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I hope that we all try to celebrate Diwali this way. Thanks a lot for making me part of such a great event...This is the best diwali celebration ever for me...It feels great if you are the reason of smile on someone face...Once again, it was a great experience of my life. Ashutos _ after our first Diwali event.


I will always remember my FIRST DIWALI after Marriage...celebrated at Adivasi pada school near Pali...
After adventurous trek to Sarasgarh organised by TreksandTrails India;we went to the school where more than 700 students from the nearest Adivasi pada come and stay . It is a boarding school. Govt has asked to get minimum 40 students compulsory in one class and govt claims to give them Rs.900/stu...dent to the school. But as per school authorities the school does not even get more than Rs.400/student. School manages to arrange food, shelter, soap, oil, clothes, books and other stationary, medicines, etc for more than 700 students in such a limited amount. TreksandTrails group identified such school and decided to run a program "IS DIWALI AAP KISE KHUSH KARENGE". After reaching school we talked to the authorities and understand their needs. Then considering that its boarding school where 700 childrens are staying for more than 300 days together, I decided to conduct a small session on child abuse "GOOD TOUCH BAD TOUCH". The students of class 1st -5th std attended this session and I found that they all were nicely listening to what I wanted to communicate with them.
Dr Deepali after our first Diwali event.


Had a wonderful trek. Enjoyed everyones company. Hope to repeate a different trek with you all. Stay in touch. Thanks for the wonderful trek. Thanks Ankit for this wonderful trek. Enjoyed alot, made new friends. Arrangements were to the DOT. Trek was safe with all arrangements. Over all a wonderful experience. Kudos to TreksandTrails, India - Kiran Sandhan Valley Trek_2014


Enjoyed to the core, Tested ourselves, crossed our own limits, broke barriers. Learnt alot - but gained much. Thanks TreksandTrails   - - Girish - Sandhan Valley Trek_2014


First of all I would like to thank for the efforts that your team put in. The location was awesome, had never seen such rock formation. You guys ensured that each one of got down safetly. Secondly thanks for all my fellow trekkers and friends for helping me out. Really appreciate it, would not have made it down without each one for you. Thanks and cheers to all. - -- -Indu - Sandhan Valley Trek_2014


Thanks guys for such a fantabulous trek  - - - Mayank - Rajmachi Trek_2014


Thank you Rajesh and Yahya for the trek. It was amazing experience with everyone. looking forword for more trekking ith you guys - - - Karan_Rajmach Trek_2014

Hi Guys, thanks you so much, its the best birthday gift I have ever recived. God Bless you all - - - Xaiver_Rajmach Trek_2014


Great trek, great people, great food. Thank you all - - - Neha_Rajmachi Trek_2014

Dear TreksandTrails, India
I was going through our messages on the group. Sorry I am a bit late in sending this, but better late than never, right? So here goes..It was magic.. It was dreamy.. We created moments.. We created memories.. It was in the depths of the mountains that we discovered ourselves.. Became each others strengths and overcame our fears.. The time we spend together will be forever etched in our hearts.. Thankyou Treks and Trails India for such beautiful memories. And this testimony will not be complete without thanking our team leaders Rajesh and Rajesh. Thank you. - - -Sagar Bhagat - Sandhan Valley Trek 2015
Dear  Team,
2015 Valentine!. Best of my life! Celebrated by Trek to the place most dreamt of, by trekkers - Sandhan Valley- The valley of Suspense, the valley of Shadows and one of greatest canyons..And best part is my 5 year old lil princess too did the trek!!.. The Treks and Trails Group funda is - " do the ordinary in an extraordinary way" - It truly proved and we experienced it... Sandhan Valley is truly valley of suspense as we were completely surprised with the route including below the rocks way, chilling water to be crossed and rock descending (normally rapelling is only once done to descend)-- here we did thrice.  Sleeping on the top of mountain - Star Gazing Night and the Cool Morning Breeze !! Wow was simply best and beautiful. Though tiring it was more of dazing experience. We had group from Age 5 to Age 52! . Kudos to treks and trails team (specially two Rajesh (gentlemen's) who made the trek for us with 100% safety. The time management was outstanding. Trek, Adventure Enjoy,and ready of next day routine work! ... Laxmi A Mahindkar - - Sandhan Valley Trek 2015
Had a wonderful time, it was such fun. Not just Paragliding but meeing and getting know all the other that came. Ankit you were more awesome than Velas.  Priya - Paragliding 2015
Hey Guys,
It was really nice to meet all for you. Every now and then I go for such events and I am generally the youngest one which makew me learn alot. Treks and trails... keep up the sprit alive in you. Deepa and Hrish and Priya, its not often that you meet such enthusiastic people. Apart from the nature around us, its the people that ultimately who make the experience count. This time it really did. Thank you TreksandTrails, thank you every one. Somailee - Overnight Sandhan Valley Trek 2015
To be honest i was not confident that I would be able to this trek. Trekking after a long time. This trek brought old memories and the old Kida. And has motivated me to do more treks now again. And along with a very good set of people to enjoy the trek. Treks and Trails with good eperience. Somalee with her BMC talks which really refesh old memories like school days. Priya and Deepa passionate travellers who always smiling and focus on there goal. I am looking forward for this trekking season, coun it me in. Even for REKKI treks to explore new routes Hrishikesh Overnight Sandhan Valley 2015
Thankyou Treks and Trails for being the Rocks we absolutely depended on. For amateur trekkie, you made this experience memorable for me. Helped me make this birthday wish of mine come true and very special. Hrishikesh, Somali and Deepa your compnay made this such an interesting trip altogether. Priya Overnight Sandhan Valley 2015
On 15th August 2015 I and my fiancée had gone for a one day trek to Korigad fort through TreksandTrails. Our team lead was Mr. Ankit Savla who was accompanied by his wife and daughter. The group size was a total of 7 adults and one child. We started at 5.30 AM from Dadar and reached the base of Korigad Fort at 8.30 AM. The travel arrangement was put to the mark as we all were travelled in a Tavera car. We were provided breakfast as per our choice at the breakfast stop which was Kamath’s Hotel. Before the trek started Ankit briefed us about the fort like the vital information, its history, the Do’s and Don’ts etc. It is important to state here that at important points in the fort, Ankit would give additional information about the importance of that point or structure which was very informative. One point that I would specially like to mention and which I appreciate a lot is that Ankit and his family is very particular about cleanliness so don’t even dare to litter before, during or after the trek. The climate at Korigad Fort was superb, actually a culmination of rains, sunshine and fog. Special credit to Ankit as he was extremely helpful and cleared all our doubts as well. Lastly I would like to thank TreksandTrails team for the memorable and informative experience that we had. We look forward to having many more such enriching experiences with TreksandTrails. Sreena - Korigad trek 2015
Thanks, each one of you to be a part of such a wonderful journey and make it one of my strong core memory. Hope and pray we keep rocking in our life, epecially the two girls. Hats off to your enthusiasm shown during the journey. Thank you very much Yahya for the arramgements. See you again in Life. - Mangesh - Roadtrip Burhanpur October 2015
It was great trip, thanks Yahya and TreksandTrails, India. Had my first roadtrip, first unplanned trip, first visit to a Jama Masjid, first visit to a Gurudwara. It was a great experience. Hope to to see you soon again on a another Roadtrip or hitchhiking - Arundas - RoadTrip Burhanpur October 2015.
Thanks guys once again. What a fun birthday. Lovely photos. Bet not many have such a birthday. Thank you for adding lovely pictures to my life stories. Leena - Roadtrip Burhanpur October 2015

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