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Treks and Trails offers you a gist of travel tips to Kerala, thou its not exhaustive one is always free to learn more and get a better understanding at all time. We at Treks and Trails believe to help you in get the most memorable journey of your life. Kerala is also know a Gods own county and one of the best places to see in India.

•Please make sure you are carrying a print of all the vouchers and a govt authorized photo ID proof (Voter ID / Passport / Driving License) to be presented at the time of check in. The name in the vouchers have to be same as in the ID proof failing which hotels can deny check-in.

•Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability at the hotel usually at extra charge. In peak season, it is typically not possible unless booked in advance.

•AC in car do not work in hill stations while going uphill so please manage.

•For extra person sharing the room & child with extra bed, almost all the hotels provides mattress for a extra charge.

•Please match your arrival and departure timings with hotel check-in and check-out time and enquire with your travel consultant. Early check-in and late check-out are usually chargeable.

•Make sure you do enough research on the hotels you select. Check out tips for choosing a good hotel. If you are booking home stay TreksandTrails recommends you research that too.

•Choose a cab according to your comfort and budget.

•Keep a clear communication with driver as to when his services are required. In lot of destinations, mobile service is erratic and you may not be able to reach him when he's away.

•In all our packages, all sightseeing, taxes, toll and parking charges are included. You do not have to pay anything at the hotel or cab driver (unless specifically told by your Travel Consultant).

•There are a few temples in India where only Hindus are allowed. If you are from any other religion or a foreigner, please check your itinerary for such places.

•Kerala is prone to sudden strikes. We may have to reschedule your itinerary at last minute if it happens. Nominal extra charges may be applicable.

•Alleppey / Kumarakom: If you are staying in Houseboat, it is advised to carry mosquito repellent (coil or ointment).

•Kerala: Kerala has a conservative society, there is no active night life (Pubs, Disco).

•Munnar: Vehicles are not allowed through the forest area (Cochin to Munnar) between 8 pm to 7 am. If you need to go from one city to another, you need to plan in such a way to so as to travel outside these timings.

•Alleppey / Kumarakom: If you are availing cake and you need eggless cake, you need to inform in advance for it to be arranged.

•All home stays have only basic amenities compared to star hotels - they will have neat and clean rooms but may not have TV in the rooms. Most of the home stays in Kerala are in coffee plantations, hence the approach road could be muddy and may go through very small villages.

•In Kerala, liquor is not available easily. You can find it only in big hotels or government authorized shops.

•Please note that only AC cabs are provided during the peak tourist season in Kerala.

•Honeymoon supplements if any need to be booked at least 7 days in advance.

•Swimming in Kerala beaches is not recommended due to frequent strong undercurrents.

•Alleppey: AC timing for houseboat in Alleppey is from 9 pm to 6 am only.

•Alleppey / Kumarakom: Houseboat cruises from 12pm to 5pm only at low speeds (about 10km / hr) and will be anchored at the docking point at other times. In between, it will not cruise during lunch hrs (for 1 hr, typically 1.30 - 2.30 pm), it will be anchored during that time. If you wish, you can go out of houseboat while it is docked.

•It is mandatory for travellers to carry a photo-identity to present at check-in. Foreigners are required to present their Passport and valid visa. Indians can present any of the identification proof such as Passport, Driving License, Voter ID card or PAN card. Please note that if there are two people, both have to produce an identity document.

•Alleppey / Kumarakom: If you are staying in houseboat, you may have to leave your big luggage bags in car as houseboat can't accommodate heavy luggage.

•Alleppey: Snake Boat race tickets should be booked in advance, very hard to get during the event. The race happens in August.

•Alleppey / Kumarakom: If you are staying in a Houseboat, inform in advance if you a need vegetarian meal.

*** It’s a suggested list for reference only. TreksandTrails does not take any liability arising from usage of the above suggestion. Please speak to your travel consultant.


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Overnight trek to Rajmachi - Blog by Alpesh

The moment I saw FB event invite, I instantly registered for an Overnight Trek to Rajmachi. Having done 3 one day treks with TreksandTrails- trek group in Mumbai, I was extremely excited about it obviously because it was my first overnight trek near Mumbai. I was over planning and over packing. But not everyone shared my excitement because many people who have never trekked couldn’t fathom what the excitement was all about.  

Rajmachi is a plateau with fortification about 2200 ft high above sea level located in Sahyadris between Lonavala and Khandala. It boasts of two big forts, Shrivardhan at 2710 ft and Manoranjan at 2350 ft facing each other with a deep valley in between. There is not much construction in the fort which shows that they were built to keep an eye and control Borghat on the busy Mumbai-Pune route which was a major trade route in 17th century. There is also an old Hemad Pant temple of Lord Shiva as well as Bhairoba temple which are worth visiting. Manoranjan fort consists of 3 doors and many water tanks. There are also Kondana caves which you can see when you take the Kondahavne village route. A awesome place to trek around Mumbai.

TreksandTrails – Water Gift of life

Snow Mountains, frozen ICE, rivers, streams all about water. A universal language. Most important thing to know water sources on a trek. Its right said water will make you change your course of the day or allow you to stick to your course. When we hear the gashing waterfall, or the small streams – it’s a gentle reminder by nature our mortal frailty. Water has a great force in it. To create life and be destructive. We all must and especially when in the wild, we should always work in sync with water.

Water is responsible for most of our body function. Who better would understand than a trekker? To name a few like removing wastes from your body, helps to maintain body temperature, mental stable state and supply of energy. Hence it is very important especially while trekking one should regularly have access to sufficient supply of water. During the monsoon trekking and early after the monsoon water is easily available in the Sahyadri Rages (except a few places). It’s difficult time trekking October to June in India. However it’s vice versa I believe in the northern Himalayas as during winter the ice formation starts as temperature drops.

Surfy Roxxx!