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Dear Diary, 01 Jan 2014

Mountain and high places has always attracted people from different walks of life to test endurance as a personal challenge – like a magnet. For some it’s just a walk to express feelings, or be in the wild. Over the years as we started to explore and travel it was known that dwelling is also possible on mountains. Be it snow clad mountain or hilly terrain. Even in the 21st century mountaineering is a fascination. I believe soon it will take over football as a favorite sport. Hiking, trekking or mountaineering if you actually check the dictionary meaning there is a similarity with a difference.

No matter how we choose to interpret and understand the terminology – trekking/hiking/mountaineering for me it’s just being in and around these high places exploring. Blessed that I born in a place that has in abundance places to wonder and explore. For some it’s just a past time or a temporary passion, some it’s a seasonal hobby, some its worship and their livelihood depends on it. For me there is 4th category – mountain tortter runs deep in my blood.

Based on my personal experience it always helps to know our own limits. Makes me humbler that yesterday and I know there is a force that’s far greater and stronger than me. It’s an invitation that’s always irresistible and I keep going again and again.

On a serious note:

If there is an inclination during trekking and exploring – then it can be maneuvered into a serious professional. Also there are various clubs and trekking association formed all over India conducting adventure and trekking activity. India has some premium institutes offering these courses such as Basic /Advanced Mountaineering, Search and Rescue, Skiing etc.

Some of the institutes are listed for your reference:

nim Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering –‎

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute – Darjeeling

topbar Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports –

Getting professionally trained will always give a different perception towards the way we trekking be it in the Himalayas or in the Sahyadari. Things that you learn like Team bonding, time management, leadership qualities, equipment management, and lastly a responsible mountain traveler is worth every penny in gold. These lessons help us in our daily lives to create opportunities and seek a resolution.


Chief Organizing Officer at Treks and Trails, India

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