Explore the Common and Exciting Adventures of Lonavala and Shirdi at India’s biggest and most loved adventure and theme parks

Explore the Common and Exciting Adventures of Lonavala and Shirdi at India’s biggest and most loved adventure and theme parks

Amusement Park Maharashtra

Lonavala with its beautiful lush hills and smoky skies can well be a spiritual adventure as much as an exciting getaway. Similarly, Shirdi a religious center can be a surreal place of adventure and thrill as much as an abode of the divine. Why bring these two seemingly different towns together and what sort of an adventure connects them both? Though one is a stunning hill station and the other the home of Sai Baba, both these destinations of Maharashtra are visited each day by several tourists. Visitors throng to Lonavala for a respite from the hectic schedules of life and devotees flock to Shirdi to find peace when bowing down to their most loved spiritual leader. But there is an adventure that awaits at both these destinations that offers exciting prospects of holiday, fun, as well as spirituality. Wet n Joy, Amusement and Water Park located in Lonavala and Shirdi and Saiteerth Theme Park in Shirdi are adventure parks established by the Malpani Group. The Wet n Joy Water and Amusement park in Lonavala, Wet n Joy Water park in Shirdi and Saiteerth Theme park in Shirdi form the trio of unlimited experiences and fun.

Wet n Joy, Lonavala

Lonavala is located in the Sahayadri Ranges and is a much loved weekend getaway for especially those from Mumbai and Pune. The scenic viewpoints, forts, caves, and other attractions of the town along with the splendid drive from the main cities of Maharashtra make Lonavala a hub for tourists. And added to the list of things to do in Lonavala is the exploration and enjoyment of one of the largest amusement parks of India.

Wet n Joy Lonavala is a sprawled water and amusement park that offers a wide range of thrill and family rides for visitors of all age groups. Boasting of the largest wave pool in India along with more than 25 international rides at the amusement and water park, Wet n Joy is a shining attraction on the tourist map of not only Lonavala but also Maharashtra and India.

The safe and well-maintained park is also reasonably priced and has various other facilities and amenities for the convenience of visitors. For instance changing rooms, lockers, parking space, restaurants, food stalls, medical area, wheelchair facilities and many such services are provided by the park authorities.

Rides and Adventures

But of course, an adventure park is synonymous with its daring and thrill rides. Some of the best exciting and adrenaline gushing rides to try out at Wet n Joy Lonavala are Tornado, Delta Hoppla,  Master Blaster, Sky Screamer, Giant Frisbee, Free Fall and more. However, for those who want to spend some quiet time on easy rides can try out Lazy River, Thunder Waves, Carnival, Rain Dance and more.

The rides at Wet n Joy, Lonavala are perhaps the best attraction and highlight of the adventure park.

Wet n Joy Shirdi

Another branch of one of India’s best water parks is located in Shirdi. Wet n Joy Shirdi Water Park has all the facilities and services that are offered by its Lonavala counterpart.  Some of its most amazing rides include Family River, Multi play Station, Cyclone Ride, Anaconda, Crusedar, Swing Chair and more.

Situated a few minutes away from the Sai Baba Mandir, it is a great way to relax the mind and body after a heavy spiritual experience.  Besides, the splash and fun rides are the perfect antidote to the troubles and stresses of life.

Saiteerth Theme park

Speaking of destinations known for calming the nerves, the Wet n Joy amusement and water park in Lonavala and Shirdi are of course, perfect contenders. But Saiteerth Themes Park in Shirdi also has its own tranquil charm that attracts visitors in large number.

Again located just a few minutes from the Sai Temple, Saiteerth is the first devotional theme park in India. It showcases through technology the life and journey of one of the most beloved leaders of our times Sai Baba. Various shows, such as the Laser Show, Dwarkamai, Sab ka Malik Ek as well as the Rubik square rendition of Sai Baba’s portrait are spiritual attractions for not only Sai Baba’s followers, but for also any visitors who might be interested in the history and philosophy of his life.  Other religious ride include Teerth Yatra, Lanka Dahan and more.

In fact, those making a trip for Darshan of Sai Baba to Shirdi, must continue the spiritual journey at Saiteerth theme park and then visit Wet n Joy Water park to completely soak and splash into the easy and thrilling adventures.

Yes. Lonavala and Shirdi might seem to be worlds apart but that is definitely not the case. Though each town has its own individual attractions, aura and fervor, the commonalities within the tourist circuit are plenty.  Both these towns attract hundreds of visitors each year.  And to capitalize and keep them entertained and fulfilled, the adventure and theme parks in both the towns are wonderfully located and managed. Wet n Joy Lonavala, Wet n Joy Shirdi and  Saiteerth Theme park are a heady mix of thrill, adventure, excitement, fun, lazy splashes and enjoying great times with family and friends.