The plus valley trail has the maximum altitude of 2460 feet and the difficulty level on this trail is moderate. Getting to the Plus Valley is reachable from Mumbai and also from Pune. The trek base is on Tamhini Ghat and there are waterfalls and canyons. Bikers frequent this region during monsoon as the scenic beauty grows multiple times then. Crossing the waterfalls in the Rainy Seasons becomes difficult in The Rainy Season. Still, trekkers enjoy the rainy season that let them come face to face with the roaring waterfall and the lush greenery of the hilly region.

How to Reach?

If you are heading from Mumbai: go towards Kolad and after crossing Kolad, you can reach Tamhini. And, if you are starting from Pune, head towards Tamhini. It is at a distance of 65 km from Pune. Several ghats connect the Mumbai Goa highway and Mumbai Bangalore highway and Tamhini Ghat is one such route.


On the Plus Valley Trek

The reason behind this region having the name of Plus Valley is its resemblance with the Plus sign of mathematical operation when seen from a distance. There are two rappelling points throughout the trek across the over speeding waterfalls. The trek is 9km long and trekkers have to pass through to thick jungle patches to reach their destination. The best time to enjoy trekking in this trail is in winter. 


The trail crosses through the dry field, stony area, and debris. At the finishing point of the trek is located another dam called the Vahira dam at the source of the Kundalika river. Kundalika River is Popular for its white water rafting. A good portion of this trek says around thirty percentage is descending and the rest is regular walking. Embrace the beauty of places like Tailbaila, Plus valley, Tamhini Ghat, Kundalika valley. Carry your extra pair of clothing, as the pristine and clear water of pools very welcoming for trekkers to enjoy bath and swimming. 


Tamhini Information 

Tamhini is a small village located at the merge tip of Jula and Nila Rivers. Very few people live in this village and paddy field greenery forms the carpet around the village. Also located here is the beautiful Vinzai Devi shrine constructed in the 12th century, in this village. If the wisdom is to believed, the goddess Vinzai (Avatar of goddess Durga) was pleased by the devotion of Ram Prabhu. The devotee had the chance to come face to face of his deity here. Later, he built a temple to memorialize this memory. According to the popular myth, the hall near this temple is in the shape of a Tamhan- abroad copper bowl used during religious and hence the name derived as Tamhini. The bowl-shaped valley can quickly spot from Tamhini. A quick tip for Campers If you like camping, enjoy the same by the valley side. Make sure to plan your trek on the full moon night, to enjoy the refreshing beauty of the trail. It takes one hour trek to reach the valley.


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