Solar Lantern and Diwali distribution Blog

Solar Lantern and Diwali distribution Blog

Solar Lantern

We started this journey 3 years ago It’s been an awesome journey, meeting great minds on the way with tremendous learning and sharing happening. I remember visiting people at their homes for collection just to make them believe this is real and genuine. The same team with a a few additions and deletions from last year had stood with us one more time.

All the collection from western Mumbai was collected at Bandra. In huge blue jumbo bags. Each a ribbon for indication on them. Pink for the Ladies / Blue for the Men / Yellow for children simple marking was made just to make sure the transfer is smooth.

Then we drove from Bandra after we had loaded the pickup tempo with the collection to Mulund to load our collection from Central Mumbai. The entry in the village was grand. One tempo with the total collection, one bus of volunteers.

Like always this events brings the best in us and in our contributors. Some still do not fathom that what we collect is actually to be give free of cost as a gift for diwali. Hence prior to the event we sort the collection.

  • Old v/s New
  • Useable to Unusable
  • Clean v/s Dirty
  • Man v/s Women
  • Toys v/s Utensils

Each participant had paid form their own pockets to come to assist us here. Buy his / her own lunch too. What we added this year was collecting funds for Free solar lanterns in this village of Kumbshet. Yes, people known, unknown open their purse to Light a few houses.

A total of 360 solar lanterns were distributed across a few rural villages in Maharashtra.

As said by Dr. Neha - A million thanks to the leaders for conducting such a fabulous event.

They not only took care of the donations - whether be it money, clothes, stationary, Solar Lanterns that were gifted to the villagers, but also ensured that the volunteers work as a team and that their motivation is not lost. We generally keep wondering about participating in such events or do have a sense of giving within us but due to irrelevant excuses, fail to execute them. Its is indeed Kudos to the leaders and thinkers who make sure events like these create its own success stories 🙂

Sincere thanks to all our contributors and volunteers for helping us in making the event a grant success once again. Definitely look forward to continue doing every year.

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