Murder mystery: Corporate team-building games

Murder mystery: Corporate team-building games

Murder mystery games have become increasingly popular in recent years, not just as a form of entertainment but also as a way to team build. These games are perfect for corporate events, as they offer a chance for employees to work together and solve a problem while having fun.

Team building activities can be used as part of new employee onboarding or as a way to create unity among existing teams. By providing a fun and challenging task, murder mystery games can help increase camaraderie and collaboration amongst team members.

 What is a Murder Mystery Game?

A murder mystery game is one where players take on the responsibility of suspects in a made-up murder case. A "murderer" is chosen at the outset, and the remaining players must coordinate their efforts to identify the real killer. These games can take place anywhere from a Victorian home to a space station in the far future.

How to Organize a this Game in Corporates

Setting up a murder mystery in the office sounds complicated, but it's actually rather easy. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Pick a theme.

The first step is to decide what your murder mystery game will be about. This could be anything from an old-fashioned murder mystery set in a mansion in the 1920s to a modern murder mystery set in a technology firm.

Step 2: Make your characters.

After you decide on a theme, you can start making characters. Each person who wants to play will need a character with a backstory and a reason for killing the person. It's important to make sure that each character is distinctive and fascinating, as this will help keep the audience interested.

Step 3: Describe the setting

The next step in your murder mystery game is to set the scene. This can be done with props, costumes, and decorations. The game will be more fun if the setting is more interesting.

Step 4: Give out hints

Before the game starts, you'll need to give each player a clue. These can be written notes, emails, or even real things. It's crucial that the players have everything they need to solve the crime, therefore it's worth your time to make sure each clue is related to the case.

Step 5: Start playing the game.

After setting up everything, it's time to play the game. The players will talk to each other and share information as they try to figure out who did it. As the game goes on, more clues will be given, and the players will have to use their skills at deduction to figure out what happened.

Tips for a Successful Murder Mystery Game

Keep it Simple
Even though it's tempting to make the game as hard as possible, it's essential that you keep it simple enough that everyone can play. Make sure the rules are clear and easy to understand, and give players who may not have played this type of game before a lot of help.

Encourage Participation
Encourage everyone to take part, even if they don't like to act or speak in front of other people. Make sure that everyone has a chance to help solve the case and solve the investigation.

Provide Refreshments
Keep everyone involved and energised by providing refreshments. This can be as simple as snacks and drinks or as complicated as a full dinner party.

Follow up
After the game, you should check in with everyone to see how they liked it. Ask for feedback and ideas on how to make your murder mystery game better, and use this information to make your next game even better.

These are few ideas for the game:

A murder occurs during an office holiday party in "The Office Party Murder," a murder mystery. Everyone who works there could be a suspect, and finding the real culprit is the mission.

In "The Corporate Retreat Murder," a murder occurs during a business retreat, and the employees must work together to find the killer. The inquiry takes place at the retreat, and the suspects are all team members.

In "The Boardroom Murder," the company's CEO is murdered in the boardroom, and the only people who can be trusted are other high-ranking executives. The team as a whole must work together to figure out what happened and why.

In "The Team Building Murder," a murder occurs after a group of people engage in a team building activity that ends in tragedy. All of the suspects are team members, so everyone has to pull together to find the murderer.

One of the sales team members is found dead during a sales conference in "The Sales Conference Murder." All members of the sales team are potential suspects, so they'll have to work together to investigate the crime and get the conference back on track.

These are just a few suggestions for murder mysteries that encourage teamwork. There are endless options, and you can modify the scenario to suit the requirements and preferences of your team.


Murder Mystery corporate team-building games offer a fun and interactive way to build relationships between co-workers. Not only do they provide an exciting way to learn more about each other, but these types of games also help to strengthen communication skills, problem solving skills and trust. At the same time, they allow participants to be creative while having a good time. These activities are great for fostering a positive work atmosphere which can result in increased morale and productivity.