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Friday Diksal Waterfall Rappelling event was scheduled for our client from Thane Hiranandani Estate they had requested some safe place and with less crowd and nearby we choose Diksal Waterfall located near Bhivpuri Road Station Karjat.

7.00 am all participant reached on time at pickup point in Thane. We started our journey by Bus from Thane we took the following route Thane - Airoli - Nerul - Kalamboli - Shedung Phata - Karjat Chowk Road - Took Left from Chowk Phata - Karjat Murbad Road - Bhivpuri Road.

With 35 participant and Trek Leaders our bus was full and everybody in Picnic mood. All participants were playing Antakshri, Dumb Charades, Housie game in the bus our ride was comfortable and quick we stopped for morning breakfast at Baba Dairy Karjat. It has good breakfast menu from freshly friend Samosa and Parathas to Vada and Misal Pav.

Diksal Waterfall Trek Begins

We reached around 10 am at Bhivpuri our trek started from Highway as the village road was very small for our bus. There are many food stalls at Bhivpuri selling similar snacks for monsoon travellers. Diksal Waterfall Trek Route is very easy it took us less than one hour to reach base of the waterfall. Crossing many small streams and enjoy with beautiful view of Dhom Dam this route is also famous for Garbett Point Trek.

We walked along the Dhom Dam and enjoyed the beautiful views everybody had started clicking pictures to share with family and friends. After reaching the Waterfall our Trek Leader rappelled down and gave us instruction about the waterfall rappelling and cleared any doubts. Small Climb trek till the Waterfall Rappelling point started once everybody was geared up, we started Diksal Waterfall Rappelling one person at one time with help of our instructor Diksal Waterfall Rappelling went smoothly.

Diksal Waterfall Rappelling day well spent

It took few hours to complete waterfall rappelling for all participants. We started our return journey till Bhivpuri around 2 pm we all were very hungry our villager friend had cooked excellent lunch for us we all enjoyed it we could not thank him enough for this authentic home food cooked meal.

Treks and Trails India regularly conducts Waterfall Rappelling at Diksal Waterfall Bhivpuri

  1. How to Reach Diksal Waterfall ?

        It is easy reachable from Bhivpuri Road Station on Karjat Route via Central Railway Line. You can also drive using  google maps till Bhivpuri road.


    2. Is food and Water available at Diksal Waterfall ?

    Food or Water is not available near waterfall please carry packed lunch and enough water.


  3. Diksal Waterfall Trek Distance ?

     5 km from DHOM dam start point, Endurance required is medium mostly flat walk, Difficulty easy please wear trekking    shoes as stream and waterfall is very slippery.

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