Top Five Haunted Places India

Top Five Haunted Places India

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Haunted Places India

Being the peculiar species that we are, humans are unsurprisingly hauled towards unexplained phenomena and Haunted places. It is the innate curiosity, fear, and adrenaline surge of being encircled by the mystifying, paranormal and eerie that never fails to intrigue and attract us. India is the land of unexplored enigmas and superstitions, and so an abode to uncanny stories of dark wizardry, ghouls, souls, and indescribable deaths. Thus, when it comes to the most haunted locations, there is no delightful country than India to start with. There are countless ghostly and spooky places in India. Every state having its share of haunted sites with catastrophic and unnerving folklore.

Regardless of your belief in spirits, these spots and their hair-raising tales make for a captivating read. If you are up for pushing your limits and search out for the paranormal, here is a list of the five most haunted travel destinations in India, that will undeniably send a shiver down your spine. Not for the faint-hearted, read this entire blog and set out to unravel the rumours of one or all of these places on your next trip. Brace yourselves to be spooked!


Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan Haunted Places

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Location: Gola ka baas, Rajgarh Tehsil, Alwar, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410

Timings: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

The abandoned ghost town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan is at the top of the list of most haunted places in India. Located near the Sariska Reserve in the Aravalli ranges in Alwar, there are several uncanny tales about the eerie Bhangarh Fort. The horror of Bhangarh Fort can be perceived to be legitimate from the fact that the government has declared it unsafe to visit the fort at night. The Archaeological Society of India has put up a set up a sign outside the fort, prohibiting sightseers and locals to be present inside the boundaries of the fort after sunset and before sunrise. That’s how Bhangarh receives the tag of the most haunted place in India.

Once upon a time, Bhangarh Fort was one of the architectural wonders of India. Sprinkled with temples, Havelis, and palaces, Bhangarh was a thriving realm. Yet, before long saw its collapse, and from that point forward, it lies in ruins, deserted with only spirits wandering in the fortress. Bhangarh was brought to destruction as a result of the scourge of Baba Balanath. Another legend owes it to the scourge of the wizard Singhia.

As per the legend, behind the abolition and devastation of Bhangarh Fort is the curse of Baba Balanath. It is believed that Baba Balanath lived close to the fortification and he had one condition which was that no structure ought to be higher than his home and cast a shadow on it. If this would happen, there would be widespread destruction. The king of Bhangarh didn’t pay heed to Baba and, the curse worked out and prompted the current situation with Bhangarh Fort.

Another folklore of the sixteenth century, mentions a tantric or wizard Singhia who fell in love with the beautiful princess of Bhangarh; Ratnavati. Singhia chose to utilize his wizardry to lure her and he replaced her perfume for a mysterious mixture. Yet, before she could fall head over heels in love for him, she learned of his shrewd plans. She poured the potion on a stone when she saw the wizard and it rolled and squashed him due to the spell on it. However, with his perishing breath, he cursed the inhabitants of the fortification to die and the town to be roofless and hopeless until the end of time. Until this point in time, certain towns in the city are roofless. Regardless of whether a roof is assembled, it collapses soon after.

Even after numerous tales horror tales about the ruins of Bhangarh, it still exists to be an enthralling destination for sightseeing. Bhangarh is also officially endorsed as a tourist destination. Be that as it may, when the sun sets, the location gets empty, engulfed by the darkness till the break of dawn. The locals of Bhangarh ought to believe that whoever enters the fort post-sunset will not make it back.

Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach Gujarat

Location: Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Alongside the Arabian Sea, approximately 13 miles southwest of Surat, rests Dumas Beach. Explicitly, it is one of the most gorgeous and picturesque beaches, yet amid all the magnificence lies a supernatural secret, which wants to be explored. The black sand beach of Dumas already has an ill-omened feel to its name. As per legends, the seashore was employed as a cremation ground for Hindus, hence it is an abode to innumerable grief-stricken spirits. The black sand is quite possibly the result of the remnants of the individuals who were cremated here. Moreover, some say that the deceased spirits meander the seashore at midnight, which owes to the development of black sand and made it an eerie sight.

