Meghalaya Tour: Discover the Beauty of North East

Meghalaya Tour: Discover the Beauty of North East

Our Special Meghalaya Tour Package 

One of India's most picturesque states, Meghalaya, is situated in the eastern sub-Himalayan hills. Meghalaya, which translates to "abode of clouds" in Sanskrit, is well named for a variety of reasons.

One of the wettest places on earth is Meghalaya, where the sun and the rains play hide and seek.

Meghalaya's surroundings, the Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo Hills, offer its visitors simple, unadulterated beauty. The state is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, roaring waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, immaculate natural caverns, and rich cultural past.

Every time you visit Meghalaya, its beautiful splendor will captivate you, from the breathtaking Cherrapunjee waterfalls to the pristine waters of Umngot.

Read about this area and discover how to plan the perfect Meghalaya tour.

Exactly where Meghalaya is:

Meghalaya was created out of the state of Assam, and Bangladesh and Assam share its western and southern borders.


Trip to Meghalaya: Is it safe to travel there?

Meghalaya is perhaps among the safest states. The locals are friendly and willing to help you.

One of the safest places for female travelers. Crimes against women are uncommon in this matrilineal society. Meghalaya is one of those areas where you would feel right at home if you travel alone.

Locations to see while your Meghalaya tour is on:

1.) Shillong: 

Our Meghalaya tour package starts with the state's capital, Shillong. It is a bustling, hip, and active city with a thriving population. The British have had a significant influence on Shillong's architecture. Due to the numerous lakes and breathtaking hills in the area, it is referred to as the "Scotland of the East". The busiest area in Shillong is Police Bazar, which also has a bustling market. Some lovely cafes in Shillong also play music. 


2.) Cherrapunji:

This special Meghalaya Tour Package next shifts its focus to Cherrapunji. A place also known as Cherrapunjee or Sohra is situated about 60 kilometers from Shillong. You can go from Shillong to Cherrapunji and back in a single day. The Meghalaya Tourism Company offers excursions to Cherrapunji. However, we advise staying there overnight. From Shillong's Bada Bazar, shared cabs may be accessed for trips to Cherrapunjee.

Before Mawsynram became famous, Cherrapunjee was reputed to be the wettest place on earth. The area is undoubtedly breathtaking during the monsoon season.

The Khasi monoliths and Mawsynram, the wettest region on earth, are both accessible from Cherrapunji.


3.) Nongriat Trek:

Our next destination is the visit to the Double Decker Root Bridge in the town of Nongriat. This special Meghalaya tour package includes one of Cherrapunjee's most unique experiences and the double-decker bridge is one of them. Nongriat can be reached more easily from Tyrna, but there are up to 3500 steps to descend to get there. The difficulties will appear insignificant once you get to Nongriat in comparison to the surroundings and hospitality you will experience there. It is advised that you spend the night at Nongriat to accomplish the Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek.

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