Why you should go for Camping

Why you should go for Camping

Reasons to go for Camping

If you've never had the joy of going on a camping trip, it's high time you got yourself out of the city and into the great outdoors. Camping is an elective outdoor recreational activity. Generally held, participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. Camping may involve sheltering in the open air, a tent, caravan, motor home, or primitive structure.

Most campgrounds don't have Wi-Fi or even a cell signal, so you and your children can leave the tech at home and get up close and personal with wildflowers, bugs, swimming holes and the Milky Way.When strapped for cash for a vacation, many families can keep it cheap by heading into the woods for a camping trip. Camping gear these days can be purchased from many big-box stores for very little money

What to Bring on a Camping Trip?

Each camping trip proves to be a unique experience. There are many wonderful things that nature has to offer. But, no matter where you’re headed, a few things should always come with you.

Camping equipment things to Pack for Camping

  1. A Tent, Tarp, and Sleeping Bag
  2. A pot, pan, dishes, utensils, and fire-starting materials (preferably waterproof matches or a butane lighter)
  3. A utility knife and length of rope
  4. Plenty of water (get gallon sizes for cooking and cleaning)
  5. Energy rich, easily prepared foods and snacks (think items like pasta, beans, ground beef, peanut butter, chicken, trail mix, and oatmeal)
  6. Plenty of clothing (a good rule of thumb in temperate areas is enough for two to three layers daily)
  7. A tight-closing cooler to store your food items in
  8. Hand sanitizer and soap.
  9. Outdoor gear like fishing poles and hiking equipment.

Reason For Camping

Closer to nature

While camping, you are most likely going to be in a national or provincial park, wilderness lands or national forest lands. Campgrounds in these areas are about as close as you can get to some of the most beautiful places on earth. How about camping just a stone's throw from the blue waters of a lake.

Get a great workout

Not all camping involves a lot of exercises, but it certainly is conducive to it, even if it's only chopping the firewood. For most campers, daily activities can include hiking, biking, swimming, and sports, all of which provide the great health benefits of exercise.

Reduce stress

Stress is a huge driver of chronic health issues; stress reduction, therefore, is of utmost importance. Stillness in our surroundings can certainly make it easier to find inner stillness. Stress can be removed by camping.

Learn Something New & Practical

Everyone wanted to learn how to cook over an open fire, Want to learn to fly fish, Canoe, Kayak, Swim, etc. Far away from technology: Most campgrounds don't have Wifi or even a cell signal, so you and your children can leave the tech at home and get up close and personal with wildflowers, bugs, swimming holes, and the Milky Way. Some privately owned campgrounds like KOA do have WiFi if you need to keep in touch or pull up Google maps to plan the next leg of your journey.

Food tastes much better in the outdoors

Ribs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, Jiffy Pop and roasted marshmallows. Typical camping food is some of the best tasting food and tastes even better in the fresh air. Cooking over an open flame or over a grill gives burgers an intense flavor and some can't be done well on the stove at home.

Camping is affordable

When strapped for cash for a summer vacation, many families can keep it cheap by heading into the woods for a camping trip. Camping gear these days can be purchased from many big box stores for very little money and the biggest cost is usually the gas to get to the campground. Keep it even cheaper by staying away from private campgrounds and heading into publicly owned National Forest lands.

Things to do while Camping

Explore nature:The greatest part of enjoyment while camping is being closer to nature. Exploring nature around you is core activity while you are on camping. You can go with your parents or siblings & try to find a stream nearby, or a tree that’s easy to climb, you can go for catching fireflies, animal watching, leaf collecting, bug collecting, have a scavenger hunt, or go in search for wild berries, nuts and other edible plants.

Stories to campers:To spice up the mood while camping especially in the night around the campfire, try telling some spoofy, scary ghost stories to other campers. This is one of the organic things you can do while camping. These kinds of stories are the essence of camping, where you can have lots of fun.

Play outdoor games:camping games - Playing games not only help us to maintain good health but also promote friendship and good behavior. While camping, you can always go for playing volleyball, soccer ball, hacky sack, Frisbee etc. One has a lot of free time during a day while camping. Playing these games will kill time along with having lots of fun. Physical fitness, coordination, sportsmanship of a person are also tested while playing outdoor games.

Cook campfire food:Cooking is one of the core activities while camping. Collecting wood, gathering around the campfire and cooking food is one of the awesome experiences one can have while camping. Everyone knows of the toasted, melted, burned, dropped in ash and wiped off marshmallow treat loved by kids of all ages. One can try cooking potatoes, baked beans, smores, baked apples, bannock, corn fritters, campers stew etc.:

Most people go camping to get away from the stress and busyness of everyday life. So take it easy when you are camping. Relax and let the rest of the world fade away with these ideas for chilling out, Swing in a hammock, Watch the trees blowing in the breeze, Listen to nature, Take lots of naps, Daydream and let your mind wander, Float on the water, Stargaze.

Places to go for Camping Near Mumbai and Pune

Rajmachi Fort 

  • Type: Hill Fort
  • Height: 3600 Feet above MSL (Approx)
  • Grade Easy - medium
  • Range - Lonavala - Karjat

Rajmachi Fort (Udhewadi) is a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri in India. The fortification at Rajmachi consists of two forts, namely Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan Fort. Rajmachi Fort is a popular trekking destination. It is a very famous fort located near two famous hills of Maharashtra, Lonavala, and Khandala.


Pawna lake side camping

Pawna camping is situated on the bank of the Pawna dam. Pawna Dam is 50 km from Pune and 10 km from Lonavala. You can see the lake water easily from this location. Also, this place is surrounded by four major forts named Tung, Tikona, Lohagad, and Visapur. Special attraction of Pawna Camping is  water view site, camp fire, BBQ and  homemade dinner / lunch and activities like boating, rappelling and trekking

Kolad Camping

Kolad is a village, in Raigad district, Maharashtra State, India. It is 117 km from Mumbai on the National Highway no 17 (Mumbai-Goa). It lies on the banks of River Kundalika. Kolad has a varied climate; spring (March to May) is hot and sultry, while the monsoon season (June to September) is accompanied by heavy rain falls. Winters are during November and February and are characterized by medium level of humidity and cool weather. The best time to visit here is from June to March. Kolad is fast gaining recognition due to resorts which provide river rafting opportunities on the Kundalika River.


Kamshet Camping

Kamshet is located in Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India, 110 km from Mumbai City, and 45 km from Pune in Pune district. It is 16 km from the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala and is accessible by road and rail from Mumbai (Bombay) and Pune. Kamshet is surrounded by immense scenic beauty, and is home to small villages that are built in the traditional style. Kamshet has a Cold semi-arid climate bordering with tropical wet and dry with average temperatures ranging between 20 to 26 °C (68 to 79 °F). Kamshet experiences three seasons: summer, monsoon and a winter.

Ratanwadi Camping

Ratanwadi is small village situated on the Kalsubai Mountain, In Maharashtra in which the famous Ratangad Fort. It is considered to be the base point for trekkers coming here for trekking. There is also an old Amruteshwar Temple situated at this village, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a remote village which is quite far from the main town. Traveling by road to this village is not easy, as the connecting roads are rough and not well maintained. Boat rides from Arthur Lake to this village is a better option as compared to travelling by road. Moreover, it takes around 20 minutes to walk from the place where the boat drops the travellers to reach Ratanwadi village.