Summer camp in Mumbai

Summer camp in Mumbai

Summer camp in Mumbai is a fantastic way for kids of every age to have fun while learning new skills.

At these camps, kids can learn new skills, try out their creativity, and get some exercise in a safe and encouraging setting. They'll also have the chance to meet kids from all over the city and learn social skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

So, if you want your child to have fun and stay busy this summer, you might want to sign them up for a summer camp in Mumbai. There is a wide variety of camps available, so you can select one that is a good fit for your child.

What is summer camp?

A summer camp is a programme that runs during the summer months and provides children and teenagers with opportunities for recreational as well as educational pursuits, most often in an outdoor setting. Day camps and overnight camps, in which participants sleep on site for the duration of the programme, are both options for summer camps. The length of time spent at a summer camp can range anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


"Nature is the ultimate classroom for children to learn, explore, and discover the wonders of the world around them."


What are the summer camp activities?

Activities at summer camps can be very varied depending on the kind of camp and the ages of the kids. But here are a few typical things you might do at a summer camp:

Sports and other forms of physical activity can be broken down into two categories: team sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer; and individual sports, such as swimming, jogging, and yoga.

Arts and crafts: Drawing, painting, and making pottery are all fun things that many campers like to do. There may also be chances to learn new things, like how to knit, sew, or make jewellery.

Music and theatre: Some camps offer music lessons or theatre workshops where campers can learn to play an instrument, sing, act, or write and put on their own plays.

Adventures in the great outdoors: Summer camps frequently provide opportunities for participants to engage in outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, fishing, canoeing, and rock climbing. These events can be great for building confidence and self-reliance, as well as teamwork and leadership skills.

Some camps provide educational opportunities, such as science experiments, language classes, and creative writing seminars. Campers can use these to gain knowledge and find new things they like.

Social activities: Icebreakers, team-building exercises, and group games are all great ways for kids to meet new people and improve their social skills at summer camps.

Summer camp activities are meant to be fun, engaging, and instructive, teaching children new skills, making new friends, and creating lasting memories.

Top 7 locations for summer camps near Mumbai


Lonavala - Only a few hours' drive from Mumbai, Lonavala is a popular summer camp location with stunning views, rich flora, and a variety of outdoor activities like trekking, rappelling, and zip-lining.

Matheran - A prominent hill station in the Western Ghats, Matheran provides a tranquil and peaceful environment ideal for a summer camp. The area is well-known for its natural beauty and provides several chances for walking, bird watching, and studying the region's flora and wildlife.

Kamshet is a scenic town in the Western Ghats that is well-known for its paragliding activities. It is an outstanding summer camp destination since it provides a variety of adventure activities such as trekking, camping, and rock climbing.

Panchgani - Panchgani is a lovely hill station in Maharashtra's Satara district, famed for its scenic beauty and mild weather. It is an outstanding summer camp destination since it provides a variety of adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling, & rock climbing.

Bhandardara is a lovely hill station in the Sahyadri range recognised for its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. It is an outstanding summer camp destination since it provides a variety of exciting activities such as trekking, camping, & waterfall rappelling.

Igatpuri - Igatpuri is a tiny town in Maharashtra's Nashik region, known for its natural beauty and adventurous sports. It is a great place for a summer camp because there are so many exciting things to do there, like trekking, camping, and rappelling.

Alibaug - Alibaug is a coastal town just a few hours' drive from Mumbai, famed for its picturesque beaches and nice weather. It is an excellent choice for a summer camp because it provides a variety of adventure sports such as kayaking, parasailing, and jet skiing.



Summer camp in Mumbai is a great opportunity for children to have fun, make new friends, and experience something different. It's an enriching activity that will help them gain self-confidence and independence as they work on their physical and mental skills. Summer camps also offer educational activities, giving kids the chance to learn something new. Whether it’s adventure activities, art projects or team sports, there is something for everyone at summer camp in Mumbai.