Take Care of your feet FOR your feet will takecare of you 


Based on my experience trekking in the Sahyadri and the in North India I must say wearing good pair of shoes is essential for any trekker. With the advancement of technology, I am quite positive every manufacture would offer a better product at a less price. The shoes that we wear may come in different shapes and sizes but for a trekker like me - COMFORT comes first. For all those who want to buy a new trekking shoes I recommend that you first wear it for a couple of days before the actual trek day to get comfortable with and get the feeling. Again we cannot work on "ONE SHOE FITS ALL" scheme.

Bhimashankar Trek Blog

For the easy-going, Bhimashankar, about 275 km from Mumbai by road is a weekend getaway. For others, like us, at 3250-ft high and a 4.5-hour grueling trek from Khandas village – it is a test of endurance for our muscles, joints and of perseverance for our minds.

The temple on top, dedicated to Lord Shiva, dates back to 18th century. Legend is that Lord Shiva, killed Bhima, an Asura who lived there. Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary is home to a variety of endangered species of flora and fauna. The Giant Indian Squirrel is a major attraction while the other species present include Panther, Sambar, Wild Boar, etc. The Bhima river originates from here and joins river Krishna. Trekking during the monsoons is ideal and the most enjoyable, with endless stretches of greenery right from the base, with waterfalls and gushing streams. But it is also risky. River Bhima also known as  Chandrabhaga River, especially at Pandharpur, as it resembles the shape of the Moon.  


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