Joy of Giving | Diwali Donation Drive

Joy of Giving | Diwali Donation Drive

Iss Diwali Kisko Khush Karonge

Two months back i received a message on WhatsApp group of Treks and trails about Joy Of Giving Diwali Donation Drive. The moment I saw that message, I replied to that message instantly. I gave my name to be a part of JOG - Joy of Giving. At that time I wasn't aware of the process, I had no idea how everything will work out? The only thing i knew was its a great work, and it will cause a massive difference to Humanity.

When we started working on it, initially, we made a list of areas that are going to be collection centres, where all donations will get collected and stored. As Joy of Giving Diwali donation drive receives a massive response from people, the donation process gets done in 4 steps. these steps are

Donation Collection

Money donations play an essential role, but JOG also takes material donations. Like used clothes, toys, stationary, bags, and other useful materials. But all the articles are accepted if they are in a working condition, clothes should be clean, washed, pressed, and shouldn't be torn. We had created multiple centers for collection in Mumbai and Pune. The collection team of Mumbai and Pune was large. Everyone from the collection team was working hard to collect the materials and communicate with people.

All the people who worked in a collection team have jobs, some of them are students, some of them had exams, some of them had hectic office schedules because of Diwali vacation. But i have experienced unreasonable efforts from every one of them, Commitment to the contribution of every person. Working with such people, and being like them has shifted me a lot as a human being. One thing i have learnt that You are never too busy to contribute to Humanity, if ever in life you have thought of making a difference to the people around you, don't stop! Do whatever it takes to make a soul happy.

I had a hectic routine; my whole day occupied by the office, studies, some projects, and donation work. And this collection was one of the critical jobs, collecting donations, and communicating with the people is not as easy as it seems. It requires availability and coordination in team. All of us came together and made this happen. I slept with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. And its impossible to express in words how fulfilling each day was.

Purchasing Solar Lamps, Blankets, Faral, School bags, Floor mattress

JOG drive is basically for distributing sweets and gifts to underprivileged people so that they can also celebrate their Diwali. Used materials Will be useful for sure, but giving new gifts and desserts was the primary intention. We had listed out useful articles for villagers, which will fulfill their regular needs. We purchased Blankets, Floor mats, Saaris, School bags, Stationary, Solar lamps, and Faral packets. And all of these materials were purchased from monetary donations. Each piece of equipment that we bought has good quality and will be useful for a long time. There was a team that worked in purchases too. From making Faral packets to transporting materials from vendors, the JOG team has taken a lot of effort.

Distribution day before Diwali festival begins

And finally, the last part of a donation was distribution. We were more excited about delivery than anything, witnessing their expressions after receiving the gifts was an awesome feeling. We distributed donations in 8 villages.

  • Fugale
  • Aghan wadi
  • Pokarkand
  • Pingle wadi
  • Chindhe wadi
  • Veluk
  • Susur wadi
  • Telam pada.

We had created groups for distribution. Each group went to distribute donations in one village, and in the end, we all gathered in Fugale. All the work we did for a month was worth it when we saw their smiles and the positive energy around us. I didn't know how to handle the joy that pops out when you give a toy to a 5-year-old child. And i didn't know how to deal with emotional outbursts when an old widow cried in happiness after receiving a solar lamp, and faral. I can't even tell how many blessings we received that day from all villagers. I was touched, moved, and inspired by each human being.

Planning for next year again

Diwali is my favorite festival. I plan new things every Diwali to celebrate it well, i buy traditional clothes, spend whole Diwali with my cousins, eat a lot of sweets,and decorate home with new ideas every time. But trust me this Diwali was the best Diwali i have ever had, and now onwards my each Diwali will go this way because i had spent a whole month working on making someone else's Diwali happy! I had celebrated the first day of Diwali with people who were total strangers to me, but we shared love and happiness. I felt the power of Humanity around me. I got connected to each individual.

No Diwali can be better than this. No happiness is more significant than being useful for a human being. No culture is beautiful than Humanity.