Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers – Travel Guide

Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers – Travel Guide

Valley of Flowers - Magnificent Beauty

Have you ever imagined of a place where the land is covered with flowers as far as you can see? If you think that the magnificent beauty of this kind only exists in some European nation, then you are wrong. Here we are referring to a place in India which is even known as the “Valley of Flowers”.

Kaas Plateau of Maharashtra is heaven for any nature lover. It is a sumptuous place far from city life. A great number of tourists reach out for this place every year. However, this blog is all about the Valley of Flowers and why tourists go crazy for it. Apparently, by the end of the blog, you will be able to discover every bit of information about the Kaas Plateau.

Here we go!!

About Kaas Plateau

You can even address Kaas Plateau as “Kaas Pathar” which in local language means Plateau. This beautiful place is situated in the Sahyadri Ghat ranges, which is close to Satara city of Maharashtra. However, the total area of the Kaas Plateau is 10 square kilometer and the whole area is covered with beautiful flora.

Nature is in its best form in this part of Maharashtra. You will encounter a variety of wildflowers from August to September. On the other hand, the leaves of trees turn into beautiful red color during late March. Due to the amazing variety of flora, the Kaas Plateau has been declared as Biodiversity World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Apart from flowers, this plateau is even the home to many faunas as well. Many mammals, reptiles and birds reside in this serene place. On the other hand, there are a huge variety of Ayurvedic plants which are hard to be identified by any layman. Therefore, in order to gain the complete knowledge of what you are exploring you will have to take a guide on your entire itinerary.

Moreover, for the protection of this place, the Maharashtra Tourist Authority has allotted some guards who prevent anyone from stomping on the flowers. While you are in this Valley of Flowers always remember that “beauty is to relish and not ruin”.

Kaas Plateau - Travel Guide

The Maharashtra Tourist Authority manages the tourist visit in Kaas Plateau. On the other hand, only 3000 visitors per day are allowed to visit. The site opens at 7 in the morning and tourists can visit until 7 in the evening. Moreover, the rush hours are from 10 am to 1 pm every day.


Nearby Places to Visit

Don’t just bring an end to your itinerary by exploring the Kaas Plateau as there are some nearby gems that you should visit. Here are they:

1. Kaas Lake

Kaas lake is situated next to Kaas Plateau. This lake provides a scenic view and it is surrounded by hills and mountains on all the sides. It is a wonderful picnic spot and you can even spend some relaxing time after your long journey of Kaas Plateau.


2. Thoseghar Waterfall:

Thoseghar waterfall is located 35 kilometers from Kaas Plateau. It one of the scenic waterfalls in the Satara Forest. As well as, it is even an ideal spot for trekking after Kaas Plateau. However, you cannot enter the fall or even trek in the valley as it is very risky. But you can still view the waterfall from an observation point. The view and the surrounding of Thoseghar are not only majestic but even tranquil at the same time.


3. Bamnoli Village

Bamnoli is a beautiful village situated 15 kilometers away from Kaas Plateau. In recent years this village offers boating services to the tourist. If you want to bring a change to your mood after relishing the beautiful ambiance of Kaas Plateau, then you can head towards this village and go on a boat trip. Interestingly, this place is even known as the Mini Kashmir as well.


Why Should I Visit Kaas Plateau?

Tranquility is the answer to it. We all need relaxation therapy now and then. This is mainly due to city life and the restless hard work we indulge into every day. Whereas, no other place can be more apt than Kaas Plateau to detox our mind. Moreover, this site is not just for nature lovers but it is even for every single person who is in search of peace and tranquility.


Happy Traveling...