Naneghat Trek Blog

Naneghat Trek Blog

Urge for Naneghat Trek

On 26 August, we embarked on our first trek with Treks and Trails. We boarded the tata winger from Bandra and reached Naneghat trek starting point at around 10.00 am. Naneghat is located in Maharashtra. It was a wonderful beginning as we walked thru the forest we spotted birds such as Drongo - Wind-swift - Common Bulbul - Maina - Shikra. We also meet our other wigged friends the butterflies Sailor butterfly - Bush Brown butterfly - Crow butterfly - And the common yellow grass butterfly.

The trek was simple yet tedious walk and for some of us it was our first trek. We reached the top at around 12:30 pm. The in one of the caves we had some light food that we had brought from home. It felt like heaven as all needed a good boost of energy. Post lunch we took a walk on the plateau till the highest point at Naneghat. We also saw the huge pot used in those days to collect toll. The trek route was all so very green with the rocks covered by wild fern (maidenhair and moss) we also saw some wild flowers like coxcomb, wild stage etc. We trekked our walk back, on the way back we collected 2kgs of plastic waste in an effort to clean the trek route. Thou there was still a lot can be done here. I am positive that we enjoyed every effort with a refreshing trek.

About Naneghat

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana, the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. The name means "coin" and ghat means "pass". As this path was used as a toll booth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills. From the inscriptions in the caves indicate that Satavahana dynasty ruled here. Also the Mauryan empire.

Few inscriptions in the cave mention the names of their family members. Thou the carving are in ruins now - some of the visible inscription tell us the time, achievements and stories of valour frozen in time. These records have helped historians to establish the historical past of this region.

We can approach Naneghat via Vaishakhare village.

How to Reach

kalyan-Murbad-Tokawade-Vaishakhare-Naneghat Start Point

1. Catch a local going towards Kalyan (on Central Line). Get down at Kalyan Station..
2. The ST depot is just besides the station on the west side. Catch any ST going towards Alephata (strictly going via Malshej Ghat)
3. Tell the conductor that you want to get down at the start point of Naneghat. Still if he is confused, tell him that it lies just 5 km after Tokawade village. Note that the start point of Naneghat isn’t an official stop for ST’s and you have to request the conductor to let you get down over there . A big board on the right-hand-side with ‘Naneghat Gumfa Marg’ written in Marathi on it is where you have to get down 

About Vaishakhare Village

Vaishakhare Village, with population of 1587 is Murbad sub district's the 14th most populous village, located in Murbad sub district of Thane district in the state Maharashtra in India. Total geographical area of Vaishakhare village is 11 km2and it is the 15th biggest village by area in the sub district. Population density of the village is 138 persons per km2.

Nearest town of the village is Kalyan and distance from Vaishakhare village to Kalyan is 92 km. Murbad is the sub district head quarter and the distance from the village is 32 km. District head quarter of the village is Thane which is 82 km away. 5.59 square kilometer (49%) of the total village's area is covered by forest.

Naneghat Trek Information

Naneghat Trek is a Mountain Pass, Naneghat is located in Thane district, Naneghat height 2750 feet, Base village from Mumbai is vaishakhare and Ghatghar from Pune. Naneghat lies in Malshej Ghat Region, Trek grade would be medium and endurance required medium.

Naneghat Places of Interest

  • Beautiful rock caves
  • Huge toll collection pot
  • Nanacha Angtha