It has been claimed that the beach garbs mysterious energy after dusk. Many natives say that the spirits stroll down on the seashore around evening time. Right up 'til today, there have been various reports of paranormal movement on the seashore, where tourists guarantee to hear bizarre noises and voices, and uproarious chuckling. White ghosts and moving circles have been located as well as other incomprehensible movements have been seen. The locals also mentioned that numerous tourists have disappeared while walking around the beach at night. To add to the horror, dogs tend to exhibit strange behaviours like howling and barking, in the dark, portraying their inconvenience. Regardless of whether reality or fiction, dogs here feel the undetectable presence of spirits and begin wailing, which signals individuals on the beach, to stop strolling further.


Kuldhara Village Rajasthan

Location: Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is possibly the most well-known tourist destination in India; however, it has its share of deserted ghostly villages and towns famous for Haunted places! Situated in the vicinity of Jaisalmer, Kuldhara village is notoriously branded as the 'Ghost Village of Rajasthan'. It is believed that Kuldhara has been desolate since 1825 yet one can find houses and temples here, in good condition even today. This makes everyone wonder what befell the Paliwal Brahmins who originally resided in Kuldhara. Leaving no trace about their whereabouts, nobody knows where the villagers went. The only question that emerges here is why haven’t others come and inhabited this previously reputable village? And this is where things get creepy.

As per the legends, Salim Singh who was the minister of state was alleged to be much more powerful than the king he served. Also called Zalim Singh for his wickedness, brutalities he perpetrated, and unfair methods of tax collection. Salim Singh imposed enormous taxes as a result of which turned out to be incredibly hard for Paliwals to survive in the village. What's more, he in love with the beautiful daughter of the chief of Kuldhara village. Salim Singh wanted to marry her and threatened the villagers with heavy taxation if they did not get her married to him. With no decision left against the merciless minster and to safeguard the honor of the girl, the Paliwals of Kuldhara and other 84 hamlets abandoned their homes and fled the village overnight. It is assumed that before leaving, they cursed the land of Kuldhara to remain deserted till eternity. Right up 'til the present time, the villages of Kuldhara stay deserted and just the ruins of a once-flourishing town can be seen here.

What's even more intriguing, authorities from Delhi's Paranormal Society waited here one night equipped with their gear to document any supernatural instance. After spending 12 hours in Kuldhara, they recorded shocking traffic on their gadgets acclaiming the presence of spirits around there. This creepy episode simply adds to the tale of Kuldhara and the town lies deserted right up 'til today. The fables have charmed the travelers to visit the creepy town of Kuldhara, to observe its remnants and snap photos however nobody dares to remain in this phantom town post-nightfall.

Shaniwar Wada Pune

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Location: Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Timings: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

The house of the Peshwas, Shaniwar Wada is as renowned for its noteworthy importance for what it's worth for its ghostly fables. It was the seat of Peshwas who were the sovereigns of the Maratha Empire. Praised for its structural splendor, this fortification has witnessed numerous mysterious events. The imperial Shaniwar Wada of the Peshwa Dynasty contains many unnerving stories inside its dividers. The fortress is supposed to be possessed by the ghost of the fifth Peshwa Narayanrao, who was killed in 1773, by guards on commands of his uncle Raghunathrao and auntie Anandibai. The guards assaulted the young prince who escaped his chambers and ran towards his uncle asking his life to be saved.

It is rumored that the soul of Narayanrao haunts the fortress and his cries echo through the fort post-sunset, particularly during a full moon. His final shrieks, 'Kaka Mala Vachva' or 'Uncle, save me' are now and again heard in the night by individuals who work here. In 1828, an unexplained fire broke out in the fortification that annihilated a huge piece of its design. Today, the part that remains is open for sightseers to witness. In any case, the ghostly story of Shaniwar Wada is something that is regularly murmured by individuals who live around the fort.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City

Location: Ramoji Film City Main Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 501512

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

One of the biggest film facilities in India, Ramoji Film City has revealed records of paranormal activities and now famous as a haunted places. Ramoji Film City is likewise supposed to be haunted by different spirits that wander around the grounds and the lodgings around there. There have been examples of stuntmen getting injured in unexplainable mishaps, spotlights tumbling off all alone, mirrors getting abnormal imprints, food being dispersed and hardware getting obliterated routinely. Ladies appear to be especially powerless and have had their garments torn by imperceptible powers and gotten locked in rooms.

Legend has it, spirits frequent the area because the Ramoji Film City was worked over the remains of dead warriors. Back in the day, the ground was the war zone of the Nizam and before that a graveyard for looters. The anxious spirits belong to the warriors who lost their lives however keep on troubling those who come here. If you are arranging a visit to Ramoji Film City and are bold to discover more, book a stay in one of its hotel rooms.