Witness the Wonders of Meghalaya: Root Bridges and Waterfalls

Witness the Wonders of Meghalaya: Root Bridges and Waterfalls

Meghalaya tour package

Meghalaya, the "abode of clouds," is a land full of raw, natural beauty that every nature lover craves to witness. We have a perfect Meghalaya tour package for you. So, if you’re a nature lover, a trip here must be at the top of your travel list.

When you go to this beautiful location, you'll get to see things like root bridges and waterfalls and go on amazing treks. The best part is that you will be able to tour Meghalaya, Asia's cleanest village.

Let us tell you in detail about the wonders of Meghalaya that you can witness on your exciting Meghalaya tour.


What You’ll Explore on Your Meghalaya Trip?

When it’s Meghalaya, all you’re looking at are beautiful sights of nature, and that’s a delight for every nature lover.

On your entire Meghalaya trip, you can witness beautiful wonders like natural swimming pools, waterfalls, and root bridges. That will mesmerize you and take you into a trance where you’ll feel soothed and peaceful.

Here is a detailed overview of all the exciting places and wonders of Meghalaya that you'll see on your Meghalaya trip with a TreksandTrails Meghalaya tour package.

Umiam Lake and Cherrapunjee

The first stop and breathtaking sight in Meghalaya will be in Guwahati, from where you'll take the NH40 route to Assam. This route is the best to take for the trip because you come across the Umiam Lake on this route, which is extremely pleasant to witness. The lake is extremely picturesque, and you can click on beautiful pictures here. Through the lake, you’ll enter the beautiful town of Cherrapunjee, which is known for its heavy rainfall and beautiful weather.

It's a pleasure to enjoy the cool, breezy weather here, and you'll feel rested and ready for your trip if you stay here.

Wei Sawdong Waterfalls

Meghalaya is full of waterfalls and natural pools, and one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing of them is the Wei Sawdong Waterfalls. These waterfalls are amazing, beautiful, and refreshing, perfect for a dip and some moments of pure fun and enjoyment. Once you’ve enjoyed your heart full in these waterfalls, you can get, set, go, and be ready for your next trekking adventure in Meghalaya because, after all, that’s what this place is all about.

Tyrna Village for Nongriat Village Trek

One of the most tasking and difficult treks in Meghalaya is the Nongriat Village Trek, but it’s a rewarding trek as well because you witness the most beautiful double-decker living root bridges as you climb this trek. Moreover, once you’re in Nongriat, you can head down to the water bodies, lay your feet in the water, and enjoy a soothing and refreshing fish pedicure.

After the trek, you can come back to the beautiful Tyrna village, where you can meet with the locals and enjoy the regional culture of the place with them as you rest after the tiring yet enjoyable trek.

Jungle Trek to Rainbow Falls

The series of treks in Meghalaya is just never-ending. Another amazing trek in Meghalaya is a jungle trek to the Rainbow Falls, where you’ll pass through living root bridges and waterfalls until you reach the magnificent waterfalls where the sun shines and gives the water a bright, colorful, rainbow-like view. The place is also full of birds, and it’s an exciting spot for bird watching and photography.

Additionally, the live swimming pools amidst the root bridges and waterfalls are great for taking a dip and enjoying a swim.


Mawlyngbna is a village in Meghalaya that is known for its trekking and water adventures. The place has treks like the Nohkalikai Falls Trek and the Lew Luri Lura Trek, which are steep and difficult yet exciting and adventurous.

The Lew Luri Lura trek is particularly exciting as you can watch depressions on rocks that are believed to be footprints of large animals as well as witness fossils. Moreover, the Mawlyngbna village is great for water sports like kayaking and river trekking.

Mawlynnong: The Cleanest Village in Asia

Being in Meghalaya, you cannot miss this place at all. Mawlynnong is a village in Meghalaya known for its cleanliness and hygiene. This is the cleanest village in the whole of Asia. From this village, you can explore the Bangladesh region and even visit the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Nearby the village is the Umngot River, also known as River Dawki, which is clean as glass, and you can enjoy a great camping experience here.

Krang Suri Falls and Shillong

Krang Suri Falls are another magnificent waterfall in Meghalaya that you can visit by boat.From these falls, you can have majestic views and click some amazing photographs. Heading from these falls, you move to Shillong where you can witness the rolling hills which are also called the Scotland of East.

Besides the rolling hills in Shillong, you can wander around the local markets and visit the cafes, enjoying great cuisine and the taste of Meghalaya.

That’s All for Your Meghalaya Tour

This is all for your Meghalaya trip. With all these wonderful waterfalls and root bridges, a trip to the cleanest village, and amazing trekking adventures, your trip to Meghalaya will be a mesmerizing, exciting, and adventurous one. A trip the memories of which you will cherish for a lifetime.

Meghalaya is full of raw nature and wonders that can transport you into a trance.So, if you’re a nature lover and a trekking enthusiast, a trip to Meghalaya is something that you do not want to miss at all.

You can take this amazing Meghalaya tour package from TreksandTrails to do all of these things and see all of Meghalaya's amazing sights. The itinerary is designed to show you all the amazing wonders in this beautiful cloud home and nature's mesmerizing and peaceful state.

Plan your visit soon! Happy Touring!


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