Mumbai is the city of dreams where dreams are made and even fulfilled. Beauty and uniqueness of this city are beyond the words. If you are also planning on getting this city better then make sure you choose the right places to imbibe dynamic effervescence of Mumbai. To help you with it, we have listed some most interesting heritage walks across Mumbai, which will make you fall in love with this city over and over again.

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Heritage Walk Mumbai

Byculla Heritage Walk

To make your weekends more exciting, you can take a stroll in the bylanes of Byculla. Starting this heritage walk from Gloria church, you can get through many fascinating places like Sant Gadgebaba Market, Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Khada Parsi Statue, Vintage Cinema Screen of Palace Talkies, Magen David Synagogue, Hasnabad Dargah. You could capture beautiful pictures at exciting venues like old Irani cafes like Byculla Restaurant & Bakery, Regal Restaurant & Bakery, Sarvi restaurant Nagpada. Enjoy street food at Faiz Tikka, Graduate Vada Pav. So this walk could make your boring Sundays inspiring and compelling.

Irani Café Food Walk

It is one of the most popular heritage walks in Mumbai. During this walk, you can explore the history of Iranian food in an inspiring way that is through conversation while having Chai. It is the Irani joints in the city so that this walk could be full of stories, history, and even little nostalgia.

Top Ten famous Irani Cafe of Mumbai

  1. Cafe Military
  2. Cafe Excelsior
  3. Sassanian
  4. Britannia & Co. Restaurant
  5. Jimmy Boy
  6. Cafe Irani Chaii
  7. Koolar & Co
  8. Ideal Corner
  9. B.Merwan & Co
  10. Kyani


The Churchgate and Heritage Mile Walk

This walk could take you to an old fort named Victoria Terminus and St. Thomas Cathedral. You could have this walkthrough Flora Fountain, Kala Ghoda, Oval Maidan Cross Maidan, Cricket Club of India, Bhikha Behram Welland, Rajabai Clock Tower it stretches up to the scenic Marine Drive. Enjoy a famous ice cream at K.Rustoms & co. Ice Cream Parlour. This stretch is for two hours.


Dharavi Slum Walk  

It could sound a bit daunting to have a walk through the largest slum area of Asia, but this walk could also be informative for you. This reality tour through the Dharavi slum area could give you a chance to experience various business activities like recycling, soap factory, leather tanning, pottery making, poppadom making and many other activities that generally take place there. Probably this walk could not be a cakewalk but can give you the chance to get insights into this slum area.

Bandra heritage walk

Bandra heritage walk is a fascinating walk of Mumbai. Bandra present and past get you through the unique physical spaces, character, and cultures of this place. Along with history and legacies from the past. Here you can get fixated with cobble streets, little cafes but surely you could get through film star adorned houses that make this walk more exciting.

Horniman Circle Walk

Horniman Circle Walk is one of the oldest and best heritage walks of Mumbai. During this walk, you could see well- known landmarks of this city. In the heart of the old fort area, visitors could have a look at the city’s most former business district, Asiatic Library, Horniman Circle gardens, Oval maidan, Flora Fountain, and many other such places. This walk could help you to get into the social history of the buildings around, so make your outing exciting and informative.


Above mentioned are few interesting walks that one could have across Mumbai, but otherwise, Mumbai is full of worth seeing places that could break your monotony of life and help you fall in love with the maximum city.