Palolem Beach South Goa

Palolem Beach South Goa

Goa Fun Capital of India

Palolem Beach Goa being the beach and fun capital of India has innumerable and boundless exquisite beaches. Bearing in mind, that all the beaches of Goa are equally picturesque and exciting it’s going to lead to a dilemma regarding which beach to visit when in Goa. Well, let’s make this simple for you. In the Canacona region of South Goa, there exists Palolem Beach which is unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Palolem is a one and a half kilometers long, crescent moon-shaped beach conjured up of white sand, freckled with coconut palms and bamboo shacks. Owing to its decent length, it takes barely fifteen to twenty minutes to walk the whole stretch of Palolem beach. So, it will not take much time to sightsee all the beautiful spots that Palolem beach brings to the table.

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Palolem Beach is unspoiled and significantly immaculate than other beaches in India. Palolem distinguishes itself from the rest of electrifying Goa, as a peaceful beach that has preserved a cool and calm composition akin to a yogi. The coastline is speckled with ligneous chalets, beach huts, shacks, and restaurants where you can feast with your feet in the water. There are also ample nearby souvenir shops, the main market with clothing and essential shops, and a string of hotels. So, whether you are thinking about venturing out with a partner, your troop, or on your own, Palolem beach is the best resort for fun and chill. Vibe with nature at the free-spirited Palolem Beach to take respite from the stress of urban life. For a little taste of what we mean, you might want to read this entire blog covering everything about Palolem Beach.

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Where is Palolem Beach located in Goa?

Palolem Beach is located in the Canacona region of South Goa, snuggled up between Agonda beach toward the north and Patnem beach to the south. Palolem Beach is 43 kilometers from Margao (Madgaon) and 76 kilometers from Panaji (Panjim), which is Goa’s capital.

How to reach Palolem Beach by Air?

The nearest airport to Palolem Beach in Goa is the Dabolim Airport also known as Goa International Airport which is four kilometres of Vasco de Gama and 30 kilometers from the state capital, Panaji. Palolem Beach is at a distance of 67 kilometers from Goa Dabolim Airport and one can easily fly here from any metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi.

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At the counter near the exit of the arrivals area at Dabolim Airport, there is a wide range of prepaid taxis available to reach Palolem Beach. The fare of a taxi would be around 1500 to 1900 rupees. It will take about an hour and a half to reach Palolem Beach from Dabolim International Airport.

How to reach Palolem Beach from Canacona Railway Station?

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Canacona is Palolem's nearest train station which is around three kilometers of Palolem and takes a ten-minute drive to reach Palolem Beach. A straight ride from Canacona to Palolem Beach costs about 100 to 200 rupees in a taxi and 40 rupees in an autorickshaw. Alternatively, backpackers can go to Canacona Bus Station and board a bus to Palolem which will cost around 20 rupees.


How to reach Palolem Beach from Madgaon Railway Station?

The closest railway station to Palolem on the Konkan Railway is Madgaon (Margao) which is at 43 kilometers. The most convenient means to reach Palolem is by boarding a train to Madgaon. There are direct trains to reach Madgaon from Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi. If you get down at Madgaon, book a pre-paid taxi from Madgaon Railway Station itself to Palolem Beach that will cost you around 700 to 1000 rupees.

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State Buses regularly run from Madgaon to Palolem and they would drop you at the Canacona village. Take an auto-rickshaw from Madgaon station to Kadamba Bus Stand which will cost 40 rupees. These buses keep on running the whole day in every half an hour or hour, so, the chances of not getting a bus are almost nil. The bus fare is 20 rupees per person. Hop on to any bus going towards South Goa which will drop you at Canacona Bus Stand in 90 minutes. From Canacona you can take an auto-rickshaw to Palolem Beach that will cost you around 40 rupees or take another bus to Palolem which will cost around 20 rupees.


How to reach Palolem Beach from Panjim?

