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Nagla forest block is not very far away from my home, but yes in the heart of Mumbai city. It’s an extension to Sanjay Gandhi National park. There is this huge mountain ridge the separates it’s from the Ovarlekar wadi in Thane – close to Suraj water park. Wanted to explore this area for quite sometime. It was always on my mind. Finally the call was made Ankit Savla and I decide to go. Not quite sure how to get here we decided to check with a few friends and use Google maps to get here on early Tuesday morning. The winter morning was still fresh. Using a little protection for the morning chill we set off. This was a awesome trail – took the local train till Naigoan station. As we had both not tasted breakfast for the day planning to get here was a priority. However did have some idles and mendu wada from a vendor in our train. All set we departed from the station towards the highway. Ankit checked on Google map and we started the second leg of our journey by another share auto till Pritams dahba or Fountain hotel.

Indian Roller

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve with Treks and Trails India

Visiting a Tiger Reserve requires lot of planning; I had planned to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in June. Monsoon Season was late and it was still summer at Chandrapur. Temperature at Tadoba can reach up to 47 degree. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve consist mostly of Bamboo Forest nearly 60%, Tiger density is good being a small reserve compared to others in India chances of Tiger sighting are high..

Tiger Tadoba Sonam

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve can be reached from Chandrapur city which is around 30 km away or Nagpur which is 160 km away. Nagpur has a major Railway station and Airport which is well connected with all Metros in India. There are many entry points into the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Mohurli Gate is the busiest with MTDC resort 1 km away. TreksandTrails India recommends you book your Tiger Safari Pass through Mohurli Gate. Other gates are being developed as Tourism center Khutvanda / Kolara / Mohurli / Navegaon / Pangdi / Zhari (Kolsa).

Treks and Trails recommends Satara Region – a paradise

Satara is located at elevation of 2434 ft above sea level. This city was one of the capitals of the Maratha Empire. Satara as a city has contributed significantly as centre of Indian Independence Movement during our colonial past. Located nearby are two rivers: Krishna and Venna. Satara city boast of a unique statue of Shivaji standing near a canon at Powai naka. Most of the statues elsewhere depict Shivaji riding on a horse. Similar to the one at Juhu beach in Mumbai. Satara region is a absolute delight for a trekker as its in the heart of the western Maharashtra. Connecting to main cities and towns like Pune, Solapur, Sangli, Kolhapur, Karad, Baramati. Satara is definitely top 5 trekking destinations near Mumbai. Forts such as Santoshgad, Mahimangad, Varugad, and Vardhangad on the Monbosa mountain range. Sajjangad and Ajinkyatara on the Bamnoli mountain range. If one continues on this range it will lead to Pratapgard. All the forts in this region are constructed on a different mountain range and the distance between them make it difficult to visit all the forts in a day. Hence one should plan at least a five day trek near Mumbai to Satara. It’s the blessings of our ancestors that are even visible today. As this area largely cultivated by sugarcane farmers and the prosperity is visible by good roads and regular ST bus service. Satara range includes Wai, Satara and Phaltan.



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Malshej ghat

Malshej gat as the name suggest is a mountain pass situated approx 2250ft above sea level amist mountain ranges of the western ghat – a biological HOTSPOT. Malshej gat is more or less the sma e idstance from Mumbai and Pune. This region is blessed with rich flora and funa, with a wide variety of birds also sighted. Its natures gift for those who want to explore natural beauty and get close to the hevenaly adobe. Malshej ghat near Mumbai is a photographers delight especially during the monsoon. Malshej ghat has also witness numerous historical happening as many forts and in and around this place. We find forests, resorts, and wildlife sanctuaries. Also to name a few budhist cave dating way back to the 3 centuray. Shivneri fort when Raje Shivaji was bron is in Mahset ghat.

A backpackers guide to Ganpatipule by TreksandTrails

One of the most awesome and spectacular beaches that is in Maharashtra along the Kokan coast is Ganpatipule. A major attraction for pilgrims from all walks of life. The temple of Swayambhu Ganesh is visited by thousands of people every year to pay respect. Beach lovers and those who want some peace of mind away from the hustle and noise of the city are frequent too. Not just the clean beaches, sun and sand is known but coconut and mangroves are in abundant as well. It’s the best place to leave your life far behind and just slow down a little to laze around and explore. Rejuvenate or reinvent yourself.

Ganpatipule beach photo:

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