A Complete Guide To Leh Ladakh Which Will Ease Your Trip

A Complete Guide To Leh Ladakh Which Will Ease Your Trip

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide | Places To Visit in Leh Ladakh - Ultimate Guide for a First Timer

How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh - A Complete Travel Guide

Leh, a high-desert city in the Himalayas, is the capital of the Leh region in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir state. Originally a stop for trading caravans, Leh is now known for its Buddhist sites and nearby trekking areas. Massive 17th-century Leh Palace, modeled on the Dalai Lama’s former home (Tibet’s Potala Palace), overlooks the old town’s bazaar and mazelike lanes.

Leh Ladakh happens to be one of the most visited destinations in India, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The whole world recognizes Ladakh as the ‘Cold Desert.’ The place is also famous for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Since the region shares its international boundary with Tibet, it has a significant cultural influence on Leh and Ladakh. Here you will learn everything that you need to know to explore this place.


As an Intro of Leh Ladakh, the place is mostly barren and characterized by low atmospheric pressure. Among Indians, there is a craze of visiting Ladakh on motorcycles. Naturally, it is safe to conclude that the location is safe for a road-trip. However, you should never underestimate the climatic conditions of Leh and Ladakh. All tourists should take specific precautionary measures to enjoy their trip here.

How to reach

Before delving into the details, you must know that Ladakh doesn’t remain accessible throughout the year. The highways remain open from May to October only. Snow occupies the streets during the other months. There are several ways of Reaching Leh Ladakh. You can travel via air, road, or on a train. As already mentioned, going to Ladakh via roadways, especially on motorcycles, is quite a phenomenon among Indians. It is also possible to reach there in a car or by bus.

Where to stay

You can Stay at Leh Ladakh is one of the family-run establishments. Most accommodation facilities here offer personalized services. So, you won’t find anything amiss. There are luxurious hotels here as well, such as the Hotel Charu Palace. Deluxe hotels are slightly inexpensive compared to the luxurious ones. However, the best thing to do is to opt for home-stay. By doing so, you can acquaint yourself with the people of Ladakh, who are famous for their incredible hospitality.

When to go

The lowest altitude of Ladakh is two thousand seven hundred forty-three meters at Kargil. At Saser Kangri, the height increases to seven thousand six hundred and seventy-two. Given the altitude values, you can assume how cold it will be here. That is why the Best time to go at Leh Ladakh is the summer. The season starts in May and ends in September. Though, many travelers choose to travel in winter to witness the Ladakhi festivals.

What to do

There are more than enough attractions to visit and Things to do at Leh Ladakh. Most people who travel to Ladakh include Leh in their itinerary. At Leh, you should visit the Nubra Valley. It is a secluded dale that features remote villages, scenic rivers, and a fourteenth-century Buddhist monastery. You should also explore the Thiksay Monastery which has been standing atop a hill since the 1400s. It features a temple, a nunnery, and instances of Buddhist art. Ladakh should appeal more to you because it houses the mysterious snow leopard, a beautiful but elusive wild cat. Apart from that, you can’t afford to miss seeing the Llams performing the colorful and blood-curdling Chham dance.

Tasty dishes

What is a vacation if you don’t indulge yourself with delicious delicacies of the destination? The Local food at Leh Ladakh is lip-smacking, to say the least. Some of the dishes are famous all over the world. Almost everyone is familiar with momo, a steamed bun with tasty fillings. You will find momos in nearly every part of India. However, there is something unique in tasting the varietal offered by the people who invented it. If you are fond of momos, then Ladakh is your dream destination.

Some tips

Since Leh and Ladakh are exceptionally high up in the mountains, it is mandatory for you to know a few things. Altitude sickness is a common issue that many people face here. You need to give yourself enough time to acclimatize. You shouldn’t forget to carry medicines of all sorts. Leh is where you will come across the only hospital here and the only police station. You should use a post-paid BSNL connection for your mobile phones because it is the only functional service provider at Ladakh. Since the weather remains enjoyable in the summer, you can spend your vacation in shirts and t-shirts. In winter, however, you will need heavy woolen clothes. These are some of the fundamental Tips for viewing Leh Ladakh without any issues.

Other locations

Apart from the attractions of Leh and Ladakh, there are a few sites that you should visit. Zanskar Valley and Pangong Tso Lake are accessible from Leh. If you want to know more about Other famous places near Leh Ladakh, then utilize the web.