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The journey from Panjim to Palolem Beach is pretty straightforward and has multiple options. If you decide to take State Transport Bus from Panjim Bus Stand, it takes more than three hours, and you will have to change the bus twice to reach Canacona. From Canacona, a taxi or rickshaw will take you to the Palolem beach in five minutes. On the other hand, a convenient way to reach Palolem within one hour and fifteen minutes are to hire a cab or a self-drive car from Panjim.

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Which are the best months to visit Palolem Beach in Goa?

Palolem Beach is open between October and April, but after February the heat starts to get unbearable. Therefore, the best time to visit Palolem Beach is from mid-November till the end of February.

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How many days are ideal for exploring Palolem Beach in Goa?

Normally, two to four days are enough to cover Palolem beach and locations in its vicinity. Yet, if you like serene places, you wouldn’t want to leave even after four days because Palolem is a typical chill pad. You can keep a day to explore the entire Palolem beach and lounge at the shacks. The next two days can be spent sightseeing other nearby beaches and tourist attractions. On the last day, you can unwind in Palolem, roam the market area, and shop for souvenirs. You can stay longer if you want to sign up for a yoga retreat or certification course.

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Which is the best side of Palolem Beach in Goa?

The kind of experiences and atmosphere you are looking for and whom you are travelling with will decide where you should be at Palolem beach. The peaceful and intimate Northside of Palolem beach tends to appeal to families, while backpackers flock in the middle and the South of Palolem is where the party and adventure scene is.


If you are travelling with your family and kids, then it is recommended that you stay on the northern side of Palolem beach. The tides of the northern side of Palolem beach are relatively calmer and therefore, this side of Palolem beach is comparatively safer.


On the other hand, if you are an adrenaline junkie and have a bizarre appetite for adventure, then the southern part of Palolem beach is the best scene for you. The southern side tides are unpredictable and precarious which is suitable for adventure sports. Here one can indulge in numerous types of water activities, such as kayaking and parasailing. 

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Things to do at Palolem Beach:

Palolem Beach will give you an insight into the tranquil and laid-back beach culture of Goa. Palolem beach tenders’ equal amount of relaxation and adventure. Indulge in some adventuresome recreation and a well-deserved staycation relaxation at Palolem beach. The flawless mile-long Palolem beach’s arc proposes a sight of the entire picture-perfect milieu from both its ends. When in Palolem, dawdle away days soaking under the sun while sipping on great cocktails. Relish scrumptious curries for lunch and opt for a romantic candlelit dinner next to the waves. Go for yoga classes during the day and hang out with other travelers to celebrate the night at Palolem Beach.

Swim on the beach, chill at a shack and soak in the sun: The best thing to do at Palolem beach is to lay back and chill with your legs dunked in sand or immersed in water. Palolem beach has dozens of beachfront eateries as well as chilled-out cafes and shacks crafted to deliver you the most comforting and pleasurable dillydally beach experience. Every one of them offers free sunbeds with tables and wi-fi. You can even spread a mat on the beach, slab a copious amount of sunscreen on your body, sip on refreshing cocktails while lounging under the sun. When you’ve had your dose of Vitamin D, inch towards the water to soothe your body in the warm waves. Palolem is the quintessential beach where you can unwind, loosen up, re-energize and spend a day absorbing the serene ambiance.

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Eat your heart and drink your soul out at authentic cafes and restaurants: In Palolem beach, you can savor some of the most luscious dishes that you have never tasted in your life. The local business of Palolem is primarily tourism and fishing, so it tends to be ensured that your fish is directly from the ocean. Dropadi is conceivably the most well-known shack on the beach. It serves a collection of cocktails, Indian cuisine, and seafood accompanied by an enthralling sea view. You'll find lip-smacking European fusion food at Ourem 88 and Italian cuisine at Magic Italy. For a delightful cup of masala chai try Little World. They have something known as Dirty Masala on their menu in which an espresso shot is combined. Cafe Inn, The Space Goa, and Zest serve epic breakfasts as well as healthy vegan food, gluten-free pizza, and all things fancy like smoothie bowls.

