Here You Will Find The Answers To All Your Questions Regarding Skiing Gulmarg

Here You Will Find The Answers To All Your Questions Regarding Skiing Gulmarg

Skiing India — Ski Gulmarg, the Best Skiing in India

Gulmarg: Skiing in Gulmarg: A Sublime Experience

Are you planning on Skiing Gulmarg? Then you made an excellent choice. The beauty of Gulmarg is ageless, and it reflects the purity of Mother Nature. Gulmarg is a small town but magnificent in all aspects. It is the haven for adventure and thrill seekers. This piece of paradise is in the Baramulla district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Gulmarg is also for the pilgrims who wish to witness the pure glamor of nature.

About Gulmarg

Gulmarg is the heart of winter sports, and that is enough as an Intro of Skiing Gulmarg. It is where all the excitement begins. In 1927, the authorities built the very first skiing resort here. Since then, Gulmarg became an epitome of winter sports in the subcontinent. The town also boasts of Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest ropeway project. The name of this cable car project is Gulmarg Gondola. This cable car connects Aparwath Mountain with Gulmarg.

How to reach

Like most other travel destinations in India, there are several ways of Reaching Skiing Gulmarg. Most Indian tourists prefer traveling via trains. You can board a train from almost any of the major Indian cities. In any case, you have to reach Srinagar before moving any further. Flights are also available to Srinagar from most of the metropolises of India. Once you reach Srinagar, you can board a bus or hail a cab to Gulmarg.


The word ‘Gulmarg’ translates to “the meadow of flowers.” It is one of the most visited hill stations in all of India. Naturally, you will come across many places to Stay at Skiing Gulmarg. As already mentioned, the popularity of this place began to increase since the authorities built the first ski resort here. If you search well, then you can book your room at one such ski resort. Of course, there are budget, luxury, and boutique hotels available here too.

When to go

Since you are planning to slide down the snow, you have to plan your trip accordingly. The skiing season starts on the 1st of January and goes on till the 31st of March. Therefore, the Best time to go at Skiing Gulmarg is between January and March. However, experts say that you should plan your trip between the 3rd week of January and the late-February. Gulmarg receives the maximum amount of snowfall during this period.

What to do

If you are an expert at skiing, then Gulmarg is the place for you. Otherwise, you can also go there and learn it. Of course, there are many other Things to do at Skiing Gulmarg. You can try your hand at the famed golf course here. Or, you can head to the shrine of Baba Reshi to seek the blessings of the Gods. If you are seeking peace, then St. Mary’s Church should be your destination. Don’t forget to witness nature’s unbridled beauty at Alpather Lake.

Dishes to try

Gulmarg is a part of Kashmir, and everyone knows that the whole state offers a feast for the eyes. However, Gulmarg won’t disappoint your appetite for delectable dishes either. Among the best Local food at Skiing Gulmarg, you should try Rogan Josh. It is the signature dish of Jammu and Kashmir. Another excellent recipe is the Gushtaba where meatballs float in spicy yogurt gravy. Other lip-smacking delicacies include Yakhni, Kashmiri Tujh, Gadde Monje and others.

Important tips

You have nothing to worry during your skiing trip to Gulmarg. If you face any unprecedented situation, then an evacuation and rescue team will rush to help you. If you are a certificate holder, then you will get a radio and a first-aid kit. You should consider sending a member of your team in case the accident is a severe one. Just remember your techniques, and you won’t require any Tips for viewing Skiing Gulmarg.

More for you

As already mentioned, Gulmarg isn’t only about skiing. It is the true reflection of Mother Nature’s beauty. Among the Other famous places near Skiing Gulmarg, you should visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. You should also see a strawberry field.