Best Places to Visit in South Goa

Best Places to Visit in South Goa

Let us show you the best places to visit in South Goa. From water sports and sunbathing to exploring ancient temples and sampling delicious local cuisine, there is something for everyone here.

Planning a vacation and not thinking about going to Goa during the holidays cannot be mutually exclusive. Every tour plan includes Goa as the prime location to have fun and enjoy the trip. With amazing beaches and lush green surroundings, a recent craze has developed amongst people to explore South Goa as well. And the exquisite spices found on vast plantations in South Goa make it even more deserving of a visit.


What is South Goa Famous For?

South Goa is no less than the most serene place that you might have ever experienced. The lush green fields all around give a satisfactory vibe altogether. Not to forget, the sandy beaches of South Goa make it a worth visiting place and undoubtedly a famous tourist location. There are plenty of churches and temples that you can visit to know the Goan culture even better.

Since the Portuguese once lived in Goa for years during ancient times, South Goa is also famous for Portuguese culture and scrumptious and unique seafood. The romantic atmosphere of the place can never go unnoticed. On top of everything, South Goa extends towards the eastern ghats in the form of spice plantations, most specifically cinnamon which adds an unmatched aroma to the surroundings.

South Goa Places to Visit in One Day

If you are on a one-day tour and that too in Goa, the first and foremost places that you should be visiting are the beaches.

Beaches in South Goa

South Goa has the longest beach named Colva which extends 20 kilometers. It is an ideal place for nature lovers. Along with this, other beaches such as Palolem and Cavelossim offer amazing water sports to all those who have a heart for adventure.

Night Clubs in South Goa

After beaches, there are nightclubs to visit in South Goa in one day. Amongst the famous ones is Johnny Cool's shack which is known to serve you delicious food. It is said that this place is often loaded with groups of youngsters whom you can find clubbing and dancing to different beats and enjoying their lives to the fullest. Another budget-friendly party place is "Down the Beach". Here, you will find yourself singing and dancing to beats and having an amazing party with your friends.

Churches in South Goa

Then, you have churches to visit if you are a holy person. The largest church in Asia, that is, Se Cathedral is what you can find in South Goa. It is said that the church was built long back in the 16th century to celebrate the win of the Portuguese over the Muslim army. Several other churches such as St. Cajetan and St. Xavier's are likely to catch your attention for sure and visiting them feels serene.


Hidden Places to Visit in South Goa

Betul Lighavese

Amongst the hidden places of South Goa, you must have Betul Lighavese which is located at a distance of 20km in Quito. It withstands the forces of nature quite surprisingly and to be visible to you from a distance, the lighthouse is painted in red. It has not yet emerged as a tourist destination for the people visiting South Goa.

Rivona Buddhist Caves

Other than the Bethum lighthouse, there are some ancient and unique Rivona Buddhist caves to visit during your vacation to South Goa. To date, the caves are inhabited by some huts. The caves are formed of red rock and are spread to an area covering an entire village. It is claimed that these caves were built by Buddhist monks in the 6th century. They are a blessing for those who love to know the history of a place.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Further, you can visit the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. It is no less than a paradise for those who love animals and wildlife. It has loads of mountains and dense forest in its surroundings and that adds more beauty to the wildlife sanctuary. This place is home to exotic species of flora and fauna and so it is a must to visit the hidden gem of South Goa. This is also the location that would help you have immense fun, enjoyment, and adventure for sure.


Places to Visit in South Goa at Night

Night Clubs

Usually, nights in South Goa are meant for clubbing and parties. South Goa has some amazing clubs that are not unique, but they offer delicious meals to you whenever you visit them. Johnny Cool's shack comes in the list of the best nightclubs to visit in South Goa. Not only this, the best part of visiting these nightclubs in South Goa is that they are pretty affordable and as a couple, you get more discounts.

Leopard Valley

Another captivating destination is the Leopard Valley which is most suitable to visit on Friday nights when you are in a complete mood to party. Visiting Leopard Valley on your holiday to South Goa is going to help you in creating the most beautiful memories of your life. The valley is full of the best DJs in the world and obviously, there is a range of exotic drinks that you can try here.


Places to Visit in South Goa with Family

Sri Mahadeva Temple

When you are on a South Goa trip with family, you must not think twice before visiting the famous churches and temples of South Goa. One such ancient Hindu temple is Sri Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla. It is an archaeological site that was built in the 12th century. This temple is best known for the fact that it has been completely carved out of stone and no doubt it looks beautiful and full of ancient Goan culture.

Se Cathedral

Similarly, South Goa has Se Cathedral which is the largest church in Asia. Consider yourself lucky if you visit this church. It was built in 1512 and has a history that claims that the church was built when the Portuguese got victory over the Muslim regime. Several other churches and beaches are considered to be famous tourist locations and you can always visit them on a family trip to South Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of India's tallest four tiered waterfalls ranked fifth, located on Mandovi river, in Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary and molle national park among the western ghats. Surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity and forming the border between Karnataka and Goa states.

Does this gigantic formation of nature need more introduction?

Take a bow! Dudhsagar Waterfalls it is.



South Goa has its beauty with extended landmasses of spice plantations and beautiful beaches that have yet not become a tourist spot. Not only this, the lush green surroundings make you feel one step closer to nature and there's a lot to explore in clubs and during nights in South Goa. South Goa is a place that is rich in culture and history.

Your trip to South Goa can become more realistic and wholesome if you visit these amazing places on your vacation. Your excitement and thrill are surely going to get quadrupled as these places have the best to offer to everyone. If you love adventures, then there are ample water sports that you can enjoy on your holiday. The wildlife sanctuaries of South Goa are undoubtedly top-notch.


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