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Party away with Silent Disco: What? Silent Disco? Yes, you heard it right. Palolem is a peaceful beach as compared to other beaches of Goa. So, playing loud music is barred at Palolem beach after 10 pm. The answer? Silent disco, which is a creative way that gets rid of raucous deafening live music but lets you silently rave the night away. You will be given a set of headphones wearing which you can disco away to diverse genres of music played by all-rounder DJs. Distinctive colours are allotted to each station with the goal that your friends can see which station you are tuning in to from afar. Silent Disco gatherings take place throughout the week at clubs and bars like Laughing Buddha, Headphone Party Goa, Neptunes, Silent Noise Disco, and The Club. The charges are around Rs 800 to 1000 per person.

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Rent a Bike, Bicycle, or Moped: The best way to discover Palolem and escape to the sites in its vicinity is on a two-wheeler. South Goa is fringed by a plenitude of beaches, glued next to each other like a heavenly beach trifle. There is plenty of ground to discover other than just Palolem when you are here. It's extremely economical to rent a two-wheeler, with guys in and around the main street and Ourem Road offering rates for as little as Rs. 300 to 400 for the day. Head to whichever way your inner compass is pointing at. Butterfly, Agonda, and Honeymoon beaches to the North of Palolem as well as Colomb, Patnem, and Cola beaches towards the South radiate a utopian appeal. Riding during the afternoon may prove to be a sweaty affair but there’s plenty of beaches to cool off once you’ve dumped the two-wheelers.


Go Dolphin Spotting: Did you know that the beaches of South Goa are a natural habitat for Dolphins? Each morning, schools of dolphins show up at Palolem Beach in search of food. Some arrive in bunches of three or four, whereas some in bigger families. Not to be missed at any cost, one of the best activities in Palolem is to hop on a boat early in the morning to catch the surreal sight of dolphins. The boat will take you right to the heart of the sea where you can spot these magnificent mammals. Even though they're meek creatures at heart, they never disappoint their onlookers with their streamlined figures and sparkling wiggles. It is highly recommended that you set out at seven or eight in the morning because when the sun starts to head out, dolphins disappear beneath the sea. If you are lucky then you might get to witness them during sunset.


Get an Ayurvedic Massage: Undeniably, Palolem Beach is where you come to loosen up and escape from the tension, so what could be better than taking this to the next level with a massage? For supreme beach leisure, indulge yourself in an ayurvedic massage. Indian masseuses will ensure clients receive the best package, all set to the echoes of Goa’s lapping waves. Ayurvedic massage is an exclusively Indian creation that comprises healing oils and cautious thoughtfulness regarding the body's requirements. A one-hour massage costs 700 rupees.  Curing out the body ache through ayurvedic massage is the most ideal approach to release from stress and worries of city life.

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Sign up for a Yoga Class: Yoga is a conventional Indian pursuit and there is no better place to bring into line your body and mind than Palolem’s natural splendor. In Palolem, you can discover diverse yoga schools, retreats, and oceanside classes around the beach where you can attend a drop-in yoga class in the morning and evening. Regardless of whether a fledgling or an accomplished yogi, Palolem beach is the seamless setting for manifesting that positive vibe. Drop-in classes cost around Rs. 300 per person, and are accessible at the Cozy Nook, Anand Yoga Village, Bhakti Kutir, Ruban Yoga and Ayurveda Village, Earth Yoga Village, and Dreamcatcher


Go Adventuring with Water Sports: If sea shore mooching doesn't excite you then dread not, there are a lot of activities for the bold thrill-seekers here. Palolem beach offers the encounters you need to get your heartbeat dashing and your stomach jumping. There are a few shacks and stalls on Palolem Beach which offer a wide scope of water sports activities like the Banana ride, Goa Kayaking, Boating, Water Skiing, Paddling, and significantly more. If you are a crew of five or six companions, go for the Banana Ride. It is notoriously called a Banana ride due to the shape of its tube and it expediently blows its course through the water to make riders screech and appreciate the ordinary sprinkle of water and falls. You can likewise settle on Kayaking if you love floating in the ocean alone. You will be given a kayak which is a thin and little watercraft that requires a two-fold bladed oar to skim through the waters. To get an aerial perspective of the most alluring places all through Palolem Beach and around, parasailing is the most ideal choice. You will be taken right in the middle of the sea and the parachute will take shoot you up to 200 feet high in the air and occasionally dunk you in the sea.


