Poland Tourist Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Poland Tourist Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Poland is a Schengen country famous for its beauty and a series of places that are a source of attraction for Tourists worldwide. Suppose you are an Indian citizen planning an adventurous journey to Poland, you need clarification about a few things, such as the visa application documents, flight reservation, a proper place for accommodation, and other vital requirements that might seem daunting.

This article aims to provide exact details regarding the visa process and address your queries.



Polish Visa Exemptions

To enter Poland for any purpose, you need a valid visa. With a valid visa only, you can enter this Schengen country. However, there are a few exceptions, as follows:

  • If you are from the EU, EEA, Switzerland
  • Citizen of a third-world country that has signed a visa liberalization agreement
  • National of US, Canada, Japan, Australia

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that if you are a citizen of the countries mentioned above, you reside in Poland for an unlimited period—nationals of the abovementioned nations must consult the local authorities to stay in Poland for more than 90 days.

The Poland Schengen Visa For Indian Citizens: An Overview

The Poland Schengen visa is a document Indian citizens require to undertake an unrestricted journey around the Schengen region within a specific duration. The Poland Schengen visa is typically granted for tourism, medical treatment, work, official visits, etc. The Polish visa depends on the purpose of your stay in Poland. Applying for the correct type of visa is mandatory, as any deviation could lead to sanctions such as visa rejection or a temporary ban.

Poland Schengen Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

If an Indian citizen wants to apply for a Poland visa, he needs to gather all the below-mentioned documents without exception.

1- Visa Application Form

Suppose you are an Indian citizen and want to apply for a tourist visa, you must download the visa application form from the Polish embassy/consulate and fill it out accurately. The application form is one of the most essential components of the visa process. It provides your information to the Polish authorities in a structured way. Giving special attention to every portion containing critical details related to your travel and personal information is mandatory. Your visa application carries a fee to be paid to the Polish embassy. Moreover, it is important to note that your visa can only be accepted if you pay the visa application fee.

2- Valid Passport

You can only enter Poland if you have a valid passport that demonstrates your identification and your rootedness in your home country. A valid passport is an essential travel document that provides consular protection against access and human rights violations in a foreign land. Ensure your passport is valid for three months after returning to your country. The Schengen rules require the passport to have at least 2 blank pages that the visa authorities will stamp.

Indian passport

3- Passport Size Identical Photos

The Schengen visa application rules require the applicants to provide two passport-sized identical photos that align with the Schengen visa application rules as follows:

  • Images must not be older than six months
  • The pictures should be taken against a plain-colored background
  • The image should cover at least 80% of your face
  • Maintain neutral facial expressions
  • Accessories are not allowed except headgear for religious purposes.


4- Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is one of the most critical components of a visa application for Poland. You must ensure that you have health coverage of EUR 30,000 to cover your emergency medical evacuation and other unforeseen situations throughout the Schengen region.

5- A Detailed Travel Itinerary

The Schengen countries require you to provide the Polish authorities with a detailed flight itinerary. The information about your flight adds credibility to your visa application form. Make sure to book your flight from an authentic airline so that the Polish authorities can verify it. Besides other important things, the flight reservation demonstrates the temporary nature of your stay in Poland.

6- Proof Of Accommodation

The Schengen countries require visa applicants to provide proof of accommodation to the authorities to make sure their flight itinerary and the accommodation or hotel booking are harmonious. Proof of housing is a mandatory requirement for the visa application. It indicates that you have pre-arranged lodging in Poland. Proof of accocan be anything, such as:

  • Hotel reservation
  • An invitation letter from your host, friend, relative
  • A rental (in case you have rented a lodging)


7- A Cover Letter For The Visa Application Form

Your visa application form and the cover letter go hand in hand. The cover letter is a personalized letter containing critical information, such as your name, identity, and national identity. Moreover, the cover letter demonstrates your intended stay in Poland to the authorities. Maintain a polite tone throughout the letter and show the Polish authorities that you never intend to remain in the country beyond a specific period.

8- Proof Of Financial Means

If you are applying for the Poland Schengen visa, provide details about your finances. The Polish authorities confirm the financial status of the traveler owing to that fact so that they are no liability to the national exchequer in the future. Therefore, show the authorities that you intend to fund your accommodation, food, study, and other activities from your pocket.

9- Flight Reservation

Flight reservation is the most important prerequisite for the visa application process. It proves to the authorities that you have planned your journey well. Moreover, it also provides peace of mind during the application process. Therefore, when applying for a Poland visa from India, make sure to purchase the flight ticket from a verifiable website. Sfrv Travel provides authentic and verifiable flight reservations that may be verified from the website of the airline. In addition to that group travelers may also avail of special discounts!

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For How Long Can I Stay In Poland On A Tourist Visa?

You need a permit if you are a non-European citizen and want to apply for a tourist visa from India. With a Schengen tourist visa, you can stay up to 90 days in 18 days. This 90-day tourist visa allows you to explore as many Schengen countries as possible. If you wish to extend your access beyond 90 days, you can advisably apply for the visa extension at the Civil and Migration Affairs department in the Voivodeship offices.

What Are The Best Tourist Attractions Places In Poland?

Poland is one of the best places for international tourists. There are many places and attractions that international tourists prefer. Following is a list of sites that can lure tourists around the world:

  • The crooked forest in the Gryfin is a place for the people who love mysterious spots
  • Old market palace in Warsaw (German forces blew it away)
  • Wawel Royal castle in Krakow
  • Malbork Castle