Treks and Trails India -  Trek to Naneghat near Mumbai


On 26 August, we embarked on our first trek with TreksandTrails . We boarded the tata winger from Bandra and reached Naneghat trek starting point at around 10.00 am. Naneghat is located in Maharashtra.

It was a wonderful beginning as we walked thru the forest we spotted birds such as: Drongo - Wind-swift - Common Bulbul - Maina - Shikra.

We also meet our other wigged friends the butterflies Sailor butterfly - Bush Brown butterfly - Crow butterfly - And the common yellow grass butterfly.

Batches for Naneghat

23rd 24th June 2018 - 



30th 1st July 2018 -



7th 8th July 2018 -


14th 15th July 2018 -




A blog to Velas Turtle Festival by Renuka Nair

Yellow Bus to Velas

Midnight, traffic jams not withstanding, we exited Mumbai, the yellow bus takingus relentlessly toward our destination on the beach at Velas.  The small village was already bustling with activity as the clans assembled to celebrate their annual festival.  The lot of us proceeded on foot to the beach, where the activity was already in process, 20 young turtles had found their way out of their  secluded nests buried  in the cordoned off by the Friends of the Turtles.

The access to the beach is beautiful, with two concrete cattle gates, obviously used the gates, choosing instead to bypass them, followed by a quaint wooden log platform bridging the backwater creek , the narrow path surrounded by things of beauty, trees, water rippling quietly by fish and other water beings , the green paddy fields glistening in  the early sun and the hills tapering down to the beach.

Velas Turtle Festival 2015 click for information 

Visapur Trek with TreksandTrails

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It was built during 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire. Visapur fort was built much later than Lohagad but the histories of the two forts are closely linked.

In 1818, when reducing the Peshwa's forts, the strength of Lohagad and its fame as the treasury of the Maratha kingdom, caused the English to make special preparations for its attack. A detachment of 380 European and 800 native soldiers, with a battering train, summoned from Konkan, were joined by artillery from Chakan, and two other British battalions. On 4 March 1818, Visapur was attacked and occupied. Making use of its higher elevation and proximity to Lohagad, the British troops set up their cannons on Visapur and bombarded Lohagad, forcing the Marathas to flee. Thus, in 1818, Lohagad-Visapur was taken over by the British in 1818 AD and placed under the command of a Colonel Prother. Considering, the strategic importance of Visapur, both in the north Konkan and the south Deccan gateways were blown up now  a few huts, nothing was left standing. In contrast, most of Lohagad fort is still intact source Wikipedia.


Visapur is the opposite ridge to the famous Lohagad. Not many trek this fort. For a trekker its absolute thrill. The base village for both the forts is the same. However the trek to Visapur actually starts from the base of Lohagad fort. Hence it’s a trek in a trek – double delight.

Over the years the pakka roads have been made right till the base village – in the name of development. Every year during monsoon thousands flock to Lohagad for a one day PICNIC.

Trek To Kalsubai Peak 

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Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra 1646 meters

Kalsubai temple is located at the topmost summit. At the summit there is a plain ground with a small temple of Kalsubai, a local deity. A traditional prayer (pooja) service is held every Tuesday and Thursday by a local priest. Local villagers sell the pooja materials almost all year long, while sending their cows for grazing. On Navratri occasions many stalls are set up atop the summit for the pooja materials. During the Navratri period, for all nine days, special poojas are carried out and idol is fully decorated. Special Mela (fair) is organized for Navratri.

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Upcoming Events to Kalsubai peak 2018 

1. Kalsubai Trek from Pune - Learn More - - Rs 1300.00 per person.

2. Kalsubai Trek from Mumbai - Learn More - Rs 1300.00 per person.

Call / Whatsapp  Treks and Trails Mumbai - 8828746865 / 8828004949 / 9764461419 / 9867046166


How to reach Kalsubai Peak

  • Reach Kasara Railway Station
  • Take local Taxi till base village Bari
  • By Road Mumbai - Kasara - Igatpuri - Ghoti - Bari Village
  • Kalsubai Trek from Pune By Road Pune - Sangamner - Rajur - Bhandardara - Bari
  • Kalsubai Trek route is well marked
  • Local guides often accompany climbers to the summit
  • Local Villagers offer homestay and food option 
  • Many restaurants are available till Bari Village 

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