Save The Tiger

Save The Tiger

Reason for Tiger Disappearing

Deforestation loss of Habitat


Forests are being cut down for various purposes like paper, palm, housing, furniture, firewood. Deforestation has been the cause of a truly massive number of species extinction in modern times and historical times. It always lacks the large biodiversity of its previous state. With the disappearance of the original forest, many species go extinct , and many that don’t lose a great deal of their genetic diversity and variation.


Tigers skin

Tiger Skin Trade

Consumers demand for tiger body parts poses the largest threat to tiger. Tigers are being illegally hunted for their skin, bones, teeth, nails, etc. which are highly valuable for medicinal use and remedies. In past 10 years over 1000 tigers are hunted to meet the consumer demand. Chinese people use tiger skin and other body parts for medicinal use and black magic ith the disappearance of the original forest, many species go extinct , and many that don’t lose a great deal of their genetic diversity and variation..


Spread of disease among tiger population


There is certain disease that spread like epidemic. Diseases like Feline Panleukopenia , Tuberculosis, Sarcocystis have lead to endangered of tigers. Health Management of wildlife is neglecting


Loss of Habitat

Tigers need an intact habitat in order to live. They like to live in the depth of the thick forests. 100 sq km area is sufficient to survive about 15 to 16 tigers. Males’ tigers run throughout the forests to hunt and mate. Thus habitat loss causes birth rate and lower overall survive.


Tiger Hunting


There are many peoples who hunt tigers for sports and for other decorative purpose. A recently trend has been the hunting of tigers for human consumption. Many people in China believe that tiger meat and bones have medicinal elements which are beneficial for human health her body parts for medicinal use and black magic with the disappearance of the original forest, many species go extinct , and many that don’t lose a great deal of their genetic diversity and variation.


How to Save Tiger ?

Sonam Tiger Tadoba

The tiger is not just a wild animal living in the forest. The tiger is an unique animal which plays a pivotal role in the health and diversity of an ecosystem. If the tigers go extinct the entire ecosystem would collapse. When a species go extinct , it leaves behind a scar. This affects the entire ecosystem. Tigers can be saved by the following ways:

  1. Spread the news go out and tell others that tigers are dying and they need to be protected. In every media the advertisement should be given. The government should aware the people regarding saving the tiger.
  2. Responsible Tourist wilderness is to be experienced not to be polluted. While experiencing the wilderness follow the forest department guidelines. Don’t leave anything behind except some food stuffs. Don’t throw garbage here and there, maintain cleanness.
  3. Inform the police If you saw any illegal activity like hunting and poaching give the information to the local police station and forest department or the people those who look after the reserve.
  4. Educate the local peoples those who live near the forest need to be educated about the importance of tigers in the ecosystem. If there is no tigers there will be no forest as all grass eaters animals will live.
  5. Stop Hunting government should give punishment to the hunters those who hunt tigers and wild animals. If somebody hunting tigers immediately inform the local police station and forest department.
  6. Stop poaching don’t buy goods made from tiger’s skin and bones. Sale of tiger skin and body parts is banned by the government. If somebody is doing business of tiger body parts inform it to the police and make sure that they receive severe punishment for this crime.
  7. Donate Fund the easiest way to join for saving the tiger is to donate the money to the organization those who are supporting to save the tiger. Some of the well known organization Panthera,  World Wildlife Fund, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Big Cat Rescue
  8. Spread Awareness through social media. Encourage others to support the efforts being made to save the tigers. Social media is a very handy tool for this–post links to interesting articles about the plight of the tigers, spread word about petitions that your friends and family can sign, and follow your favorite tiger organizations on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other various platforms out there.



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