Am I Responsible

Am I Responsible shall be under the umbrella of Treks and Trails, India which is not an another organisation. Treks and Trails and AIR are two brands. We shall not be supporting any political party. AIR shall undertake projects and community development initiatives of our social responsibility as a trekking group. It’s an effort to create awareness. However to be a part of this group is very simple and easy you can support us in our enterprise. Join us when to feel we are going the right thing.


Some planned initiatives at AIR

  • Collection and distribution of old clothes
  • Free tree plantations and distribution of saplings
  • Conducting free Medical Camp for rural populations
  • Conducting health check up for street children in and around Mumbai.
  • Rural development and upliftment.
  • Fund collection thru donation, garage sale etc

This is just the beginning, and f are quite positive that lots will come and many shall contribute in helping us the paramount of being a social trekking group.

Ideas / Suggestions/ Feedback always welcome email us 

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