Nearby places to visit when in Palolem, Goa

Palolem is a petite beach, yet you won’t run out of amazing things to do here. Wader around the main market, get a yoga class, take a plunge, drink up some coconut water and lagers. If you have done all that and have had enough of lounging on the beach then you can go hop on your two-wheelers or use public transport and go exploring. Set out to sightsee several bays and islands, forests, forts, and beaches scattered around either side of Palolem.

Agonda beach

Agonda Beach: Agonda is a tiny tranquil beach town that is just eight kilometers north of Palolem. Roughly twenty minutes from Palolem Beach, Agonda beach has an elongated shape. You can either take a boat from Palolem beach to Agonda for a long fun ride on the ocean or go directly to the seashore through streets. Agonda beach is by and large eminent for sunbathing and swimming as it has a lesser crowd. One must visit Agonda beach as it is calmer than Palolem. Agonda is an idyllic beach to beat the crowd, for a pacifying yoga session, or to eat vegan food at minimalist cafes.

Cabo de Rama Fort

Cabo de Rama Fort: Further north of Agonda beach, there is a fort christened after Lord Rama. Cabo De Rama Fort also known as Red Fort is a Portuguese fort situated amid Cavelossim and Agonda beach. As per the native legend, Lord Rama resided here with his wife Sita during their exile of fourteen years. This ancient fort is presently in ruins, yet appears to be pretty vibrant attributing to its bewitching mountainous and beachy surroundings. Explorers can witness one of the best sunsets and sunrises from the top of the fort. There is a little church inside the fortress which is worth a visit if you are a sucker for impressive architecture.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary: One of the best places for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers as well families, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is around 23 kilometers away from Palolem beach. Established in 1968 to preserve an expanse of forest on the Goa-Karnataka border, this 86 square kilometers zone is an abode to native wildlife. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary brags an exhibit of extraordinary transcending trees, some of which are unfathomably old and other tropical shrubberies. A significant number of the species present here fairly shy and very much disguised however you may get a brief look at flying squirrels, reptiles, snakes, gazelles, sloths, and porcupines. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you can maybe spot wild pigs, jaguars, or hyenas! Families can remain at the observation deck to look at the foliage vistas with huge trees, creatures, and watering holes.

butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach: Towards the north of Palolem seashore along the waters lies a characteristic Butterfly shaped Beach. The gap from the landmass is not more than 200 meters and a short boat ride is suitable to arrive at the island. While on your boat trip you'll see those dolphins are gymnastic in the waters encompassing the island. It is an ideal spot for individuals who like to invest their energy in solitude. All things considered, if you are a nature darling, or essentially love to savor the serenity of nature, then you will go gaga for this butterfly-formed seashore. During low tides, this beach transforms into an island. Subsequently, it is flawless to investigate and navigate the stones on the edge of the island. It's not difficult to stroll on low tides and paramount in a boat ride on the occasion of high tides during the rainy season.

Cola Beach Goa

Cola Beach: The greatest concealed beach on Goa’s southern coast, Cola is somewhere you won’t regret visiting. This beach is not on the tourist’s trail; therefore, it gives the feel of a private lagoon. Cola beach is a mystery with pure coastline beaches and a laid-back vibe. Cola makes for an incredible spot to watch the sunset before making a beeline for Palolem!

Canacona / Monkey Island: Saunter along the coastline toward the North finish of Palolem seashore, when the tide is low which makes it is feasible to arrive at Canacona Island, nicknamed Monkey Island because of the monkeys that dwell here. It takes a little stone jumping ability; however, the climbing adds to the secrecy of the island, which is suggestive of an old-style utopia. If you are someone who doesn’t want to ramble over the rocks then hire a boat and make a little voyage to Canacona Island. It's an ideal scene for couples and backpackers who want to appreciate the excellence and soak in the feel of an island.

