Trekking Equipment Guide

Trekking Equipment Guide

Wildcraft Shoes Manali

Trekking shoes are must they offer excellent traction, ankle support, waterproofing, protect your toe and sole from small rocks, help keep your feet dry and warm. These features are not available in your regular sports shoes which are designed for gym or running on road.

  • Action Trekking Shoes Pros Excellent Grip in all Weather, sole is hard and shoes are heavy they lack comfort for multiple day hikes. They are available for rs 900 best option for monsoon treks.
  • Hunter Shoes Good Grip not easily available can give blisters in rain
  • Quechua has many options available online good light shoes with decent grip
  • Merrell is another imported brand with light weight shoes and good grip though expensive
  • Woodlands are ok in dry weather very slippery in monsoon or wet climate
  • Wildcraft are another option

Repair Kit


Always carry repair kit Fevi sticks, Sewing Kit, Swiss Knife, Torch, Sticky Tape this come in handy on long treks to repair your shoes, bag, clothes, tents.

First Aid Box Trekking and Medical Checkup

Preventive measures such as a thorough medical checkup before you start trekking can save you from unexpected hazards. Trekking destinations are mostly remote places, it is imperative to make a comprehensive first aid box consisting of basic drugs and accessories as part of the paraphernalia for trekking. Build a first aid box containing medicine

  • Fever / Body ache/ head ache
  • Diarrhoea / Amoebic infections, Digestion problems
  • Sprains of neck, waist, backbone
  • Injury through cuts, wounds, blisters
  • Zeoline or Tablets to clean water
  • Nausea, general sickness of mountains
  • Skin infection bacterial and fungal infection powder or cream
  • Medicine to combat High Altitude Sickness
  • liquid soaps, toilet paper, sunscreen, toothpaste, dusting powder help maintain hygiene


Trekking Food

  • Always carry dry snacks for energy and Water always carry little extra to share with friends
  • Water Bladder or Hydration pack are ideal to carry water
  • Snacks like cakes, biscuits, chocolates, Glucon D, Energy bar help you maintain stamina while trekking
  • Carry trekking cooking stove which help you cook food easily on treks


Backpack for Trekking


30 to 40 litre backpack are good for 1 or 2 days of trekking. 50 to 70 litre backpack are ideal for longer treks. Look for rain cover if available with backpack, warranty minimum 2 years, back support to help improve posture while trekking, Waist and shoulder straps to distribute weight on your hike, water bladder compartment to store your water. pig snout to hang trekking pole and carabiners.

Things to carry in your Backpack

  • Poncho or Raincoat to stay dry, Ponchos are best as they cover your bag and help keep it dry avoid wearing rain jackets from market as they can handle only normal rains.
  • Trekking water tablets, Lifestraw water bottle to purify water
  • Slippers will relieve your feet from stress after a long walk and wet shoes
  • Extra pair of dry clothes / socks / waterproof pouches or zip lock bags to keep clothes dry / Good hat / Whistle
  • Sleeping bag and mat for night treks to keep you warm from cold floor.
  • Carry extra battery for mobiles, camera, torch since electricity is mostly not available.
  • Matchbox or Lighter to build campfire


Dos and Don'ts on Trek

  1. Listen to your trek leader and follow his instruction well
  2. Keep your friends and relatives informed about your location being injured or stranded on a trek can mean days before evacuation or help, medical facilities are limited on trekking routes so help will reach after hours or days.
  3. Avoid any kind of addictions on treks alcohol smoking chewing tobacco.
  4. Don't listen to music while trekking you might miss important instruction being passed on.


Camera Equipment Protection

Camera need extra protection in monsoon buy a waterproof housing to keep camera dry is good options. Camera lens and sensor will usually catch fungus if used in humid areas.


How to choose trekking company?

  • Group establishment date
  • Website / Facebook page / Facebook Group Page
  • Instagram / Twitter following
  • Treks completed in previous year
  • Feedback from friends / fellow trekkers on social media
  • Speak with Group Leader before joining a trek
  • Check group size being handled and no of leaders on trek


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