Water source locations and importance during trek

Water source locations and importance during trek

Water Source

Before you start your trekking carry ample water and some purifier like lifestraw or aquaguard bottle knowing water source locations before trek starts is important.

Snow mountains, Frozen ice, Rivers, Streams all about water a universal language. Most important thing to know water sources on a trek. Its rightly said water will make you change your course of the day or allow you to stick to your course. When we hear the gashing waterfall, or the small streams it’s a gentle reminder by nature our mortal frailty. Water has a great force in it. To create life and be destructive. We all must and especially when in the wild, we should always work in sync with water.

Water Necessity for Body

Water is responsible for most of our body function. Who better would understand than a trekker? To name a few like removing wastes from your body, helps to maintain body temperature, mental stable state and supply of energy. Hence it is very important especially while trekking one should regularly have access to sufficient supply of water. During the monsoon trekking and early after the monsoon water is easily available in the Sahyadri Ranges. It’s difficult time trekking October to June in India. However it’s vice versa I believe in the northern Himalayas as during winter the ice formation starts as temperature drops

Water Purification

One should avoid stagnant and old water tanks on forts, lakes or ponds. The best and preferred choice should always be running water of streams and rivers. Please make sure that the water is clear and without any impurities such and stones, gravels, mud, insects etc. It’s always best to boil the water and cool it before drinking it if the group has all the necessary equipment. Also before boiling the water one should use a clean cloth to strain the water. Nowadays there are water purifying treatment option available at the local chemist as well. Please make all the required inquires before you purchase it. Understand well in advance to consequences before using any of the medication for water purification.

Fresh water

Many of the waterborne problems from contamination of water are eradicated when boiled. Always take help from reliable source for your water requirement while outdoors. The camp can also boil the water before going to sleep – so that the freshwater is available for next day to use.