Harihareshwar and Anjarle Blog

Harihareshwar and Anjarle Blog


One of the most beautiful beaches in Maharashtra is Harihareshwar. The terrain is hilly and most of the beach is rocky. The temple of Harihareshwar is the most important tourist and spiritual place here. The shore sands are pristine and the water is clear. You will feel extremely fresh and calm after visiting Harihareshwar. Below is a list of things to do at Harihareshwar.


How to reach the town

To reach Harihareshwar from Mumbai, the journey is of 5-6 hours and 204 km.

To reach Harihareshwar from Pune, it takes around the same time. That is 5-6 hours and you have to cover 170 km journey.

1 Harihareshwar Beach


Harihareshwar Beach is a small tranquil beach. There aren’t many people who visit it. As the main attraction of the town is the temple. You will find the beach to empty. There are beautiful sands and pristine waters here.

2 Harihareshwar temple

Harihareshwar has a temple of Kalbhairav or Lord Shiva. The temple is located near the sea. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every day. A visit to the temple combined with beach fun is a good choice for a family outing.

3 Harihareshwar Parikrama

There is a beautiful Parikrama or Pradakshina route all around the temple. At a place, the path passes through the small road between the hills. And then it opens out to the rocky part of the seashore. Care must be taken as the rocky beach is full of raging seawater at high tide.

4 Harihareshwar turtle festival


The nearby beach of Velas is famous for spotting thousands of hatchlings of Olive Ridley Turtle. During the months of summer - Feb to May, Thousands of these baby turtles make their journey to the ocean for the first time.  To save the eggs from poachers, the community hosts a beautiful celebration after all the turtle have safely reached the ocean.

5 Places to visit near Harihareshwar


Apart from Harihareshwar Beach, Kalbhairav temple, Velas Beach there are several other beautiful beaches near Harihareshwar that you can visit like - Dive agar Beach, Shriwardhan Beach, Kelshi Beach, Anjarle Beach.

Anjarle Beach Town

Anjarle is a beautiful beach a little to the south of Harihareshwar. It is a long beach and it is lined with the tropical vegetation all along the seashore. It is not a commercialized beach and village life is slow and beautiful. The main occupation of the people here is fishing. Below is a list of things to do at Anjarle Beach and the village.


How to reach Anjarle Beach Town

  • From Mumbai to Anjarle distance is 226 km and will take 5-6 hours to reach.
  • The distance from Pune to Anjarle is 195 km and takes 6 hours to reach via Tamhini Ghat.

1 Anjarle Temple

The temple of Lord Ganesha here is quite famous. It is known as Kadyavarcha Ganpati as the temple is situated on a cliff. The scenery from here is priceless.

2 Anjarle Turtle festivals


Another beach which is quite famous for Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings is Anjarle. Reach here early in the morning to see these turtles. You can see them in Feb to Apr. The villagers celebrate a Turtle festival which you must attend.

3 Places to visit near Anjarle

There are several beaches near Anjarle like - Kelshi beach, Harihareshwar beach, Dive agar Beach, Harnai Beach etc. which you can visit too. Plan your trip according to your preference and include two or three of these beaches.

4. Forts in Anjarle

Suvarnadurg and Kanakadurg are twin forts near the Harnai Port. The fort of Suvarnadurg is a sea fortress which is built on a small island in the Arabian Sea. The Kanakadurg Fort is a land fortress. Fatehgad is a small fort near Harnai. It is on an island and you can reach there by boat. The fort itself is in ruins and has a creepy fell about it. The surrounding scenery is really beautiful. Anjarle Beach is also famous for Anjarle Turtle Festival

5. Fish market Harney

Harnai Harbor is one of the biggest suppliers of fish in India. Hundreds of fishing boats are full of fish and participate in local fish auctions twice a day, at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. To attend the auction, tourists also gather to participate in the sale.