Monkey Island

Turtle Beaches of Rajbag and Galgibaga: Only two kilometers from Palolem is Rajbag Beach which is secluded and extends to the opening of the Talpona River. Rajbag beach is a well-known site where the eminent Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs. It is guaranteed that you will get to witness an Olive Ridley Turtle at this beach. There are also ample opportunities for passionate bird watchers here. Ahead of Rajbag beach is Galgibaga Beach which is the second nesting spot in Goa for turtles. These two beaches are a thriving area for turtle nesting and observe the hatching of over 3000 eggs every year.

Patnem Beach Goa

Patnem Beach: To the south of Palolem a very pleasant twenty-minute stroll away along rocks and sand you arrive at Patnem beach. It's significantly less crowded, much calmer, and a little more isolated than Palolem beach. If Palolem is the famous sister, then Patnem is the idiosyncratic, bohemian, slightly bumpy round the fringes one. You can simply get a rickshaw to Patnem Beach, which is the next coastal area along. Patnem beach is more modest and serene as compared to Palolem Beach with only a few eateries and little shops.

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Where to stay at Palolem Beach in Goa?

Naturally, we all are used to staying in luxury cottages, villas and resorts when we travel to tourist destinations. If you are in Palolem, you are in for a unique stay. Palolem beach features temporary coco huts fabricated on the beach from October until May. Now you decide, would you want to reside in a hotel room or stay at a heavenly shore where you can chill under palm trees whilst adoring sea vistas no sooner than you leave the cosiness of your beach hut. There is a wide range of beachside huts in Palolem to select from fairly extravagant to very rudimentary but economical. Within individual properties, prices may vary as per proximity to the beach, with garden views usually offering affordable huts as compared to beach-facing. Camp San Francisco is known to provide some of the cheapest huts on the beach. Ciarans, located in the middle of Palolem Beach, has well-equipped luxury huts in gorgeous backdrops.

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Are there any Hostels at Palolem Beach in Goa?

Yes, there are two hostels in Palolem which are pretty close to each other, and at a five minutes walking distance from the beach. The hostels here require you to pay a deposit to secure your online booking. Hostels are the best place for backpackers who want to socialize and meet other travelers.

Rainbow Lining Hostel achieves an ideal balance between a community traveller hostel and a decent residence. They have comfortable beds and provide complimentary breakfast. The hostel has good enough security, affordable laundry service, smooth Wi-Fi as well as a resident dog. The rooftop of the hostel is a fun spot to hang out, and backpackers get a free beer each night too. Their wristband makes you eligible for discounts at numerous restaurants and bars in town. What more does a backpacker want?

Summer by the hostel crowd isn’t highly rated as Rainbow Linings but is still a great option for backpackers in Palolem. It's hygienic, lively, up-to-date, and has a chilled-out vibe. They also provide a complimentary breakfast. The hostel also hosts many events and trips for guests.

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Tips for travellers to keep in mind when visiting Palolem Beach in Goa

Tips for travelers to keep in mind when visiting Palolem Beach in Goa:

  • Strolling around Palolem Beach, both during the day and night, is generally quite safe. However, it is recommended to keep a torch handy while venturing out at night to avoid bumping into taxis and dogs.
  • It is always suggested to book your stay well in advance due to jampacking of hostels and beach huts. Also, another benefit of booking in advance is that you get concessional rates.
  • If you are traveling with your family comprising little children be of utmost vigilance of them. Do not let them venture out into the beach alone and always keep an eye on them. For families, it is recommended to stay at the northern end of Palolem beach where the tides are low and stable.
  • Always have some extra cash on you as there is no ATM facility on Palolem Beach or any other beaches. If you are running low on cash then there are some cafes, bars, or restaurants that offer money exchange facilities to their customers and also to others by charging some nominal rate. If you need to access an ATM, you will have to travel to Chaudi which is four kilometers from Palolem and is the main city of South Goa.
  • Make sure you carry sunglasses and sunscreen to save yourself from getting sunburnt or allergies when going out in the sun for too long.
  • A sweater can come in handy during the cooler months.
  • Mosquito repellent will prove to be useful when you are wandering at the beach and islands during the evening.


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