Kaas Plateau Ban 2020 Covid19

Kaas Plateau Ban 2020 Covid19

Kas Pathar 2020 Banned

Kas Pathar 2020 Banned by the Satara Forest Department has appealed to the people not to visit the Kaas Plateau this year as it is forbidden to visit tourist places due to Coronavirus. The Forest department has initiated action against some tourists for violating the ban as the flower festival started on the Kaas Plateau with the rainy season almost coming to an end.

Kaas Pathar Ban 2020

Kaas Plateau 2020 Ban

Every year around September, thousands of tourists visit the Kaas plateau to witness the flower festival. But this year, tourism is banned everywhere due to the covid19. Forest officials have appealed that no one should come to the Plateau this year.

Information boards have been put up on the Satara to Kas Pathar route. The local authority has issued a notice. If any person from outside Satara district comes to Kaas plateau in violation of this Covid19 ban, action has also been ordered against him. The flowering season has begun on the Kaas Plateau. Kindly cooperate with the forest department, Due to this year's Covid19 Kaas Pathar ban, no one should come to the Kaas Plateau 2020.

Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau Overcrowding

The official website https://www.kas.ind.in/ has not been updated yet from 2019. Indicating the Kas Pathar Samiti will be implementing the ban and they issued a press release in newspapers requesting tourist not to come this year. Epass rule to travel in different districts has been relaxed by Maharashtra state Government. Many Hotels have started operating enroute to Kaas Pathar Satara. Kindly check before making the hotel booking to avoid the frustration of not being to visit the Valley of flowers Maharashtra.

Kaas Plateau is famous for wildflowers that bloom here posts monsoon it is also called the Valley of Flowers Maharashtra. This year you can enjoy the Plateau by seeing the images on Instagram, Google image search. Nearby tourist spots are also closed like Thoseghar Waterfall, Bamnoli Lake, Kaas Lake, Chalkewadi. Trekking is also banned by the forest department to avoid the spread of Covid19 in small villages. Kaas Plateau is famous for overcrowding on the weekend. Social distancing would be difficult also tourist would be sharing common toilets chances of covid19 transmission by asymptomatic super spreader are high on the Plateau.