Take Care of your feet for your feet will take care of you

Take Care of your feet for your feet will take care of you

Trekking Shoes

Based on my experience trekking in the Sahyadri and the in North India I must say wearing a good pair of shoes is essential for any trekker. With the advancement of technology, I am quite positive every manufacture would offer a better product at a less price. The shoes that we wear may come in different shapes and sizes but for a trekker like me, comfort comes first. For all those who want to buy new trekking shoes, I recommend that you first wear it for a couple of days before the actual trek day to get comfortable with and get the feeling. Again we cannot work on one shoe fits all scheme.Take Care of your feet for your feet will take care of you

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From veterans in trekking activity, there is a lot to learn such as, Wear the trek shoes from home till you get back home after the trek. Carry your shoes till the approach march road ends and put it on to begin trekking. Once your trekking is over, remove your shoes and wear comfortable footwear at the base village or on the way home. Know your shoes well especially during the monsoon season.

Carrying a simple repair kit for shoes helps. If need be carry an extra back up pair of shoes. Before you embark on trek check any special care is required. Extra pair of shoe lace would be handy. If it's a long trek use multiple pairs of socks. To avoid fiction blisters apply Vaseline and then wear socks. Use Cotton socks as and when possible.

One should always remember that though its shoes but it's still very important equipment on any given Trek day. The foot care mentioned above is just a suggested recommendation only. Foot care would vary for high altitude trekking. Please consult your family doctor.


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