ankit Ankit has completed long treks with Youth Hostel Association of India in Himachal Pradesh which includes Sarpass the Mountaineers trek with basic Rock climbing, Rappelling, Tent   building, River crossing and Ice climbing techniques.

Likes Photography, Listening to music, Trekking regularly in Sahyadri range, Exploring new places, meeting like minded people.


Name: Mital Dedhia

Crazy travel, fun adventures, Perfect picture best describes me. I strongly believe "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" (Helen Keller). Successful completed treks in Sahyadri range & Himalayan mountain ranges which inspires me to spread the love for Mother Nature & care for her creation. As a Passionate trekker keen explore the mountains. It always inspires me about people who do what they love for a living! Also done some other Adventure activities like Rappelling, Rafting, Climbing, camping. I seek and strive to add some more positive hopes in life every day.


Name: Rajesh Mhaddalkar

Rajesh has Completed Basic Mountaineering Course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering - Uttarakand.

Is a passionate trekkers who takes his hobby seriously. Loves to be outdoor and spend time in the wild exploring and visiting new places.
With the expertise and in-depth knowledge of trekking Rajesh is perfect trek buddy. As a person he has his head on his shoulders. And for me he is Mr Dependable. Is quick learner and is already to explore new avenues. With the trekking experence shared with him - I must say he will have a ACE up his sleeves. Other hobbies include Photography and backpack trekking. Rajesh has also conducted many coorpate events, treks for school children and Shyadari range treks.
As a person he is reserved and shy hence I took the opportunity to write about Rajesh.



Name: Manan Desai
Qualifications: MBA Finance
Other Passions: Trekking, Travelling, and exploring new places
About myself:
Successfully completed trekking and adventure activities in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. This includes some amazing adventure activities like rafting, giant swing, rappelling, flying fox and Himalayan treks in.
There is still many known and unknown peaks and adventure activity that I would love do. But I strongly believe no matter how small or big a mountain is, every mountain has its own story. This inspires me to learn, absorb, and seek positivity and passion towards life from it. I do not want to conquer any mountain for the MOUNTAIN CONQUER ME. The idea being trek as much as I can: taking every conquest in my stride to visit the unexplored destinations and live passionately always. 

Surfy Roxxx!