From there you can hire a taxi to reach your destination. You can enjoy the scenic route by driving from leading cities such as Chennai.

Where to stay

Plan your Stay at Pondicherry tour as per your budget. If you have money to splurge, then you can afford to spend on beachfront resorts on the fringes of town. You will come across various guest houses on the promenade. There are numerous hotels nearby to the beach, and you can select one depending upon your requirement.  Cottages with multiple rooms are ideal for people traveling in groups.

Best time to visit

The Best time to go to Pondicherry tour is during the winter months starting from October to March. The temperature varies from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius during this period. The summer temperature may reach as high as 40 degrees. You should, however, keep in mind that different seasons have their distinct charms.

Things to do

Soak up the local ambiance by being involved in tons of Things to do at Pondicherry tour. As a beach lover, you can spend your time relaxing on the charming beaches soaking up the sun while lazily observing the surroundings around you. Watch the sunset reflection on the water while taking a long walk on the promenade. If you are interested in water sports, then you can indulge yourself in surfing and scuba diving activities. Get ready for an ethereal experience by boating on the serene water. Take bicycle tours for a quick exploration of the city.

Gastronomical experience

Absorb the culinary delights by tasting the Local food at Pondicherry tour. The local food is an amalgamation of the French, European as well as South Indian cuisines. Your trip will be incomplete if you do not try out the delicacies of this region. Enjoy flavorful French items such as gazpacho, baguettes, and the pastries. Get ready for a pleasant surprise when you taste the French items with a local touch.

Some tips

Make your trip memorable by considering Tips for viewing the Pondicherry tour. The climate for the most part of the year is humid as well as sticky. Protect yourself and your family members by using appropriate sunscreen lotion with high SPF. It is a wise idea to avoid street food because they tend to be spicy. Prevent stomach upset by buying bottled water for drinking.

Other famous places near Pondicherry tour

Get a never to be forgotten travel experience by viewing other famous places near Pondicherry tour. Learn about the spirituality of this nation by traveling to Auroville. Gain spiritual knowledge by visiting Aurobindo Ashram. Relax and make your vacation unforgettable by planning well.