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Panchgani and Wai Blog


Panchgani is a beautiful hill station in Maharashtra near the city of Satara. It is a popular getaway and for all the right reasons. Apart from being an accessible hill station location, it is also home to numerous health and educational institutions, multiple strawberry farms, and luxury resorts and premier properties. Panchgani was discovered by the British during their period. It was a frequent destination in the summer. Even today, many people from Mumbai and Pune visit in summers to escape the intense summers.


Panchgani weather

Summers: Summers in Panchgani are generally hot and dry. Everything is brown and trees shed their leaves. Temperatures range from 20-degree Celsius to 38-degree Celsius.

Monsoon: Monsoon in Panchgani begins the month of June and lasts till September. It is the best time of the year as all the valleys and mountains turn green. Numerous waterfalls will be falling through them and many streams flowing around.

Winters: Winter in Panchgani is from November to February. Temperatures are optimal from 8-degree Celsius to 20-degree Celsius. This is also the best time to visit Panchgani.

Places to visit in Panchgani


Table Land

Tableland is a large flat plateau in the mountains at a height of 4550 feet. It is made up of volcanic rock and has some interesting features. There are many horses and horse carriages available for a ride. You can also walk all around. It is a huge piece of never-ending land when you are at the center. And towards the edges, amazing views will be waiting for you.


Mapro Garden

When you get hungry in Panchgani this is the place that you must visit. They provide the best sandwiches, pizzas from earthen ovens, fresh strawberry with a cream, and some mock tails too. There is another shopping area where you can try various Mapro syrups, crushes and sherbets before you buy them. There is a kid’s area too, and various props for amazing pictures.


Tiger Cave

From Tableland, there is a point where some steps lead down below to the tiger cave. Although there are no tigers here, this cave is turned up into a beautiful restaurant. You can also feast your eyes on the amazing views from this place. There is a tunnel leading down to a temple of Lord Shiva.


Parsi Point

Parsi point is a kid-friendly viewing point in Panchgani. It is accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. Washrooms and snacks are also available here. It is just a minute walk from the parking lot. It has beautiful views of the Krishna valley and Dhom Dam.


Sydney Point

Sydney is just the place you need to go for that view. The place is adjacent to the Krishna Valley. The river flows below and glitters blue. It is a beautiful sight. In the monsoon even more, because of the numerous little waterfalls that fall around.


Elephant point / Needle hole point / Kate’s point

This is a place where the mountain looks like an Elephants Trunk or a Needle Hole. It is a popular point in Panchgani. The peculiar shape of the mountain is the most photographed place in Panchgani.


Devils Kitchen Point

This is a place near Tableland. The huge rocks here are in such a shape that has a really narrow gap in between. This is where the name Devils Kitchen gets inspired from.

Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani

From route from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani is extremely picturesque. It is just 20 km drive but will take around half an hour as the road winds through the mountains.

Panchgani schools

Panchgani is known for its high-end educational institutions. There are almost 20 boarding schools here. One of them is featured in the film Tare Zameen Par.

Panchgani tableland famous for movie shooting

Being a big piece of flat land amongst the beautiful mountains, Table Land has to be the backdrop of various TV serials and Films too. Some of the films like Tare Zameen Par and Agent Vinod have been shot here. And TV serials like the Mahabharata have been shot here.

Wai Beautiful Town

Wai is a beautiful town near Satara. It is located near the Krishna River. Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi had her origins here. Today it is a small town, less frequented by tourists. That is because the maximum of the crowds goes to popular places in Mahabaleshwar. But this little town has still a lot to offer.

Wai Town distance from Mumbai

From Mumbai, it takes you 4-5 hours to reach Panchgani. It is a drive of 230 km.

Temples to Visit in Wai


Shri Kashi Vishveshwar Mandir is a beautiful temple in Wai of Lord Shiva. The Mahaganpati temple here is also a popular sacred spot. The Menvali Ghat near the temple is extremely picturesque. There are also the Kartikeya Caves or Rajapuri Caves, which are ancient carved caves.